P a w s new student orientation welcome to east georgia state college
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P.A.W.S. NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION Welcome to East Georgia State College ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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P.A.W.S. NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION Welcome to East Georgia State College !. Survival. How College Differs from High School Semester System and Schedule Options Choice of Days/Times/Courses Independence Greater personal responsibility YOU are held accountable for what you do or don’t do.

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P a w s new student orientation welcome to east georgia state college

P.A.W.S. NEW STUDENT ORIENTATIONWelcome to East Georgia State College!


  • How College Differs from High School

    • Semester System and Schedule Options

      • Choice of Days/Times/Courses

    • Independence

    • Greater personal responsibility

      • YOU are held accountable for what you do or don’t do


  • Responsibility and Self-Motivation

    • Attend Class

    • See Instructors during Office Hours

    • Study (2 for 1 hour spent in class)

    • Establish Effective Study Skills and Time Management

  • Out-of-Class Activities

    • EGSC Clubs and Organizations

    • College and Community Events


  • Decision Making:

    • Academic Advisor

    • Registrar (Academic Standing)

    • Financial Aid (Satisfactory Acad. Progress)

    • EGSC Counselor

  • Many people want you to succeed and are willing to help you … LET THEM!

What is an advisor
What Is An Advisor?

Faculty member who…

  • Helps you determine class schedule

  • Registers you for classes

  • Helps you develop your short and long range goals

  • Interprets program of study requirements

  • Assists with adding and dropping classes

  • Monitors your progress towards educational goals

  • Answers questions

What is an advisor1
What Is An Advisor?

  • All students are assigned advisors prior to early registration for the next semester.

    • To request a specific advisor, visit Registrar's Office.

  • Advisor information is posted in Banner Web under Student Information, your Academic Department, the Library, or the EGCS Center (if applicable).

Financial aid
Financial Aid

How to…

  • Get It

    • See orientation packet’s Guide Sheet

    • Be Informed: See links for Financial Aid on EGSC’s Banner Web and EGSC’s Financial Aid FAQ’s.

    • Complete FAFSA

  • Keep It

    • Maintain Good Academic Standing

    • Maintain SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)

    • http://www.ega.edu/finaid/progress.htm

Financial aid1
Financial Aid

How to…

  • Lose It

    • Fail to successfully complete sufficient number of registered hours Fall to Spring or Summer

    • GPA below 2.0

  • Get It Back

    • Appeal

    • Bring up your GPA

    • Earn additional Credit Hours

Financial aid2
Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid:

    • Financial Aid Office

      • 478-289-2009

  • Phone and email list at www.ega.edu.

    • ASK A FA QUESTION button on financial aid web page

    • The Office of Financial Aid will respond to all questions.

Financial aid3
Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid "Authorization"

    • Login to your MyEGSC account at myegsc.ega.edu

      with your BannerWeb ID (same as your student ID number: a 9-digit number that begins with 930).

    • Login to your MyEGSC account, click on Banner Web, Financial Aid, and Student Authorization.

      • "Authorize" your financial aid 'one' time.

      • Must authorize for HOPE and or Federal assistance.

        • You can rescind authorization at a later time.

Financial aid4
Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid "Authorization"

    • Additional monies, beyond tuition and fee expenses, can be authorized for other charges.

    • EGSC's Bookstore Voucher program

      • Can purchase books from the EGSC Bookstore on unencumbered financial assistance monies typically 1 week prior to the start of classes until the day after last day of schedule adjustment.

      • Only at the EGSC Bookstore on the Swainsboro campus.

        (or at the Statesboro campus the week prior and the week of classes)


  • Students see a counselor for many reasons:

    • Career exploration

    • Academic decision making

    • Test anxiety

    • Disability services

    • Depression

    • Relationship issues

    • Grief work

    • Life or Time management

    • Stress


  • Counseling is confidential and is not part of your permanent academic records.

    • EGSC’s counselor: Ms. Anna Marie Reich, areich@ega.edu, 478-289-2039

    • EGCS’s counselor: Ms. Erin Martin emartin@ega.edu, 912-623-2406 at EGCS.

Academic assistance
Academic Assistance

  • Swainsboro campus students: Visit the Academic Information and Resource Center (AIR Center) in the Academic Building for

    • Learning and Academic Resources

    • Free Tutoring in Math, English, and Reading

    • Regents’ Testing Preparation

    • EGCS students also have access to this facility.

  • EGCS students: Visit the Statesboro Center at 10449 US Highway 301 South

    • Free Tutoring in Math, English, and Reading

    • Computer Access

    • Regents’ Testing Preparation

Student life
Student Life

  • Student Life Activities will enhance your college experience!

    • Campus Clubs

    • Vision Series

  • Information about clubs, activities, and events can be found on EGSC’s website at www.ega.edu.

  • All students are encouraged to attend Vision Series events.

