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Parent Orientation

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Parent Orientation
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Parent Orientation

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  1. Parent Orientation August 18, 2014

  2. Welcometo 2nd Grade!I am so glad you are here!

  3. Activity Fee &T-Shirt • Please pay the $15.00 activity fee if you have not already done so. • The new NWRE t-shirts are on sell for $10.00. • The first order will be placed Thursday, and a month later the second order will be placed.

  4. Residency • You must provide two proofs of residency. • Residency is completed online this year. • If you have not turned in your residency and received your snapcode, please see me afterwards.

  5. Medicine • Please let me know if you need a medicine form if you plan on sending medicine for your child this year. • This form MUST be signed by your child’s doctor. • The form is for both prescription and over the counter drugs. • See me if your child has asthma.

  6. Lunch • Lunch is $2.75 per day. • Lunch for the week is $13.75 (this is the easiest way to pay for lunch.) • Your child has two lunch accounts. A meal account and general account. The general account is for extra sales such as ice-cream and chips. • Please specify which account the money you are sending goes to. Once money is in the lunch account it can not be put into the general account.

  7. Class Schedule 7:00-7:30- Morning Work 7:30-7:45- Morning Meeting/Review Homework 7:45-8:45-Reading Block (Centers/Guided Reading Groups) 8:45-9:00- Restroom /Snack 9:00- 10:00- Writer's Workshop (Tuesday and Thursday)  Comprehension Tool Kit (Monday and Wednesday)                             Spelling andPhonics Skills (Everyday) 10:00-10:40- Activity Block 10:40-11:25- Reading Block /Writing Block Wrap-Up 11:25-11:45- Lunch 11:45-12:00- Restroom 12:00-12:30- Recess 12:35-1:45- Math 1:45 -1:55- Silent Reading Time/End of Day Wrap-Up

  8. Activity Schedule Monday- Music Tuesday- Character Education (Every other week) Wednesday- P.E. (Please have your child wear tennis shoes) Thursday- Computer Friday- Library

  9. Homework • Your child will be given homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. • Your child is encouraged to read EVERY night. • Please record his/her reading in the reading log folder. The folders will be checked on a daily basis. • Your child must be on a level M by the end of the year. • Please check your child’s binder daily for homework, class work, behavior log, and other information from the school.

  10. Unit Test • We will take our weekly spelling, vocabulary and comprehension test on Fridays. • Unit Math tests will be given once we finish the unit. We will review for the test and send the review home for you to study with your child. • Assessments will be given weekly. Please check the newsletter each week for details on upcoming test.

  11. Behavior Log • CONSEQUENCES FOR NOT USING YOUR PAWS: •  1. YELLOW--- 1st Warning (stop and think) •     2. ORANGE--- 2nd Warning (conference with teacher to determine consequence)  •     3. RED ------ Minor/Major (Parent notified) • --- If a student has moved from GREEN on the color-code chart, he/she has the ability to return to GREEN byconsistently following his/her PAWS. • *** A behavior calendar will be kept in the front of your child's binder. Each day I will mark your child's behavior on the calendar.  Please review it with your child and initial it daily. This will be a great way for us to communicate every day!

  12. P.B.I.S. • NWRE implements a school wide positive behavior plan called PBIS. (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) • Students are rewarded for their positive behavior with tickets. Students can receive tickets from cafeteria workers, teachers, office staff, custodians, substitute teachers, and the principals (gold tickets). • The students can spend their tickets at the school store once a month. • Majors- office referrals- No majors for the 9 weeks the students are rewarded with a “Big Event”. • Minors- communication between the teacher and parent-Students with no minors during the month are rewarded with a “Zero Minor Monthly Celebration”. • 1st offense-note home • 2nd offense- recess detention • 3rd offense-ASD • 4th Major/office referral

  13. Independent Reading Assignment • Grades 2-5 will participate in an independent reading program this year. (I.R.A.) • All students will be required to read independently on their level and take a short assessment. • Every 9 weeks the students will have to read a specific amount of books. • Students receive a sticker for each passed test. • Students who reach the book goal will get to go to a celebration at the end of the 9 weeks.

  14. Transportation • If your child needs to go home a different way, please fill out a Transportation Change sheet. • It is very important that you write the date(s) of the change. • Also, please make sure the person that is going to pick up your child is on you child’s emergency card. • The transportation change sheet is located in your child’s binder, the school’s website, or our classroom webpage.

  15. Tardy Policy/Absences • It is very important that your child is present each day and on time. • The tardy bell rings at 7:30. • If your child is tardy during the week, a tardy slip will be sent home in your child’s signed paper folder. • Please send an absences excuse if your child misses a day of school.

  16. Communication • The best way to reach me is by email. My email address is • Weekly emails will be sent home every Thursday. Please complete the Parent Communication Form to sign up. • I am available for conferences anytime before 7:00 am Monday-Friday or anytime after 2:00 pm except on Wednesdays. • Newsletters will be sent home every Monday. (Parent Comments/Concerns/Ways to help during the unit will be on the back of newsletter) • Signed Papers go home every Thursday. Please review them with your child and return to school Friday. • Monthly calendar each month. (Behavior Log) • Don’t forget to sign up for SchoolWayand check the calendar on the school web site for important days. ***

  17. Mrs. Bowie’s Daily Goals • Give 110% to helping your child positively grow academically and socially every day at school. • On going parent communication. • Looking forward to a WONDERFUL year with you and your child!