self editing of paragraph on symbol n.
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Self Editing of Paragraph on symbol PowerPoint Presentation
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Self Editing of Paragraph on symbol

Self Editing of Paragraph on symbol

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Self Editing of Paragraph on symbol

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  1. Self Editing of Paragraph on symbol

  2. Topic Sentence: 1. Is it indented? 2 Is it in present tense? 3. If it says:”I’m going to write about…” Then you need to revise it. 4. Does the topic sentence make a statement about a symbol or simile in the novel?

  3. Is the topic sentence in active voice? (WRONG) Passive: A person’s upbringing, according to Mrs. Greer, is what the stick represents. (RIGHT) According to Mrs. Greer, the stick a person is “put up on” represents that person’s upbringing.

  4. First supporting detail: • 1. Underline the first supporting detail. • 2. Does it relate specifically to the topic sentence? • 3. Do you have an example that illustrates how the symbol or simile is significant either to theme or character? • 4 Have you commented or explained how this detail reveals character? • 5 Does it relate to topic sentence?

  5. Quotes 1 Have you included at least one quote that supports example? 2 Is the quote connected with : or Is it smoothly incorporated into the sentence? If not find a way to do so. 3. Make sure the speaker of the quote comes before the quote. Do not say, “this quote is said by ……” Check format “_____________” (3). 4 Have you commented on the quote and how it relates to your topic sentence? 5 . Have you gone as deep as you can in your commentary?

  6. Locate you second supporting detail. • Do you have a transitional phrase between the two supporting details? • If not, determine if the second supporting detail is similar to the first, and use a T.P. that indicates the next idea is similar: Also, similarly, therefore, moreover. • IF it is detail that indicates a change of direction in thought or contrast of ideas use a T.P. such as However, on the other hand, although. (SEE LIST ON p. 788 of your textbook)

  7. Second supporting detail: • See above

  8. Taboo words and awkward phrases: 1. Circle any: things, gots, a lot, whole, stuff, and find new words to use in place of these. 2. Look through your paragraph and make sure there are no yous. Change to 3rd person. (one, a person)

  9. Are you using Active Voice? 3. Are there any sentences that use passive construction: another reason for this is because…. is how Is when Is because IF SO Revise. Put subject at front of sentence followed by verb

  10. Another time Taylor’s mom teaches Taylor to have confidence is when she makes Taylor change a flat tire. • Taylor’s mother also builds Taylor’s confidence when she forces Taylor to fix a flat tire.

  11. Closing Statement • 1. Does it relate back to your topic sentence? • 2. Close up your analysis with fresh thought on topic.

  12. Last read through: • Have you included everything to make your point? • Have you used specific details to make your point? • Make a note where you think you could add another detail