    • Free programs are available to all EGSC students.

    • Previous speakers have included former President Jimmy Carter, Maya Angelou, Andrew Young, CokieRoberts, and Terry Kay.

  • EGCS students: You have access to any activity, facility, organization, or club available on the Swainsboro campus.

  • You can also participate in student life activities on the GSU campus (Exclusions = Greek life organizations and NCAA sports).

Business office
Business Office

  • Fee Payments due at time of registration.

  • Make yourself aware of Fee Payment Deadlines by…

    • checking Calendar information on the EGSC website at http://www.ega.edu/registrar/calendar/ or

    • see your packet information for Fee Payment Deadlines.

  • If financial aid has not been awarded by the Fee Payment Deadline, you are responsible for all fees.

    • You will be reimbursed once financial aid has been awarded.

  • You can participate in the Bookstore Voucher program once your aid has been awarded.

  • Check your packet information for Tentative Financial Aid disbursement dates.

Business office1
Business Office

  • Your refund will be disbursed to your HigherOne account or your personal checking account.

  • Be sure to log on to HigherOne and chose the method you wish to receive your refunds.

  • Be sure to VERIFY YOUR ADDRESS today! You will receive your HigherOne card with 10 days from tomorrow.

  • If you address is not correct and your card is sent to the incorrect address that you provided you will have to pay $20 to get a replacement card.

Business office2
Business Office

  • If you would like the Business Office to share your information with anyone other than yourself, we must have written permission from you in the form of current year tax returns or completed and signed FERPA form located in your packet information.

  • For additional information please contact anyone of the Business Office rep's listed below…

    • Becky Foskey bfoskey@ega.edu

    • Massie Kight mkight@ega.edu

    • Pamela Herrington pherrington@ega.edu

    • Marcie Salter msalter.ega.edu

    • Houston Kirkland hkirkland@ega.edu

    • Brenda Crews bcrews@ega.edu

  • Or you can contact the Statesboro Center below…

    • egcs@ega.edu or 478-486-7050

The new web portal is your one stop to access
The NEW web portal is your one stop to access:

  • East Georgia State College Student CatMail

  • Banner Web

  • Georgia View Vista

    To login in to your MyEGSC account go to:


    Use your MyEGSC account to access all three

    of these systems plus more online services.

How to access your egsc student catmail email account
How to Access Your EGSC Student access:Catmail / Email Account

  • Go to myegsc.ega.edu

  • Enter your MyEGSC User Name and Password

  • Your MyEGSC password = last 4 digits of your Social Security Number plus last two digits of year you were born.

  • Example: 123472 is password for a student whose SSN ends in 1234 and whosebirth year is 1972.

    Once you have signed into MyEGSC, click on the “CatMail” icon to access your EGSC student email.

Egsc student catmail email
EGSC Student Catmail / Email access:

  • All students receive an EGSC Student Email Account.

  • Use this account to retrieve:

    • Student ID number

    • Info on registration, financial aid, and campus activities.

  • EGCS students also receive a GSU email account.

  • For additional information about GSU email account, visit GSU's website at: www.georgiasouthern.edu

Banner web
Banner Web access:

  • Banner Web = An Online Information System that allows students to

    • check grades

    • register for classes

    • manage student information

  • Access your BANNER Web account by first logging into your MyEGSC account at myegsc.ega.edu then click on the BANNER Web icon.

  • Your BannerWeb ID is the same as your Student ID Number (a 9-digit number that begins with 930).

Georgiaview vista
GeorgiaView Vista access:

  • GAView Vista = A Web-Based Learning Environment

    • Instructors use Vista to teach online courses or enhance face-to-face courses.

  • Students use Vista for various purposes

    • To access course syllabi and course materials

    • To submit assignments or quizzes

    • To respond to EGSC surveys

    • To contact their instructors or their classmates

    • To engage in online discussions

      **New students will not be able to access GaView Vista until the semester begins!!!**

Georgia view vista
Georgia View Vista access:

  • Your Georgia View Vista Username and Password are the same as your MyEGSC account.

  • Access your Georgia View Vista account by first logging into your MyEGSC account at myegsc.ega.edu then click on the “Georgia View” icon.

  • EGCS students must access EGSC’s Georgia View Vista system (not Georgia Southern University’s Vista system) for all of your EGSC courses.

  • *** EGCS students who are taking Healthful Living and PE at Georgia Southern University will need to access GSU’s Georgia View Vista System.***

Egsc connected emergency notification system
EGSC ConnectED Emergency Notification System access:

  • Receive EGSC campus emergency notification messages via your EGSC email, cell phone, home phone and other phones.

  • To view / add / change the phone numbers associated with your ConnectED account, login to your MyEGSC account, then click on the “Update Your Emergency Contacts” icon.

