how to save pakistan in just 30 days n.
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HOW TO SAVE PAKISTAN IN JUST 30 DAYS. PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. HOW TO SAVE PAKISTAN IN JUST 30 DAYS. Presented by: Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan, FRCS PhD. Economics, Finance and Business Administration USA

  2. No. 1 Pakistan will be out of its all economic crises in just 30 days.

  3. Employment for 5 million people with no expense to Government within 30 days. No. 2

  4. All kinds of taxes and duties will be totally Removed. No. 3

  5. No. 4 Government collects more than a year budget within few days and much more after 30 days

  6. Cost of production reduced by 50% No. 5

  7. Cost of living reduced by 50% No. 6

  8. A new dawn of interest free banking by choice No. 7 Interest

  9. End of poverty and capitalistic system with replacement of a new incentive-based system. No. 8

  10. Zero risk to the economy of Pakistan by implementing this system No. 9

  11. Zero expense to the Government of Pakistan by implementing this system No. 10

  12. Pakistan will become the wealthiest country No. 11

  13. End of terrorism • End of terrorism and suicide attacks in just 3 months.

  14. The proof of the pudding in its eating But I will prove that by just seeing it will seem like sweeter than honey. No. 12

  15. Ones gain is other man’s loss is not always true. Government and Public both are winners No. 13

  16. My Claims Prove these wrong and win million dollars!!!


  18. Float interest free bonds that can be used by rich and poor alike, that will be replacing actual currency – only in government sector Interest

  19. Conditions applying to the bonds:

  20. Government will sell bonds in the first 30 days and at the rate of 6 per Rupee. (but at least Rs.100,000 or multiple of it will get this rate.) This is investment with 100 percent profit within 30 days. = 6 bonds

  21. In the next 30 days Rs.100,000 will buy 500,000 bonds, In the third month, same amount will have the rate of 4 and in the next month same amount will have the rate of 3 bonds per Rupee for the rest of the year

  22. At least 200 billion euro remitted in less than 30 days • 10 million duty waved of if 1000 euro remitted to state bank account . This option is valid only for 30 days. (Pakistan total earning on import duty is not more than 1.5 billion dollars in whole one year.)

  23. How more than enough foreign exchange will be deposited? • Every day remitted euro will be kept at the disposal of banks who will sell this to the money changer and to the customer asking for the euro to be remitted to state bank for wavier of duty free option . • So the net result PKR goes into state account for buying euro which are again being remitted to state bank for duty free option .

  24. In this way there will be no shortage of euro in the country and the price of buying euro will not increase in other words no devaluation of PKR . Banks Money changer euro State bank customer

  25. Afghanistan and surrounding land locked countries • Afghanistan and surrounding land locked countries will get all the imported goods in Pakistan at a very cheap price even if the second hand seller of duty free option increases the price of duty free option to four time that means instead of paying 1% duty these countries will be more than happy to pay 4 % mark up on all the goods they need for their own countries . Imported goods will be much cheaper because there is no middle man and no VAT.

  26. Afghanistan and the surrounding land locked countries

  27. Not only people in Pakistan but the surrounding countries with no access to sea port will import goods from Pakistan. Pakistan Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan

  28. The country will become a business hub for re export and this will bring much more than foreign exchange in the country

  29. 1 billion prize draw everyday from the bonds number bought by Public

  30. Why the private sector will buy these bonds? • To get 66% discount on everything in government sector • Business incentive. • The grand prize draw everyday. • At least 100 percent profit with in 30 days by investing Rs.100,000 .

  31. Where these bonds will be used in government sector?

  32. Bonds will be used in government sector where commodities and services the state is providing. (If the rate is 6 bonds per PKR) 100 Rs. bill 200 bonds 33. RS. 67% savings

  33. All poor and unemployed persons on 10% commission and no salary with a yearly quota of 3 million. This quota can be sold in a day or one month or in one year. Who will sell these bonds? with basic education QUOTA 1 day can be sold within 1 month 1 year 10% commission

  34. Government will ask for bid from reputable organizations like banks. Lowest bid will form a monetary fund agency. 2nd, 3rd & 4th bidders will be the auditing firm. Who will arrange to employ these agents? High BID Low GOVERNMENT Lower Lowest AUDIT Lowest Bidder - MF

  35. Who will pay for the infrastructure for the agency?

  36. Every agent will pay Rs. 5000 for a year registration.


  38. 1st Floodgate • At least 20 percent people will jump into the race (6 bonds per Rupee) and the government will get at least 3 trillion Rs. with in 24 hours.

  39. Investor can make 100% profit in 30 days. How – investor will buy whole year quota from the agent. 2nd Floodgate

  40. Now all the private sector money has gone into state account and the banks are crying. So the banks will be more than happy to receive the interest free money with much more margin of profit than the interest based banking. 3rd Floodgate

  41. 80 % liquidity interest free provided by the Govt. after checking the feasibility study and 20 % will have to be deposited in the bank and running expenses given from the 20 % deposit by the investor.

  42. By the end of 30 days Government is expected to announce the state a tax free country so all the money in black or white will enter into the economy. 4th Floodgate

  43. What will be the share of state and the bank from the profit? • The bank will receive 60% of profit and the state will have 40%. State is not charging any interest and all transactions are interest free.

  44. Types of Registration fees benefits

  45. No. 1 • Professional's and salaried persons pay Rs.100,000 in the start of the year and get the rate of 6 for the rest of the year.

  46. No. 2 • Private sector small time business pay Rs.10000 yearly and get 20000 new bonds at the rate 6 every month. ( provided the business collects 10,000 bonds to get it replaced form the agency without paying anything.)

  47. No. 3 • Paying Rs.100,000 will entitle the business to sell its products through Agency. • Business will get the 6 bond per Rupee rate or duty free option equal to the amount sold through the agency.

  48. Business will have to surrendered 15% of bonds at each sale through the agency. It will be 10 times registration fee and not more unless it increases the registration fee. No. 4

  49. Every Business will Sell all its goods or even more to get registration fee back by selling the extra bonds or duty free option in the open market. No. 5

  50. Everything Sold through this agency benefits the business by getting cheap bonds and duty free throughout the year. No. 6