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Representative Customer Examples

Representative Customer Examples. Global Telecommunications Company. Founded in 1924 Worldwide - 25 countries including Europe, Latin America and Africa. 268 Million customers 257,000 employees Annual revenues €83 bn 36.6% Average revenue growth 2005 – 2008 €4.6 bn on R&D.

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Representative Customer Examples

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  1. Representative Customer Examples

  2. Global Telecommunications Company • Founded in 1924 • Worldwide - 25 countries including Europe, Latin America and Africa. • 268 Million customers • 257,000 employees • Annual revenues €83 bn • 36.6% Average revenue growth 2005 – 2008 • €4.6 bn on R&D

  3. Global Telecommunications Company The Challenge Protect access to mission critical applications (CRM, Switches, ERP, production, etc.) for Telefónica’s Group Headquarters without introducing additional physical components. The Solution AuthenWare secured mission critical applications by introducing behavioral biometrics in a record implementation cycle, under budget, and raising security levels both on web based and client/server applications.

  4. Global Telecommunications Company “AuthenWare is the best keystroke dynamics solution. It not only reinforces the application authentication process but also provides tools for auditing and analysis of information systems user access”. Fernando Bosch, Director of Information Security and Fraud Prevention at TIS

  5. Healthcare • Spain’s Ministry of Health • Budget: €59 bn • 489,960 employees • Over 300 hospitals • Over 77 million medical records processed and 5 million hospitalizations per year • 44.5 Million citizens under the Ministry's care

  6. Healthcare The Challenge To provide secure access to the Department’s networks when employees work from home. The number of employees working from home increased dramatically due to the prevention of the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic. The Solution AuthenWare brought a new level of safety to employee’s accessing from Windows workstations through a secure channel to the internal systems of the Ministry.

  7. Healthcare “As we bolster our electronic infrastructure in preparation for the upcoming flu season, we are impressed with the approach of AuthenWare’s keystroke dynamics software.” Juan Fernando Muñoz, Director of IT & Communications (Spain’s Ministry of Health)

  8. Multi-National Banking • Founded in 1910 • Largest private Ecuadorian bank with over 200 branches • Operates in five countries • 1.5 million home banking customers • Recent $140 million investment in renewing information systems and improving efficiency • $1 bn US funds • Won 6 awards in the last ten years including “Best 2009 Ecuadorian Bank”

  9. Multi-National Banking The Challenge Eliminate password sharing in order to comply with local central bank regulations Provide an additional security layer for minimizing fraud and protecting confidential information. The Solution Integrates AuthenWare with Home Banking in order to comply with the government and Central bank regulations, increase security, enforce governance and provide friendly solutions to Customers. Implemented AuthenWare’s WRAP (one time Java script) to eliminate simultaneous access to same account and other attacks.

  10. Multi-National Banking “Keystroke Dynamics - it’s a technology that has been in the market for a long time, even though we never thought we could use it the way we are today. AuthenWare brought a new level of security and innovation to our Institution.” Fernando Pozo CEO

  11. Government • Manages a budget of Pesos 12+ bn • 35,000 employees • 30 million taxpayers • 5 core services: • Taxpayer identification • Tax return & refund • Enforcement & collection • Services Assistance • Internal Services

  12. Government The Challenge • Phishing frauds, thousands a month • Information theft, 3500 cyber-attacks daily • Password sharing, no way to track or enforce security • Same users accessing account from 80 different places simultaneously • Billion dollar cases in courts were unable to be resolved (lack of proof) The Solution AuthenWare was implemented in under 90 days, adding a strong authentication layer to our external and internal applications. Cyber-attacks were reduced by 70%, governance enforced and biometric signatures stored for confirming user identity.

  13. Government “It’s hard addressing a problem when you don’t know where the problem is. SAT is a Government Agency highly exposed to cybercrime. AuthenWare gave us visibility into our security gaps and helped prevent confidential taxpayer information from getting into the wrong hands.” Francisco Caballero CSO

  14. Overall Customer Benefits (customers survey) Innovation Simplicity Security • Stealth technology • Robust and scalable architecture • Proprietary protocol that is standards-compliant • No logistical costs • Simple and easy-to-remember passwords • 100% user acceptance • Renders stolen information useless • Multi-dimensional • CER flexibility

  15. Customer Benefits (customers survey) 97% reduction in identity theft impact 82% increase in customer satisfaction by avoiding password/id change 100% successful enrollment rate 97- 99% decrease in FAR's on first attempt 100% customer satisfaction when compared with intrusive authentication 40% reduction in maintenance costs of other second factor authentication 85% reduction in logistics cost of other second factor authentication IBG (International Biometric Group) Certified CCC (Common Criteria Certification EAL-2)

  16. Why did you buy Keystroke Dynamics? (customers survey) • Eliminates irreversible theft • Stolen information rendered useless • Frictionless usage and adoption • Non-invasive architecture • Easy to implement • Complementary strategy • Low cost • “Hook the Crook” • We could try it before buying it

  17. Implementation Process

  18. Implementation Process at a glance Install AuthenTest Server Modify your pages or screen where the login data are captured Add rules in your software for each AuthenTest response type Quality test (in testing environment) Quality test (in production environment) Monitor performance and tune it

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