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  2. VIDAS BLUE VIDAS BLUE: New Vidas and mini Vidas look

  3. VIDAS BLUE The main changes


  5. Blue tray covers Strip preparation tray VIDAS BLUE

  6. VIDAS BLUE Removing strip preparation tray

  7. Mini VIDAS BLUE

  8. New screen / keyboard Holder New printer paper holder Mini VIDAS BLUE

  9. VIDAS BLUE Internal changes

  10. VIDAS BLUE On mini VIDAS: Addition of a long screw to fix the right trim

  11. VIDAS BLUE On mini VIDAS: Screen/keyboard holder 3 fixing points:

  12. VIDAS BLUE New Power Supply Assembly: • Only 4 external points of fixation (4 screw) • Central chimney (V30) • No railing(bar)

  13. VIDAS BLUE New Power Supply Assembly: - Only 1 Power Supply Board (V12/V30) - 1 air fan - Self switching Power Supply (110/220V)

  14. New Power Supply Board: • Dedicated mini Vidas and Vidas connectors. VIDAS BLUE VIDAS Mini VIDAS Be carefull Respect the correct connector!

  15. Fixed by 4 plastic retainers • Spare part • If Air Fan out of service: • Software T° error will be • generated • Automatic Power Supply • cut off VIDAS BLUE New Power Supply Board: • Air Fan

  16. VIDAS BLUE No more lateral play to adjust New tray ball bearings: Excentric ball bearing replaced by a normal one fixed on a spring mechanism.

  17. VIDAS BLUE CAUTION! Lock the motor Assy when it is in the good position Addition of a pretensionning spring Tray motor assembly:

  18. VIDAS BLUE To reduce the tower misalignments Tower screw: Addition of a spacer

  19. VIDAS BLUE - New door plunger ball nut - Addition of a safety latch Incubator door:

  20. VIDAS BLUE Incubator Boards Scanner Board New electronic boards:

  21. New Power Supply 3.3V LED Flash ROM U5 ( V2.51) (replace the EEPROM) Sensors LEDs DIP Switch SW3 (replace JP7/JP8/JP9) Scanner cable breakdown detection LEDs Power Supply LEDs (+5V/+10V/+12V/-12V) Communication LEDs Mini Vidas Blue Backlight Power Supply connector J15: Scanner Cable new Connector for failure detection (replace coax. cables ) VIDAS BLUE New Scanner Board:

  22. One Flash ROM V 2.51 instead of 3 EPROM V2.41 • SW3 replaces Jumpers JP7 to JP9 REF. SCANNER BOARDS : VD8201-1 VIDAS BLUE New Scanner Board: • 100 % compatible with the old boards • New power supply 3,3V • New connector (J18) dedicated to the mini Vidas screen backlight power supply. • New connector (J15) for scanner failure detection ( replaces coax cables)



  25. Double support Flash ROM U5 or EPROM V 3.10 Power Supply LEDs Heaters LEDs DIP switch SW2 (replace adress/ reset jumpers) Serial communication with scanner board LEDs Sensor LEDs VIDAS BLUE New Incubator Board:

  26. Available with EPROM 3.10 or Flash ROM • (same version) • Dip Switch SW2 replace all Adress and Reset jumpers ( silkscreen directly on the board). • LEDS for Power Supply, communication, • sensors and heaters. • Fuses (SMD) F1 to F4 VIDAS BLUE New Incubator Board: • 100% compatible with the old boards REF. INCUB.Board : VD8202-2



  29. New mini VIDAS/ VIDAS scanner cables New scanner cables with failure detection (replace coaxial cables) VIDAS BLUE SCANNER: new parts The blue flat cable is still the same

  30. New Scanner PRE-AMP board • J1 connector unchanged, use with • both old scanner câble kits and new • Scanner cables. • New J2 connector, is only used with • new scanner cables and new scanner • Board. • (Allows scanner cable failure detection) VIDAS BLUE SCANNER: new parts

  31. The scanner cable failure detection system is available only with a new Scanner Cable, new Scanner Board, and new Scanner Head. The LEDs (DS9 to DS12 from the new scanner board) are on When a cable is broken. ( off = cables OK) If a scanner cable failure is detected, a blocking error 161 will be generated. The new Scanner head is compatible with the old Scanner head But  don’t forget to replace the new scanner cable by an old scanner cable kit in order to be compatible with the old scanner board VIDAS BLUE : reminder

  32. Decontamination:  a new procedure has been defined to take Into account the « Strip preparation tray ». Error 161:  If err. 161, check the integrity of the scanner cables. ( LEDs off on scanner board = good) PM : Scanner cable replacement every 2 years  Non Applicable PM :  tray lateral play not necessary to set PM : Power Supply  not necessary to open it during a PM (If dead, replace the complete block.) VIDAS BLUE Changes impact

  33. VIDAS BLUE Compatibility table • (*) Scanner Head Blue : put an old scanner cable kit • (**) Scanner Cable Blue: only used with a new Scanner Head and new Scanner Board.

  34. You will receive a specific Mandatory Action Required (MAR) from GCS soon. Feel free to contact us for many information : E-mail : More details will be added in this MAR . VIDAS BLUE