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Specific Hazard Report Comments

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Specific Hazard Report Comments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Specific Hazard Report Comments. Structures Materials Electrical Procedures & Operational Controls Crew Hazards Radiation Other. HR Preparation. Typical comments related to payload hazards Based on Statistics from PSRP. SDP & HR COMMENTS - Structures. SDP & HR COMMENTS - Structures.

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specific hazard report comments
Specific Hazard Report Comments




Procedures & Operational Controls

Crew Hazards




HR Preparation

Typical comments related to payload hazards

Based on Statistics from PSRP


SDP & HR COMMENTS - Structures

  • General Structures & Collision
    • Reference review of fracture control plan in the safety verification methods
    • References Material Usage Agreements (MUAs) when none have been identified
    • Address composite/bonded structures testing and analyses in verification
    • Reference materials certification in verifications
    • Address interface load verifications
    • Summarize vibration test and analysis details
    • Address fastener integrity documentation
    • Provide consistent factor of safety numbers
    • Provide testing and analyses detail to demonstrate controls
    • Provide complete limited life item assessments

SDP & HR COMMENTS - Structures

  • Structures/Mechanisms
    • Provide data to identify that safety critical mechanism meets TA-94-041 criteria
    • Include drawings that detail safety devices
    • Summarize development/qualification testing
    • Provide details for tolerances within the mechanism guides & attach points
    • Provide details pertaining to launch lock data
    • Assess mechanisms failures based on worst case loads
    • Assure that safety margin/factor terminology are used appropriately in analysis
    • Assess both fault tolerance to inadvertent operation and failure-to-operate hazards
    • Identify methods to clearly define positive indication of mechanism status
    • Assure that force and torque margins are accounted for in assessment
    • Include summary analysis, tests, and inspections used to meet TA-94-041
    • Provide system descriptions in PSDP that address design requirements and environment
    • Address functional testing before and after exposure to acceptance/qualification testing

SDP & HR COMMENTS - Structures

  • Rotating Equipment
    • Provide details regarding worst case speeds of flywheels, centrifuges, and fan blades
    • Identification of all rotating equipment
    • Provide fan specification sheets
    • Use worst case voltage to determine maximum fan speed
    • Provide containment analysis for fan blades.
  • Fasteners:
    • Summarize fastener control requirements
    • Provide fastener integrity plans
    • Assure combinations of lot testing, manufacturer and distributor audits, and verification tests for mechanical properties are addressed
    • Provide certificates and manufacturer test reports for fracture critical and low-risk parts

SDP & HR COMMENTS - Structures

  • Fracture Control
    • Provide fracture control summaries and parts classifications
    • Provide definition of maximum rotating component speeds and manufacture tables
  • Vented and Sealed Containers
    • Identify and assess sealed containers
    • Try not to confuse pressure systems and sealed containers
    • Address venting requirements in Interface Control Document requirements
  • Interface Hazards
    • Clearly define use of STS/ISS controls that provide safety features
    • Assure that ISS rack safety assessments address different payload configurations
    • Define Extravehicular Activity (EVA) interfaces

SDP & HR COMMENTS - Materials

  • General Materials
    • Provide data to address susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking in support brackets, mounting hardware, or other payload structure
    • Provide MUAs for stress corrosion cracking
  • Toxicity
    • Provide complete current list of sample materials
    • Provide hazard level, concentration, volume, and/or number in material list
    • Provide summary of conditions and configurations of materials used in experiment
    • Identify controls and verifications to demonstrate independent levels of containment
  • Containment
    • Develop verifications to demonstrate independence of containment levels in HRs
    • Provide assessments that show containment at reduced pressures for EVAs and bailout

SDP & HR COMMENTS - Materials

  • Offgassing
    • Address offgassing test plans in HR controls and verifications
    • Address materials selection criteria in HR controls and verifications
    • Provide MUAs with HR support data
  • Flammability/Flammable Atmospheres/ Flammable Materials/Ignition Sources
    • Identify areas that may collect flammable gasses
    • Address electric static discharge (ESD) in flammable atmosphere assessment
    • Provide materials compatibility assessment of interfacing materials
    • Clearly define testing, ESD controls, and grounding techniques in SDPs/HRs
    • Develop flammability assessments
    • Identify operational controls for flammable material usage
    • Provide MUAs in the SDPs/HRs
    • Develop controls and verifications to control ignition sources

SDP & HR COMMENTS - Electrical

  • Electrical Power Distribution Circuitry
    • Provide schematics to identify wire size/fusing for appropriate wire derating provisions
    • Provide up-to-date schematics that identify circuit protection devices
    • Assure circuit protection devices are rated for wire size
  • Electric Shock and High Voltage
    • Assess electric shock hazards during payload operations
    • Identify worst case voltages and currents within the equipment electrical systems
    • Describe verifications for inspections/testing of chassis ground
    • Describe bonding and grounding techniques in verifications
    • Identify high voltages of electrical systems in SDPs/HRs

