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Digital Campaigns PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Campaigns

Digital Campaigns

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Digital Campaigns

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  1. Simplify First-name Last-name | title | September 10th2009 Digital Campaigns

  2. ? how much time do you spend with your ad server

  3. No Time For Strategy ComplexAnalytics Agency Profitability CrossChannel Measurement Multiple Sources of Data Reporting Trafficking Fatigue Getting Campaigns Live Ad Serving Not User Friendly Too Much Excel Delivery Campaign Performance Publisher Specs Little Time for Optimization Too much data, not enough time

  4. effort work more more time less

  5. The first step is to admit… Dysfunctional Campaign Process Analytic Complexities Inflexible Technology …we have a problem

  6. Things are harderthan they should be.

  7. ? why

  8. Current ad server platforms are built on decade old technology

  9. Invested years million$ Spent 1 00s Interviewed

  10. Actionable Analytics Streamlined Ad Serving Open Workflow

  11. Actionable Analytics Extracting meaning out of piles of data

  12. Difficulty: cross-channel results in real-time

  13. Campaign Monitor • Analyze behavior throughout campaign in real-time • Optimize on-the-fly • Monitor status - delivery, performance, set-up, & more Updated data every 15 min

  14. Difficulty: getting useable cross-channel data without hours in excel

  15. 1-Click PowerPoint • Full summary of campaign metrics • Customizable content • Complete with tables and graph

  16. Difficulty: Analyze consumer behavior before they convert

  17. Report on Actual Behavior Search for information View the standard ad Visit the website Purchase or Convert Interact with Rich Media

  18. Path to Conversion Analysis • Use impact rates to establish benchmarks for publisher optimization • Identify areas of opportunity or trouble, along the path that might effect overall performance • Use data towards future strategy in ad seuencing or delivery 100% 20% 100% 50% 100%

  19. Streamlined Ad Serving Campaign set-up & measurement done faster & smarter

  20. Difficulty: getting from point A to B quickly

  21. Five Clicks Into One “ Process Guide Universal Serach Bookmarking Preview Filters

  22. Difficulty: using previewing tools

  23. Preview That Gives You the Whole View Preview multiple ads at once Instantly QA ad View ad info Collaborate with others

  24. Difficulty: repetitive trafficking tasks

  25. Hundreds of Banners, Only One Step Upload pairs of consistently named SWFs and GIFs Assign Clickthru URL to all ads

  26. Difficulty: optimize creative in minutes

  27. Switch Text, Content, or Targeting Instantly • Allows for quick optimizations and changes • Keeps record of any change • Keeps production cost down on revisions Smart Instantaneous creative update Versioning

  28. Difficulty: F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 Constant browser refreshing F5

  29. Automated Screenshots “Oh Wow!, Damn! We’ve been dreaming about this” -Liquid Advertising One-click screenshots of live ads delivered in PowerPoint! AdSnap

  30. Difficulty: the rightad to the rightperson therighttime

  31. Targeting and Sequencing £ $ • Rotate your rich and standard ads, as well as messages to ensure the best user experience • Set to auto optimize by any metric • Frequency cap by time, placement, and day-part € Control the sequence,rotation and frequency of your ads Save serving cost and get better performance

  32. Open Workflow Intergrations, services and standards that go beyond basic ad serving

  33. Difficulty: getting your data where you want it

  34. fluid integration Open API

  35. Integration Partners

  36. Difficulty: bridging display & search

  37. Search and Display Working Together Manage and measure search and display from the MediaMind interface Instantly integrate with most bid management tools or search vendors Automatic and accurate de-duplication of coversion data Pinpoint impact and analyze touchpoints between search and display Cross Channel Campaign Results

  38. Validate Display Spend with Search Lift in Site Visits Increases in average order size 7x Display Only;3x Search Only Display only Search only Search & Display Chart 1 Source: Yahoo!/Comscore Research Online, Buy Offline study, 2007 Source: Microsoft Advertising and Comscore case study (M&F 30+, 11M unique users, 52M impressions) Chart 2Source: Yahoo!/Comscore Close the Loop study, 2006 Source: Microsoft Advertising and Comscore case study (M&F 30+, 11M unique users, 52M impressions)

  39. A Global Solution Vanessa Keller Manager Campaign Execution, NY Kamalan Moodley Guy Meiri Team Leader Client Service, UK Software Engineer 2nd Tier Support, Israel Adrian Lee Team Leader Account Management, Australia

  40. A Robust Solution Custom Services Global Campaign Management Billing Connect Standards Endorsement API Channel Connect for Search Channel Connect for Mobile Mass Creation Standard Banner 1-Click Reporting Ad Snap Smart Versioning Campaign Monitor Excel Trafficking Excel Plug-in Rich/Standard Optimization Workshop for Flash Advanced Targeting Custom Report Services/Builder Quick Access Tools Report Generator Advanced Preview Universal Tag Data Feeds

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  42. More Information email: phone: 123-4567890 @eyeblaster @creative_zone