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School Foundation Payment System

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School Foundation Payment System. Nonpublic Modules ADM-1 Training Course. SFPS Overview. The SFPS nonpublic modules assist educating organizations and ODE administration to collect, validate and approve data, which is used in calculating school funding. . What do I need to access SFPS?.

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school foundation payment system

School Foundation Payment System

Nonpublic Modules


Training Course

sfps overview
SFPS Overview

The SFPS nonpublic modules assist educating organizations and ODE administration to collect, validate and approve data, which is used in calculating school funding.

what do i need to access sfps
What do I need to access SFPS?
  • SAFE Account
  • OEDS Role
    • Data Entry – Nonpublic Program
    • Principal (Nonpublic Agency)
    • Signer – Nonpublic Program (Nonpublic Agency)

To check your OEDS Role, go to:

ode homepage
ODE Homepage

To access the SFPS modules, sign in with your SAFE Account. From any ODE webpage, click the SIGN IN button.

ODE Web Address

safe account login
SAFE Account Login

Input SAFE Account ID and Password, Click Sign In

sfps application
SFPS Application

Select SFPS under the application choices.

sfps landing page
SFPS Landing Page

Click on the link for Nonpublic to Access the Nonpublic Modules.

adm 1

The ADM-1 Module is a sub-module of the SFPS application. The ADM-1 module allows for chartered nonpublic schools to provide information to the Department of Education so it can calculate Average Daily Membership.

nonpublic landing page
Nonpublic Landing Page

Select ADM-1 to enter the ADM-1 module.

Only individuals associated to a Nonpublic School in OEDS can access the ADM-1.

adm 1 organization select
ADM-1 Organization Select

Select the appropriate school from the drop down menu and click Go

Only those individuals who are associated with more than one organization will see this screen.

adm 1 reports select
ADM-1 Reports Select


Select the year listed in the current reports section.

Prior Year reports will be available in the Past Reports section.

adm 1 instructions
ADM-1 Instructions

Click the checkbox and then click Next to continue.

Once the instructions page has been certified, this screen will no longer appear.

nonpublic report for average daily membership calculation
Nonpublic Report for Average Daily Membership Calculation

Answer the questions by clicking next to Yes or No. These questions must be answered in order to move on to next page.

nonpublic report for average daily membership calculation1
Nonpublic Report for Average Daily Membership Calculation

Input student counts in the appropriate columns. Two decimals are accepted and all grade levels are not required. Click SAVE.

adm 1 completion page
ADM-1 Completion Page

To sign the report, click Sign Report.

Input comments into the comments box and click Add Comment

adm 1 completion page1
ADM-1 Completion Page

Click Unsign Report to clear signatures and edit the report.

Click Submit Report to submit report to ODE once all required signature(s) are obtained.

adm 1 notes
ADM-1 Notes
  • Required signer(s) are the Principal
  • Catholic schools must also be signed by the Diocese
  • Once all required signature(s) have been gathered, the submit button must be clicked to submit the report to ODE. The submit button does not appear until all signature(s) are obtained.
  • Once the report has been signed, the status of the report will change from SAVED to SIGNED. A report must be in SAVED status in order to make changes.
  • If the report is in SIGNED status, the report must be unsigned to make changes.
  • If the report is in SUBMITTED status, the area coordinator must place the report in HELD status so the school can unsign the report and make changes. Once all changes have been made, the signature process must start over again.
  • Q: I am able to login with my SAFE Account, but I do not see the option for SFPS?

A: You do not have the proper OEDS role. Contact Denise Willis for assistance.

  • Q: I am unable to login with my SAFE Account. What I am doing wrong?

A: There are three possible error messages you are getting. If the error message is (Invalid Login), the Account name being used is incorrect. If the error message is (Invalid Password), the password is incorrect. The password is case sensitive. If the error message is (Too many login attempts), wait 10-15 minutes and the account will be unlocked where you can try again. If you receive any of these messages, click on the Forgot Account Information Link under the Password box, input your email address and click submit. An email will be sent with your Account name and Password.

report status
Report Status

The status of a report indicates what state it is in as follows:

  • SAVED: incomplete, data can be entered
  • SIGNED: data is now locked. All reports must be signed before being submitted.
  • SUBMITTED: the report has been signed by all required parties and submitted to ODE
  • HOLD: if a report has been submitted to ODE, and ODE detects an error, or the district requests to correct the report, ODE will place the report in HOLD status. This will allow the district to “UNSIGN” the report and correct the data. The report must again be signed and submitted.
  • APPROVED: ODE has reviewed and approved the report. It is now final.
  • User Guides and instructions will be posted on the ODE website at
  • Help Desk contacts: Denise Willis 614-466-7571

  • SAFE Account questions: email
  • OEDS questions: email