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American College of Prosthodontists. National Prosthodontics Awareness. Perfect Your Smile : Esthetics Boost Your Confidence : Dental Implants Change Your Life : Dentures Pain in the Jaw : TMJ/TMD The Hidden Risk : Oral Cancer A Bright Future : A Career in Prosthodontics

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National prosthodontics awareness
National Prosthodontics Awareness

  • Perfect Your Smile: Esthetics

  • Boost Your Confidence: Dental Implants

  • Change Your Life: Dentures

  • Pain in the Jaw: TMJ/TMD

  • The Hidden Risk: Oral Cancer

  • A Bright Future: A Career in Prosthodontics

  • Top 5 Reasons To Refer To A Prosthodontist

  • 21 Reasons to Join the ACP

1 membership services outreach and communications
1. Membership Services, Outreach and Communications

  • As a member, you will have access to the highly qualified staff in our central office that put members first and strive to meet member expectations and respond to member needs. Members can contact the ACP for service through e-mail and or utilize the online services available through our Web site at their convenience--day or night. The ACP’s quarterly newsletter, The Messenger, and broadcast e-mails keep members up-to-date with timely material communication on emerging news topics.

2 journal of prosthodontics jp subscription
2.Journal of Prosthodontics (JP) Subscription

  • The JP is the official scholarly journal of the ACP and is provided to members free of charge. The JP serves both researchers and practicing clinicians by providing a forum for the presentation and discussion of evidence-based prosthodontic research, techniques, and procedures. The number of manuscript submissions has increased by 300% in the last two years. The journal has also increased its publication frequency to eight issues per year. It is evident that the JP has established itself as a major voice in implant, esthetic, and reconstructive dentistry both domestically and internationally.

3 discounted annual meeting registration fees
3. Discounted Annual Meeting Registration Fees

  • The College provides top notch education where members get the most up-to-date information and insights in the specialty of prosthodontics. Each year, the ACP’s Annual Session, THE premier educational and networking event for Prosthodontists, general dentists, dental technicians and others interested in the field provides attendees with invaluable information and access to new products.

4 member and referral directories
4. Member and Referral Directories

  • Through our membership directory, events, and communications, the ACP provides a means of making and maintaining important professional connections. Printed and online Members Only directories make it easy for members to locate colleagues or Alliance Members. The printed ACP Membership Directory offers individual member data, governance, and committee structures and College Bylaws and Policies right at your fingertips.

5 continuing education opportunities
5. Continuing Education Opportunities

  • As a trusted source of continuing education and an approved provider of ADA CERP, AGD PACE and NBC, the ACP Center for Prosthodontic Education provides state-of-the-art courses in the specialty of prosthodontics. Multiple course offerings each year provide members with the most timely, topical information in areas such as implant treatment planning and placement, complete dentures, esthetics, comprehensive update and more. Members receive discounts on course registration fees for added value.

6 membership affinity programs
6. Membership Affinity Programs

The ACP has negotiated special relationships with partners that give ACP members advantages and discounts, such as:

  • Staples - provides discounted office products to ACP members.

  • Best Buy - available to save members hundreds of dollars on a range of products simply by proving you are an ACP Member.

  • Bank of America - provides members with VISA, MasterCard, and American Express with generous reward benefits, 24 hour service, and no annual fees.

  • Directional Media Services provides personal assistance to create and print Yellow Page Advertisements both in print ads and on the Internet. 

  • Treloar and Heisel provide ACP members with discounted rates on all their personal and corporate insurance and retirement needs.

  • Scientific Metals provides increased revenue to members refining metals.

  • SurePayroll offers discounted payroll services to all ACP Members.

  • Framing Success offers discounted ACP frames for member certificates.

7 access to awards scholarships and grants
7. Access to Awards, Scholarships and Grants

  • The ACP supports the development of young investigators through the ACP Sharry Research Awards and the ACP Research Awards. Students pursuing prosthodontics as a specialty are eligible for financial support through the ACP Education Foundation. Membership in the only ADA-recognized organization representing prosthodontics increases the ability of the ACP and its Foundation to enhance the entire prosthodontic specialty.

8 strategic focus in governance
8. Strategic Focus in Governance

  • ACP members have a significant voice in the direction of the College. A fresh approach in leadership has taken the ACP Board of Directors beyond committee work and gives them the tools to plan for the future and to get meaningful input from ACP members on strategic directions to pursue.

