personal injury law in danbury ct important questions to ask an accident attorney n.
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Personal injury Law in Danbury, CT PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal injury Law in Danbury, CT

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Personal injury Law in Danbury, CT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An auto accident lawyer in Danbury can help you get the compensation you deserve. This slide provides important questions to ask an auto accident attorney in Danbury, CT. For more details, call 203-541-0090/203-491-4404 or fax 203-325-8807. Visit

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An auto accident attorney in Danbury, CT plays an important role in receiving compensation following an accident. An auto accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.
how many a uto a ccident lawsuits do you settle each year
How Many Auto Accident Lawsuits Do You Settle Each Year?
  • Ask your lawyer about his/her experience in handling auto accident cases.
how do you charge
How Do You Charge?
  • Many lawyers charge an hourly rate, and some charge a contingency fee.
  • Ask if you do not get a settlement or win the case, will you have to pay any money or other expenses.
what court fees and costs are my responsibility
What Court Fees and Costs are My Responsibility?
  • Apart from legal fees, you may be responsible for court fees and costs the lawyer incurs in investigating and initiating the lawsuit.
  • Find out what costs you may have to pay, even if you lose the lawsuit.
is an out of court settlement a good option
Is an Out of Court Settlement a Good Option?
  • Ask your auto accident lawyer about an out of court settlement.
  • This is often the best option because it saves money and time.
  • If you decide to settle, then you’ll no longer have the right to sue.
how much time is there to file the lawsuit
How Much Time is There to File the Lawsuit?
  • In almost every jurisdiction, there is a period within which you have to file a lawsuit.
  • Once you miss that deadline, you’ve lost your chance.
  • Ask your attorney about the time limit.
what can i be compensated for
What can I be Compensated for?
  • You can be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.
  • Your auto accident attorney in Danbury, CT will help you determine what types of damages to claim.
who will manage my case
Who will Manage my Case?
  • Ask the lawyer if they will personally manage your case or hand it over to an associate attorney.
  • Ask how to keep in touch with them, and if they provide progress reports.
auto accident lawyer in danbury ct
Auto Accident Lawyer in Danbury, CT
  • If you’ve been injured in an accident, The Reinken Law Firm can help.
  • At The Reinken Law Firm, we provide support and advice, and work diligently and aggressively to recover the compensation you deserve.
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