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A Brief Guide to Men's Socks Fashion by Remo Tulliani

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A Brief Guide to Men's Socks Fashion by Remo Tulliani - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Socks are the easiest accessory in men\'s fashion accessories. Check out the tips about how to upgrade your style by REMO TULLIANI\n

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Everyone knows very well that socks are main mens designer

accessories of any man's wardrobe. Plus, for the majority of people,

socks are merely seen as just like as it serves only for benefit of

function & practicality. Well, with this mindset, socks for men are

one of the major accessories that are responsible for building your

style. So, you need to start thinking in this way only. In order to get

a polished look, in this PDF, we're going to quick pay attention to

details such as ties, pocket squares, etc. Nevertheless, many of us

forget to extend the same attention when it comes to what is

underneath our shoes? Guys, we are here to implore you to think

about your socks in a whole new light & give the attention as you

solely deserve.

Without a doubt, socks are the easiest accessory in mens fashion

accessories. Frankly speaking, wearing socks is an awesome way to

add instantly subtle boldness, personality to your day to day style.

With the help of all styles, shapes, materials & patterns are

available these days, you have an abundance of opportunities out

there. We are here to point you out in the right direction, therefore,

you can kick up the socks game. Browse through below information

about socks style & guidelines in order to opt for the right pair to

complete your look.



1.Ankle Socks

It is also called “low-cut sport” socks that hit below the ankle. Well, the usage of the ankle or

low-cut sports socks must be limited when you are engaged in some physical activity. And,

the same rule will apply if you wear white socks for men of any length.

2.Mid-Calf Socks

This is one of quintessential for men. This is perfect for your workplace & casual attire. The

ankle dress or mid-calf socks are pivotal for its functional benefits, for instance, in order to

prevent the distracting flash of skin whilst you are in your workplace.

3.Knee-Length Socks

As it's name implies, these traditional socks go all the way up. There are manufacturers

who do not produce this variety anymore. Due to added material, you have to pay a bit

more attention.



thematerial,woolisextremelysofttotouch & abithigherincostas




durability & frictionreduction.

OthermaterialsareusedinsockssuchasCotton,Silk & Synthetic.

Tips: How To Upgrade Your Style

1) If you are in a conservative environment such as your office or

going to an important meeting, then you just need to stick to the

classics. In simple terms, match your stylish socks color with your


2) Ribbed socks are a great method to pull this off & they are

available in virtually as every neutral color in the marketplace.