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Logistics. Logistics - A science of planning and managing. Logistics is the science of optimum planning of space utilization in moving of goods and passengers between nodes and points .

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logistics a science of planning and managing
Logistics - A science of planning and managing
  • Logistics is the science of optimum planning of space utilization in moving of goods and passengers between nodes and points.
  • Before anyone can send a transport one has to plan the entire route very meticulously by considering every variable with concrete values and their allowable variations and then optimize derived variables toward sub-system supreme profitability, then the overall one and at last establish the brand name within the competing players.
  • Mathematical science has been struggling for centuries to bring out the best output and least effort, time, cost and resource utilization and build up a sustained but growing profitability trend.
  • Growth is in standardising the cost elements while steadily developing a system to minimize the variations in factor inputs.
  • A mathematical set of problems gave rise to this industry - industry of managing movement as planned and predictive planning for eventualities.

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logistics a data generating business
Logistics – A data generating business
  • The data is huge, the sets are varied, the formats are different, BUT the structure needed are complex even more.
  • A complete service industry where profit, revenue, execution, decision, planning all these elements are driven singularly by data and data planning.
  • An industry where data is the raw material, the variable capital, planned artefacts are the fixed structures, and solutions even in the atomic levels are all commoditized.
  • Competition thrives and out-paces others with better management and deployment of resources – that requires planning with data elements and measures of atomic denominations.
  • An industry where the best of the brains, with best of the knowledgeable minds, with the best of social and negotiating skills and the most advanced skills in planning is called for.
  • Data is generated every moment in every movement,
    • categorising them,
    • preserving them in right hierarchies,
    • reusing the atomic derived artefacts,

is the key to success.

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experience in providing solution the only path
Experience in providing solution – the only path
  • A naïve or academic expertise with no hands-on and concrete knowledge cannot make any planner in this industry sail on through various whirlpools and undercurrents.
  • Most of the knowledge is available in non-articulate un-published skill-aged wise persons.
  • Translating them into measurable and publishable knowledge artefacts always had been a challenge.
  • Science has come up very fast and impressively to face the challenge and has brought out remarkable results that had really given value for the money spent.
  • Various optimization techniques like linear programming, integer programming and other advanced methods have approached to solve the issues.
  • Complex matrix manipulations and very complicated transposition techniques can give concrete solutions – these cannot be undertaken by hand, can only be simulated through computronics.

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business intelligence an evangelist who could not live up
Business Intelligence - an evangelist who could not live up
  • Business intelligence has solved almost all the issues of the industry, solved the complexity, aggregation, averaging, variation analysis, range and spectrum analysis, data mining, discovery of relations, formulae and mechanisms.
  • In doing so,
    • the method has become heavy and complicated to handle,
    • demands high mathematical acumen from the end-users,
    • de-focusses the business analysts of the industry,
    • and is very expensive in hardware and software costs.
  • The human expenditure to search and deploy the right candidates became a nightmare to business leaders.
  • Industry wanted a fresher look, a redefinition, a re-formulation of business priorities so they can get back to their job of discovering business logic and wisdom in pro-active and predictive solution search.
  • Data analytics emerged as the redefinition, eliminating all intermediate models and structure building and yet presenting the outcome as elegantly as ever.

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ideal analytics the ideal solution provider
Ideal-Analytics - the IDEAL solution provider
  • IDEAL-ANALYTICS – the data analytic tool-solution redefined Business Intelligence, and the salient features are:
  • Hitting the transaction level data for data fetching and eliminating all intermediate work
  • Working always with the latest updated data every time the query is executed
  • Hiding the very advanced technology in database management and in mathematical processing from the end-user
  • Allowing the user to form his/her own queries intuitively without any model and with almost no prior knowledge of query language
  • Working with unrelated data sets with no standardization of formats across various platforms and database patterns
  • Working with apparently unrelated facts and dimensions- facts of one dataset compared with dimensions of other datasets and creating unified queries giving meaningful outputs.
  • Very fast rendition of data in amazing benchmarked time aided by best of the partitioning technique of augmented matrix algebra and transpose calculus and yet the entire complexity is hidden from the end-user who can only concentrate his business discovery.

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