  • For more information about the EGSC ConnectED Emergency Notification System, go to: www.ega.edu/connected.pdf

Future registrations
Future Registrations access:

  • Know Dates for Early Registration Week!

    • The earlier you register, the better your chances of getting the classes you want at the times you want them.

  • Know your Advisor!

    • You will receive email notification including your advisor’s name. If you do not receive the email, check with the Registrar’s Office, BannerWeb, the EGSC Library, or the EGCS office (if applicable).

Future registrations1
Future Registrations access:

  • Sign up for an Early Advisement/Registration Session!

    • Appointment sheets posted outside Swainsboro advisors’ offices one week prior to the Early Registration period.

    • EGCS keeps appointment sheets in a notebook next to receptionist’s desk.

    • Early registration and final registration takes place on both the Swainsboro and Statesboro campuses

  • Schedule Adjustment (Drop/Add) is held on both campuses:

    • Swainsboro: In each Academic Department

    • Statesboro: At the EGCS Center, 10499 US Highway 301 South

Parking and security
Parking and Security access:

  • A Message from Campus Security:

    • Student on Swainsboro campus, adhere to following parking practices:

    • Yellow lined parking spaces - Faculty and Staff.

    • White lined parking spaces - students (except for the marked visitors spaces).

    • Blue lined parking spaces - handicapped only.

    • Orange spaces - service vehicles only.

  • EGCS students: You do not need a Swainsboro campus parking decal unless you intend to take classes here.

  • Buses will run between Paulson Stadium and EGCS on US Hwy 301 South each day (Monday – Thursday, from 7 am until 5 pm

  • You may park at Paulson and ride the bus…. OR

  • You may purchase a Parking Decal at EGCS Facility for $73/semester and park

Campus tour
Campus Tour access:

  • 360° EGSC tour


  • Maps

    • Swainsboro Campus Students

      • http://www.ega.edu/campusmap.pdf

    • Statesboro Center Students

      • http://www.georgiasouthern.edu/map/

Reminders access:

As soon as possible:

  • Obtain an EGSC Student ID Card.

  • Purchase your Textbooks.

  • Purchase a Parking Decal in the Business Office.

Reminders access:

Throughout the semester:

  • Pay attention to Bulletin Boards.

  • Check your EGSC Email Account weekly.

  • See Academic Calendar on EGSC’s web site for Important Dates including

    • fee payment deadlines, drop/withdrawal deadlines, and pre-registration periods

  • Check your GA View Vista Accounts

Reminders access:

  • Check BannerWeb for your Mid-Term and Final Course Grades.

  • Visit your Professors, your Advisor, and the AIR Center for assistance.

  • Pre-Register for next semester’s classes.

Reminders access:

  • Emergency Action Plan – Swainsboro Campus

    • "In the event the fire alarm is sounded, everyone must evacuate the building at once and in a calm and orderly fashion - DO NOT RUN - using the nearest exit. In the event of a severe weather warning, which will be delivered verbally, everyone must proceed immediately to the nearest Designated Shelter Area which are marked by a small tornado symbol. All severe weather shelter locations are posted on the EGSC website. Each student should, on the first day of class, determine the location of the nearest exit and the nearest designated shelter area for each of his or her classrooms. If you have difficulty locating either ask your instructor to assist you."

Egac 1100 student success
EGAC 1100: Student Success access:

  • EGAC 1100 is a required course for all Beginning Freshmen!

  • EGAC 1100 introduces students to

    • College Policies and Procedures

    • College Success Strategies

    • Study Skills and Time Management

    • Planning and Decision-Making Strategies

    • Campus Events and Organizations

  • Transfer, transient, and early-enrolled students are not required to complete this course.

Egac critical thinking
EGAC: Critical Thinking access:

  • Beginning Fall 2012, Critical thinking will be a required course for all Beginning Freshmen!

  • The human mind is a wondrous thing. We will be discussing conundrums large and small, probing the mysteries of this wide and wonderful world, thinking, analyzing, creating, reflecting, writing, and engaging in a veritable plethora of “mind matters.”

  • Critical Thinking = Creativity!

  • Creativity is alive and well at East Georgia State College !

Sherlock Bob will help you find the answers you seek

Egac critical thinking cont
EGAC: Critical Thinking Cont… access:

  • Our emphasis on critical thinking is a part of our accreditation. Each school in the Southeast is evaluated by an accrediting board that requires each school to identify one element of school improvement. East Georgia State College chose to focus on critical thinking because educators, scientists, politicians, and members of the business community all recognize that critical thinking will be of the upmost importance in an increasingly complex world.

  • Critical thinking takes many forms. Critical thinkers are analytical, reflective, creative, and flexible. Critical thinkers ask questions, build upon existing knowledge and recast old ideas in new and novel ways.

  • Critical thinkers are open to new ideas.

  • Critical thinkers are tolerant of others and accept the fact that there is always more to learn.