9 acp education foundation
9. ACP Education Foundation

  • The ACPEF has distributed more than $2 million in grants and awards since 2004. The ACPEF has funded postgraduate prosthodontic student scholarships; young investigator prosthodontic-related research; public relations; educational symposia gatherings; start up costs for a brand new postgraduate prosthodontic program; a dental technician training program; and many more programs and projects that give prosthodontic excellence momentum.

10 diagnostic and treatment classification systems
10. Diagnostic and Treatment Classification Systems

  • The ACP Classification Systems are an essential resource throughout the dental profession. ACP members created formal systems for classifying patients guiding general dentists to know when they can appropriately treat a patient and when it is best for the patient to be referred to a prosthodontist. The Prosthodontic Diagnostic Index has been distributed through the dental schools to develop an understanding between general dentists and prosthodontists about the scope of care each can offer.

11 discounted acp products and publications
11. Discounted ACP Products and Publications

  • From CDs and study guides to marketing materials and patient education brochures, members qualify for discounted prices on a variety of resources for the practice. Members have inside access to product premieres, special sales and more. The ACP has also developed a complete guide to private practice management. This CD contains templates and instructions regarding all aspects of private practice management. ACP members only receive a deep discount on purchasing this must-have resource.

12 unified representation and advocacy voice
12. Unified Representation and Advocacy Voice

  • The ACP advances the interests of the specialty within organized dentistry and disseminates important information about prosthodontics to professionals and the public. The ACP is the only organization recognized by the American Dental Association to represent the specialty of prosthodontics. We advocate for the specialty by working closely with other dental specialty groups on collaborative projects and initiatives that impact the specialty of prosthodontics.

13 proactive professional relations
13. Proactive Professional Relations

  • Through programs like the ACP Classification Systems and the Referral Brochure, ACP works to improve relations between prosthodontists and the dental community at large. Strong professional relations with general dentists can mean earlier referral and less corrective work.

14 prosthodontic education and workforce growth
14. Prosthodontic Education and Workforce Growth

  • Recognizing the need for continuing to increase the numbers of prosthodontists in the workforce in response to the aging population and emerging prosthodontic patient needs, the ACP is committed to increasing the presence of prosthodontists in under-graduate and post-graduate dental programs, and identifying students with the special skills necessary for successfully pursuing the prosthodontic specialty.

15 public awareness and education
15. Public Awareness and Education

  • The ACP’s public awareness campaign is an ongoing, multi-pronged public awareness campaign designed to educate the public about the specialty of prosthodontics and when to seek the specialized care of a prosthodontist. ACP members have exclusive access to customized advertising and discounts on brochures to attract potential patients and spread the word about the prosthodontic specialty.

16 robust interactive online resources and presence
16. Robust Interactive Online Resources and Presence

  • The ACP Web site’s search engine optimization provides in-depth information for patients searching the Internet for crowns, dentures, implants or other key words related to prosthodontic procedures.

17 acp forum
17. ACP Forum

  • The Forum is a unique entity of the College which consists of a group of participating organizations who share the same interest in the field of prosthodontics. Through a collective effort, the ACP Forum has the ability to make a difference and to enhance the growth and development of the specialty. The Forum is also a venue for sharing information, concerns and educational findings among experts in prosthodontics.

18 leadership and volunteer opportunities
18. Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities

  • There are many leadership and volunteer opportunities for member involvement in the College. ACP members have the opportunity to discuss current issues and to assist in the identification of best practices that lay the foundation for developing solutions for advancing the specialty. ACP committees and task forces provide a venue for members to voice their opinions and to assist the ACP with their efforts to not only support but to further the field of prosthodontics.

19 acp alliances
19. ACP Alliances

  • The ACP created the Dental Technician Alliance for certified dental laboratory technicians as a mechanism to foster a team-building between technicians and their prosthodontic partners. The skills of a technician are invaluable to a prosthodontist, and the Alliance provides the network and means to develop these relationships. In addition, the new Academic Alliance is designed to support those individuals who teach prosthodontics in prosthodontic post-graduate programs. The College is committed to furthering the field of prosthodontics.

20 american board of prosthodontics
20. American Board of Prosthodontics

  • The ACP is the sponsoring organization of the American Board of Prosthodontics and provides a direct referral source to our organization for information on board certification. The ACP makes available to our members, the additional valuable resources necessary to prepare for the board exams.

21 job and career opportunities
21. Job and Career Opportunities

  • Members can advertise a new position, associate opening or practice for sale, or browse available listings in this ultimate ACP career guide. Future job board functionality will feature resume posting and instant connection between job seekers and

21 reasons why you should join
21 Reasons why you should JOIN!

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