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Louise NEvelson. Samantha Bartell 4. 19. 11. Louise N evelson. Born Leah Berliwsky in 1989 Born in Russia, of Russian Jewish Heritage Brought to America as a child in 1906. Childhood Life.

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Louise nevelson

Louise NEvelson

Samantha Bartell

4. 19. 11

Louise n evelson
Louise Nevelson

Born Leah Berliwsky in 1989

Born in Russia, of Russian Jewish Heritage

Brought to America as a child in 1906

Childhood life
Childhood Life

Lousie grew up in Rockland Maine where her father was a timber merchant. She often played in her fathers timber yard.

Her childhood experiences may have exposed her to wood as her medium for sculpture later in life.

Young adult life
Young Adult Life

Married in 1920 to Charles Nevelson; who was a wealthy ship owner.

Together they moved to New York.

Two years later, Louise gave birth to their son, Myron Mike Nevelson.

Photo from 1922

The start of louise nevelson art
The Start of Louise Nevelson Art

While in New York, Louise began to study art.

In 1928, she enrolled in New York’s Art students league to painting and sculpture.

In two years she decided that sculpture was for her.

Louise nevelson

Once she started, it was hard for Louise to gain and establish a major reputation.

Two Reason

Gender inequalities

A lack of sculptural tradition in the United States.

By the 1950s, twenty years after she started making art, she emerged as a very popular figure in American Art.

What d id s he make
What establish a major reputation. Did She Make?

Freestanding sculptures from wood that was finished in a plain white color of usually


Louise is known as the Heir of Abstract Expressionism.

Louise nevelson
Art establish a major reputation.

  • Louise Nevelson was an American abstract sculptor who explored both the density and transparency of materials. Her imagery was based on surrealist and cubist models”.

  • The American sculptor Louise Nevelson began by using smooth abstract shapes… then she moved towards assemblage: the fitting together of ready-made wooden shapes, such as the splats and backs of chairs, knobs and banisters from demolished houses, scrolls and bits of molding.

Louise nevelson
art establish a major reputation.

  • Like some contemporary sculptors, Louise used “junk” materials; but her use of framework and use of the box, the column, and use of color really made her art different from others of that art era.

  • Her work was new, and unlike anything that America has seen thus far

Quote establish a major reputation.

  • “I’m a work horse. I like to work. I always did… I’ve never had a day when I didn’t want to work… and even if I didn’t want to compose, so I painted or stacked pieces into something. In my studio I’m as happy as a cow in her stall. That’s the only place where everything is all right…”

What it meant to louise
What it meant to establish a major reputation. louise

Louise felt that New York was changing before her very eyes, and that was what really inspired her to create what she did.

In American artists on art she writes, “…Many of my works are reflection of the city…”

Her home was being altered with new styles, new ideas, new buildings by the minute, and Nevelson did her best to translate that into a sculpture. And she succeeded.

inspiration establish a major reputation.

Others who helped her along the way are

Hans Hoffman

Andre Mason

Alexander Calder

A couple movements also developed,

minimalism and feminist art.

Even a few artists were influenced by her type of art, according to the artstory.com, artist by the names of;

Mark di Suvero,

Willem De Kooning

Lee Bontecou

Junk sculptures

Louise Nevelson’s establish a major reputation.

“Junk” Sculptures

Royal tide v 1960
Royal Tide establish a major reputation. V 1960

Lesson plan

Lesson Plan 1959-60

Lesson plan assemblage art
Lesson Plan: Assemblage Art 1959-60

The Manipulative Stage (2-5)

The Symbol-Making Stage (6-9)

Early Childhood

Learn about the qualities of the art around them., textures, colors, smells, tastes, weights and other properties.

Lesson plan: Group Project

Grades 1-4

Learn about symbols, themes, such as events at school.

Start to include much more detail in their art.

Individual Projects

Lesson plan assemblage art1
Lesson Plan: Assemblage Art 1959-60

The Preadolescent Stage (10-13)

Grades 5-8

More receptive to instruction, and they start to achieve their skills in painting, printmaking and sculpture.

Original Lesson Plan

Each make their own sculpture.

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Works cited 1959-60

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