  • Critical thinkers have a love of learning for its own sake.

  • Critical thinkers are empowered to make the world a better place.

Academic information learning support
Academic Information access:Learning Support

  • Learning Support Courses

    • enhance students’ skills in reading, English, and math

    • prepare students for success in college-level courses.

  • Placement in Learning Support classes determined by COMPASS Test scores.

  • Grades earned in Learning Support Courses do not count toward GPA.

    • LS courses offer students a chance to catch up without the pressure of academic penalty.

Academic information learning support1
Academic Information access:Learning Support

  • Learning Support Courses do not count toward degree completion or transfer hours since they are preparation courses rather than college-level courses.

  • If enrolled in LS courses, you should not enroll in certain college-level courses.

    • See EGSC’s Online Course Catalog for specific restrictions.

Academic information college preparatory curriculum
Academic Information access:College Preparatory Curriculum

  • College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) consists of 16 Units:

    • 4 English

    • 4 Math

    • 3 Natural Science

    • 3 Social Science

    • 2 Foreign Language

      2012 graduates will need to have completed an additional Natural Science course (17 units)

Academic information college preparatory curriculum1
Academic Information access:College Preparatory Curriculum

  • If you have a CPC deficiency, you should know that

    • Grades earned in CPC courses do count toward GPA.

    • CPC courses do not count toward degree completion.

  • EGCS students: CPC hours do not count toward the 30 hours needed for transfer to GSU.

  • All CPC deficiencies must be satisfied prior to transfer.

The east georgia state college catalog
The East Georgia State College Catalog access:

The EGSC Catalog covers

  • General Information

  • Rules and Regulations

  • Degrees and Certificates

  • Programs of Study

  • Course Descriptions and Prerequisite Requirements

  • Student Life Information

  • Note: EGSC Catalog is available online only. Go to www.ega.edu/registrar/catalog/

  • The east georgia state college catalog1
    The East Georgia State College Catalog access:

    • Program of study:

      • In EGSC’s Online Catalog, you should

        • Review the Core Curriculum (Areas A-E)

        • Review the Programs of Study offered by EGSC

    • Undecided? Focus on Core Curriculum Areas A through E.

    • A "completed" area of the core will transfer without question to any other University System institution.

    • Decide on your Program of Study or major as early as possible.

    • Your Program of Study is your Goal!

      • Research indicates that people who determine specific goals are much more likely to attain them.

    • EGCS students who have selected a major: Access GSU’s online catalog at www.georgiasouthern.edu to review possible Area F requirements.

    Academic information p rerequisites
    Academic Information access:Prerequisites

    • Prerequisites = Courses that must be successfully completed before other courses are taken.

    • Prerequisite Requirements are found in course descriptions in EGSC’s Online Catalog.

    • Ex: ENGL 1101 must be successfully completed before ENGL 1102 may be taken.

    • Ex: SOCI 1101 must be successfully completed before SOCI 1160 (Social Problems) may be taken.

    Program completion plan
    Program Completion Plan access:

    • A Program Completion Plan

      • maps out courses for degree

      • helps you choose the courses you need to graduate.

    • See back of Tentative Schedule Worksheet for a Program Completion Plan guide.

    • Begin planning now for future semesters!

    • EGCS students: Your Program Completion Plan will be shorter because of your intent to transfer.

    • To transfer, you must

      • Satisfy all Learning Support requirements and CPC deficiencies.

      • Earn 30 hours of degree credits.

      • Have at least a 2.0 GPA

    Course schedule preparation
    Course Schedule Preparation access:

    • Schedule Learning Support and CPC-required courses first.

      • Next, Schedule courses in Areas A-E

    • Swainsboro campus students are not allowed to take classes in Statesboro.

    • EGCS students: You will attend classes at the EGCS center and/or on GSU’s campus, but you may also attend classes on Swainsboro’s Campus.

      • You may take Statesboro and Swainsboro classes on both campuses in the same semester!

    Online course schedule preparation
    Online Course Schedule Preparation access:

    • The online schedule provides you with the following information:

      • Course Title

      • CRN (Course Reference Number) Your advisor must have this number to register you for the course!

      • Days and Times each course is offered

      • Professor’s Name

      • Number of seats remaining (red shading indicates that the course is full).

    • Be sure you choose courses on the correct campus:

      • Each course has a campus code (listed on the left of the online schedule)

      • EGSC Swainsboro = Campus A; EGSC Statesboro = Campus S

      • Web/Online Courses = Campus W

    Orientation is now complete
    Orientation is now complete! access:

    • You may now go with your OGL to begin preparations to create a class schedule

    • Don’t forget to complete the Orientation survey as you will not be able to register until you have done so!!

    • You will need to login to banner web,

      • click the Personal Information menu item,

      • then select the Survey Link then choose the Orientation survey .