SDP & HR COMMENTS - Electrical

  • Connector Mate/Demate
    • Develop verifications to demonstrate compliance with MA2-99-170
    • Assess and determine applicability of connectormate/demating hazards
  • Bonding and Grounding
    • Provide schematics to demonstrate accurate grounding provisions
    • Assess and develop verifications to demonstrate compliance with MA2-99-142

SDP & HR COMMENTS – Procedures

& Operational Controls


SDP & HR COMMENTS – Procedures

& Operational Controls

  • Procedures and Operations
    • Develop a rapid safing assessment
    • Address crew procedures used to control payload hazards in SDP/HRs
    • Identify maintenance procedures in HR controls and verifications
    • Address manufacturing and processing procedures used to verify controls
    • Assess and summarize whether computer processing may result in a catastrophic hazard
    • Provide fire detection and suppression approach in SDP
    • Assess and determine if EVA procedures are required for control of a hazard
    • Assure that hazardous commanding and hazardous command tables are accurate
    • Address anomalies related to design, manufacturing, and handling procedures
sdp hr comments crew hazards
SDP & HR COMMENTS – Crew Hazards
  • Shatterable Materials and Debris
    • Assess potential shatterable materials/debris and potential escape paths
    • Provide shatterable materials list and identify method of containment
    • Identify if optical glass is used
    • Develop verifications to demonstrate controls for each component
  • Sharp Edges
    • Assure verifications to assess sharp edges caused by manufacturing processes
    • Identify if use of protective covers are required and address in controls and verifications
  • Lasers
    • Identify use of lasers in PSDP and provide specifications including power, wavelength, category, type, and classification
  • Pinch Hazard and Crew Injury
    • Address whether procedural controls are required to preclude pinch points

SDP & HR COMMENTS – Radiation

  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
    • Provide a summary of the EMI source in SDP
    • Assess hazards related to EMI susceptibility
    • Address EMI waivers in HR verifications
  • Radio Frequency
    • Reference waivers to ICD in SDP/ HRs
    • Assess whether the ICD violations are hazardous to other payloads or STS/ISS
    • Provide schematics to demonstrate safety devices to preclude RF threat
  • Ionizing Radiation
    • Assess whether there are any radio isotopes, if none then state so in the SDP
    • Provide JSC Form 44 to identify total radioactivity units per sample (uCi/sample)
sdp hr comments other categories
SDP & HR COMMENTS – Other Categories
  • Pressure Systems
    • Determine Maximum Design Pressure (MDP) by defining the two worst case failures
    • Address freeze/thaw cycles of cryogenic and hypergolic systems
    • Identify ground filling procedures in HR causes, controls, and verifications
    • Assure lines, fitting, and components factors of safety are determined
    • Address materials compatibility and material failures (e.g., corrosion) in components
    • Provide pressure system tables to address pressure ratings of all lines, fittings, and components
    • Provide pressure system diagrams that detail the geometry of system
    • Develop and provide pressure vessel qualification program summaries
sdp hr comments other categories22
SDP & HR COMMENTS – Other Categories
  • Batteries
    • Address all batteries in SDP/HRs including those in memory and circuit cards
    • Provide details such as cell size, number, current, chemistry, type, capacity, serial/parallel circuitry, and vendor specification sheets
    • Provide schematics to show controls for leakage, short circuit, and overcharging
    • Provide acceptance testing plans and include as HR verification support data
    • Address testing to demonstrate no leakage concerns
    • Identify cell materials on the hazardous material summary table
    • Assure battery boxes include absorbent material to preclude electrolyte leakage hazards
sdp hr comments other categories23
SDP & HR COMMENTS – Other Categories
  • Thermal Extremes
    • Provide IVA/EVA touch temperatures assessments and determine EVA keep-out zones
    • Develop thermal analysis/testing summaries to address worst case thermal profile
    • Include use of temperature strips as applicable
sdp hr comments other categories24
SDP & HR COMMENTS – Other Categories
  • Verifications
    • Provide verifications that correlate with controls
    • Develop verifications that demonstrate controls by identifying test, analysis, inspection, or procedures to clearly discern pass/fail criteria
    • Assure verification items clearly show independence for each control
    • Assure schedules for completion of verifications are consistent with processing of hardware at KSC
    • Provide description of reverification activities in RAs
    • Assure on-orbit verification is considered in PSDP and HRs
sdp hr comments other categories25
SDP & HR COMMENTS – Other Categories
  • Document Enhancements
    • Verifications should be developed to clearly demonstrate methods to assure controls
    • Provide HR support data, including schematics, drawings, and analyses to support controls and verifications
    • Assure Phase III HRs do not contain TBDs
    • Ensure RAs address hardware changes
    • Provide a VTL to identify open verification activity
    • Develop and include an operational control list in the PSDP
    • JSC Form 1230 should not be not used as a checklist, rather it is 16 hazard reports