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Helping Hands

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Helping Hands. By: Haley Barritt. Introduction. G roup that grows our own crops S hip food to support people in need Deliver a 6 month supply of food per family in Africa Single building on a large plot of land Hold local events where people can contribute

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helping hands

Helping Hands

By: Haley Barritt

  • Group that grows our own crops
  • Ship food to support people in need
  • Deliver a 6 month supply of food per family in Africa
  • Single building on a large plot of land
  • Hold local events where people can contribute
  • We’ve come across a few problems with spacing
  • We could use the help and donations
  • Some don’t feel comfortable sharing info at events (privacy)
  • Few part time volunteers don’t have enough space to do their job (cramped) – looking for pay and expansion/growth
  • Not enough space to operate/move machinery equipment
  • We need to raise more awareness
  • Bring in donators to a place fit for our needs
  • Create a personal office for every worker – privacy, cost ($1,000/office)
  • Create one large office for every two workers – privacy, cheaper ($1,200/2 offices)
  • Knock out the walls of existing offices to make rooms larger – save money (not having to purchase as much new), additions
  • Create a large 50x50 ft. room for machinery equipment – maneuverability ($2,500)
  • Hire 20 more official workers - $7.50/hour
  • Status Quo – If we don’t receive the funds, we would remain same and the company may go downhill since expansion did not take place
  • Knock down the walls to expand office space and use dividers
  • $1,200/2 offices (10 rooms total – 20 split sections); $2,500 machinery room
  • Dimensions: Office 25x25x9 ft.; Machinery room 50x50x15 ft.
  • Walls:Knock out walls; Support beams; Dividers are inserted
  • Doors:Office door 7x3 ft.; Machinery door 9x5 ft.
  • Rooms: Create from what we have, then add on to existing building
  • Paint: 30 gallons of 2-in-1 primer paint; colors are neutral
  • Will offer more space, privacy, and save money in the long run
  • Asking for $14,500 for total cost of rooms; $156,000 total workers/year (paid every 2 wks.)
  • $170,500 total funds
  • If our funds are accepted, we will do the following immediately:
    • Put an ad in the paper
    • 50-50 raffle
    • Start the building/expansion
    • Create a billboard
  • These options will create advertisements and produce money
  • We will send a progress report after 60 days to provide proof of success (increase of donations and satisfied staff)
  • With 2 months of funding, new offices and rooms will:
  • Improve the sense of privacy
  • Give workers more space to do their job properly
  • Allow for machinery to move/function properly
  • Comfortable space will bring more workers (pay for salaries)
  • Workers and contributors will be satisfied, bringing in more contributions
  • Now that you know what our company aims to do, we would like to share a story with you
  • Jonah, age 5, Ethiopia
  • Wrote a letter back to us
  • Even at a young age, his story touched us (adult most likely helped write)
  • Mom and dad lost in earthquake
  • Found a week after in the rubble
  • No food, starving to death
  • He ended with, “Thank you with all my heart. You saved me.”
  • Let’s help more children like Jonah
  • Just imagine the smile on their face
  • A small amount of work can make all the difference for them
  • It would greatly benefit the health of the African population
  • Thank you for your time
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