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Connecting to the Future - Keynote

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Connecting to the Future - Keynote - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connecting to the Future - Keynote. I come from a place: Beddau. And now live here. I mean here. 6 miles from Sydney; 1000 from care…. Prepared a strategy for here….. Coffs: Centre of the digital universe?. In all these places I have pondered. how they work how they flourish

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I mean here.

6 miles from Sydney; 1000 from care…

in all these places i have pondered
In all these places I have pondered

how they work

how they flourish

how they decline and

how they may be re-vitalised or even born

what drives its economy?

who runs the place?

is there a momentum behind which we can get/shape?

is it bust/good money after bad?

places with houses/no job/jobs no houses


Wearing my urban regeneration hat;I tend to ask of a place


Cornwall – transformed with HSBB

  • Recovered GDP
  • Population growth
hsbb as a legacy
Reducing tyranny of distance?

Abolishes advantages of geography?

Strengthening regional areas?

Diversifying economy

Virtual clustering

...lets remind ourselves why

HSBB as a legacy?
digital not just hsbb
HSBB not just NBN

competitive advantage?

speeds-what for?

demand gap

fibre and mobile complementary

bandwidth - Youtube, Health

resilience but most uses below 20 mbps though 100 is new international entry point


Digital not just HSBB

Digital Economic Benefits

  • For nation: 10% →1%
  • For SMEs: 2.6 → 1
  • For people: $1,200

HSBB and places

  • Plays to decentralisation of economy
  • knowledge workers don’t need factories
  • environment/ home/ travel to work/ coffee/ universities/ suburbs not centres?/

For Individuals

  • financial savings & greater consumer choice
  • more opportunities to stay in touch & form part of online communities
  • improved access to health & well being information
  • more support for independent living
  • more involvement in civic & democratic activity
  • more opportunities for learning & developing social capital
  • greater employment opportunities (ref)

Impact on economies

  • 3-4%GDP
  • 75% from non ICT companies
  • Real increase in per capita GDP of $500 over last 15 years
  • Industrial revolution took 50 years
  • If internet consumption and expenditure were sector +bigger than energy and agriculture combined
  • 2 billion connected to internet
  • Business models/David Jones/Westfield

Impact on performance

  • Triggers significant increase in performance in business at all levels particularly SMEs
  • those using web technologies grew more than twice as fast as those with minimal presence
  • export 2X and create 2X jobs
  • repeat 75% value of internet captured by traditional industries


  • Biggest beneficiaries
  • least time
  • show and tell
  • SMEs not leveraging ICTs as much as bigger cost but find increased revenue
  • lower costs
  • higher productivity and net job creation
  • SMEs that spend more than 30% of budget on web technologies grow revenue 9x SMEs spending less than 10%

Role of Government

  • Big role pushing usage
  • Catalyst
  • creating right business environment
  • pushing usage
  • individuals and businesses
  • SK and Sweden have programs to teach capabilities to businesses with fewer than ten staff
  • government digitisation of itself
  • ten million program and broadband ready buildings certs
  • creating demand through digitisation

Digital Inclusion

  • Only 70% online
  • especially in rural areas
  • Elderly, indigenous, young, workless, remote

Digital not just HSBB

  • HSBB not just BN/competitive advantage?
  • speeds-what for?
  • demand gap
  • fibre and mobile complementary
  • Bandwidth/ Youtube/ Health
  • resilience but most uses below 20 mbps/though 100 is new international entry point/Korea
networked society

digital economy



Government 2.0

Smart places, intelligent communities

regional economies

HSBB as new catalyst

impact of hsbb
Impact of HSBB

On service delivery

  • Health, economy, education
  • Public service transformation at heart
  • About business model transformation
public services high speed broadband in the web gov 2 0 era
Public services & high speed broadband in the web/gov 2.0 era

personalisation of public services

co-production and re-design of public services

reducing the cost of government, in particular through joining up public service delivery within and across organisations

from e gov
From eGov

more efficient and effective

government ‘as is’

  • … toweGov
  • create a new one
  • people powered public services redefining the role of government the big debate
this is a journey
This is a journey…

to co-produced government

personalised government

making public services 2.0 happen

trending topics the next wave
trending topics: thenextwave

meshing the best of web 1.0 with web 2.0 from transactions to conversations and relationships

less (government delivery) is more – work with trusted (often micro) third parties as public service partners

making mass insight meaningful – turning ideas into action

collaborative customer service & crowdsourced citizen action

trending topics the next wave1
trending topics: thenextwave

customisation, personalised services & social data

public service design & the citizen-centred state mainstreams

online meets offline: augmenting reality & ending exclusion


mobile matters


hyper-activelocal communities- explosion of web based tools to enable citizens to report issues- less co-production, rather more effective customer services & more efficient reporting for government itself to resolve

making public services 2 0 happen
Making public services 2.0 happen

the big 3 for government leaders

1. lay the foundations

digital inclusion, open data, IT infrastructure, technology

foster culture change

inside and outside of government, ‘be the web’, leadership, role modelling

3. catalyse and nurture innovation

competitions, changing models of procurement

why we produced the strategy
Why we produced the strategy
  • the benefits are not automatic
  • we need to organise to maximise benefit
at a local government level
At a local government level
  • Leading by example
  • digital services
  • as advocate
  • as entrepreneur/builder/ISP
  • as convenor
  • area promoter
  • as business support
  • as partner with university
  • digital inclusion
  • open gov./ e-democracy