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West Virginia Studies Chapter 15 Review PowerPoint Presentation
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West Virginia Studies Chapter 15 Review

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West Virginia Studies Chapter 15 Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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West Virginia Studies Chapter 15 Review. West Virginians and International Conflicts. Where did the Hatfields live?. Logan County, West Virginia. leader of the Hatfield clan. “Devil” Anse Hatfield. “Devil Anse” Hatfield. Hatfield Family. Where did the McCoys live?.

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West Virginia Studies Chapter 15 Review

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  1. West Virginia Studies Chapter 15 Review West Virginians and International Conflicts

  2. Where did the Hatfields live? Logan County, West Virginia

  3. leader of the Hatfield clan “Devil” Anse Hatfield

  4. “Devil Anse” Hatfield

  5. Hatfield Family

  6. Where did the McCoys live? Pike County, Kentucky

  7. tributary of the Big Sandy, which serves as the boundary between West Virginia and Kentucky. Tug River

  8. Tug Fork

  9. The Hatfield-McCoy feud took place before or after the Civil War? after

  10. What started the famous feud? Argument over some pigs

  11. gathered up a sow and her piglets and took them to his farm Floyd Hatfield

  12. accused Floyd Hatfield of stealing the pigs Randolph McCoy

  13. to find not guilty in a trial acquitted

  14. shot by McCoys and later died, which led to the murder of three McCoys Ellison Hatfield

  15. Wilson gained national attention by refusing to extradite members of the Hatfield family to Kentucky during the Hatfield-McCoy feud. Out of gratitude, family patriarch Anderson "Devil Anse“ Hatfield named one of his sons after the governor. Emanuel Wilson – WV’s Governor

  16. In 1898, the United States found itself involved in what war? the Spanish-American War

  17. What U.S. battleship was sent to Cuba to protect American citizens and investments? Maine

  18. U.S. Maine

  19. Because this ship mysteriously was blown up in Havana harbor, what became a familiar battle cry? “Remember the Maine”

  20. What West Virginian was chosen by President McKinley to take a message to General Garcia? Andrew Summers Rowan

  21. West Virginians who served in the Spanish-American War fought mostly in the Philippines and in Cuba

  22. In 1917, the United States declared war on Germany because Germany - was sinking passenger ships on the high seas

  23. Compulsory enrollment for military service is called what? draft

  24. At the beginning World War I, all men between eighteen and forty-five had to - register for the draft

  25. The president during World War I was - Woodrow Wilson

  26. In President Woodrow Wilson’s cabinet who was Secretary of War? Newton D. Baker

  27. U.S. Secretary of the Interior during World War I John D. Payne

  28. In 1914 what countries were included in the Central Powers? Austria – Hungary - Germany

  29. Promoted faster than any other soldier in World War I John Hines

  30. The United States was part of what alliance? Allied Powers

  31. site for a large munitions powder plant during World War I Nitro

  32. The abundance of what natural resources made the Kanawha Valley an important location in the production of war materials? Coal, natural gas, oil, salt

  33. In the 1930’s what four nations were trying to expand their power and territory? Japan, Italy, Germany, Soviet Union

  34. On December 7, 1941, the United States became involved in another war when the American fleet was attacked by- Japan

  35. What U.S. Naval base in Hawaii was surprise attacked? Pearl Harbor

  36. U.S.S. West Virginia

  37. U. S. S. West Virginia – Pearl Harbor

  38. The name of the leader of Germany during World War II was - Adolf Hitler

  39. What does it mean to limit the use or consumption of a product? ration

  40. land and its natural features terrain

  41. of Bluefield, was the most decorated ground force volunteer in World War II ( Medal of Honor) J.J. Spurrier

  42. What were three ways West Virginians supported the war effort during World War II? Purchased war bonds Collected scrap iron and paper Rationed the use of scarce items

  43. What was the Greenbrier used for during World War II? To accommodate diplomats that were expelled, hospital