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A(nother) Run through the NIA Mechanism Maze

A(nother) Run through the NIA Mechanism Maze. Robin A. Barr Director, Office of Extramural Activities, NIA rb42h@nih.gov http://www.nia.nih.gov/. Warm-Up Exercises. Changes. Changed receipt/submission dates: http://grants1.nih.gov/grants/funding/submissionschedule.htm

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A(nother) Run through the NIA Mechanism Maze

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  1. A(nother) Run through the NIA Mechanism Maze Robin A. Barr Director, Office of Extramural Activities, NIA rb42h@nih.govhttp://www.nia.nih.gov/

  2. Warm-Up Exercises

  3. Changes • Changed receipt/submission dates: http://grants1.nih.gov/grants/funding/submissionschedule.htm • R01s, R03s, R21s are electronic. • Changed rules on Appendices: http://grants2.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-07-018.html • Multiple principal investigators http://grants.nih.gov/grants/multi_pi/index.htm

  4. Change contd. • Transition to electronic delayed for Ks, Fs, Ts and complex mechanisms (program projects and centers) (maybe June, August, September 2008) • Shortened grant applications coming soon… maybe

  5. New Investigators – more detail • NIH Director Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D., has noted that in tight budget times, it is more important than ever to fund new investigators and innovative research. • Support for new investigators is the highest NIH priority for FY 2007 • 1500 new investigator R01s in 2007

  6. New Investigators Program at NIH http://grants2.nih.gov/grants/new_investigators/ Pathway to Independence Award NIH Director's New Innovator Award*** NRSA Individual and Institutional Training Awards Career Development Awards - K Kiosk Research Project Grant Program - (R01) NIH Institute and Center Practices Resources for New Investigators

  7. Things that will not change now or in the near future • It is hard to obtain funding. • It is harder to obtain funding if you do not apply. • Most applications that we pay are resubmissions. (One recent funding list, 6 first submission, 7 were A1, 8 were A2 –convenience sample!)

  8. Start running!

  9. Predoctoral Students • Fellowships (F30, F31) • Training grants (T32, T35) • Supplements to increase diversity • Dissertation awards to increase diversity • MERIT add-on awards .. .. ..

  10. Postdocs • Training Grants (T32) • Fellowships (F32) • L30 (clinical loan repayment contract) • Pathway to Independence (K99/R00) • (two phase, accelerator award)

  11. Junior faculty • Most funding mechs. Available but some are more normative. • L30 continues • Mentored Ks (K01, K08, K23, K25) • Early stage research (R03, R21) • R01 • AREA awards (Smaller schools) • DP2 (New Innovator) but, think carefully!

  12. Early middle to middle • R03, R21, R01, R01, R01 contd. • K02 – independent scientist award (accelerator) • K24 (patient-oriented, combined purpose, mentoring, advancing own research career)

  13. Mature • R01, R01, R01… • P01 (program project) • P30, P50 (Center grants) • K07 – academic leadership • K12 – program career development award (clinical) • T32 – as director of a training grant

  14. Time for the final sprint

  15. NIA RFAs and PASs RFAs • Focus on a particular topic • Single receipt date • Usually about three months notice • Usually special review group • Set-aside money PASs • Somewhat broader focus than RFA • Multiple receipt dates • Regular review groups • Set-aside money

  16. NIA Active RFAs National Study of Disability Trends and Dynamics (U01) January 18, 2008 Georgeanne Patmios, BSR, PatmiosG@nia.nih.gov Paul Beeson Career Development Awards in Aging (K08 & K23) December 18 Robin Barr, rb42h@nih.gov New Interventions for Menopausal Symptoms (U01) November 23 Sherry Sherman, GCG, ShermanS@nia.nih.gov Studies to Identify Possible Juvenile Protective Factors….(R01) (with NICHD) Chhanda Dutta, GCG, DuttaC@nia.nih.gov November 19

  17. NIA Active PASs Harmonization of Longitudinal Cross-National Surveys of Aging (R21) Until: July 16, 2010 John Phillips, BSR, PhillipJ@mail.nih.gov Grants for Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Discovery (R21) (with NINDS and NIMH) Until: May 07, 2009 Neil Buckholtz, NNA, BuckholN@nia.nih.gov Applications of Imaging and Sensor Technologies for Clinical Aging Research (R41/42; R43/44) Until: May 07, 2008 Winnie Rossi, GCG, Winnie_Rossi@nih.gov

  18. Cool-down and Stretches

  19. Talking Tables • Program staff (and extras such as myself) will be at the tables at the back of the room to answer your individual questions • Identify NIA staff present.

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