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Equality and diversity in the workplace PowerPoint Presentation
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Equality and diversity in the workplace

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Equality and diversity in the workplace - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Equality and diversity in the workplace. Lesson Objectives. To explore the issue of equality and diversity in the work place To guide you to sources of information on equality and diversity in the workplace. What is discrimination?. Activity 1.

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Equality and diversity in the workplace

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    1. Equality and diversity in the workplace

    2. Lesson Objectives • To explore the issue of equality and diversity in the work place • To guide you to sources of information on equality and diversity in the workplace

    3. What is discrimination?

    4. Activity 1 • How many types of people are protected by law from discrimination in the workplace? • Make a note of as many as you can

    5. Who is protected from discrimination at work? • The 2010 Equality Act has the following ‘Protected Characteristics’ – which means that you cannot discriminate against an individual on the following grounds: • Age • Disability • Gender reassignment • Marriage and civil partnership • Race • Religion or belief • Sex • Sexual orientation • Pregnancy

    6. Activity 2:Think about your workplace Q. Do you think your workplace has a workforce that reflects the population in the area in which it is located?

    7. The Sports Turf Industry • It is a fact that the sports turf industry workforce in this country is on the whole white and male. • This might be excused in some terms by the general population been white in many areas where golf courses and sports grounds are located. However in many areas the population is far more diverse than the work force. • Also the general population is pretty well 50/50 male female, so we should expect to see a far larger population of female workers in the industry.

    8. Activity 2:Now think why it might be that there is an unbalance in the work force? List 3 reasons why you think this might be the case.

    9. Common misconceptions Did your list include any of these? • Women don’t want to work in this industry • A lot of ethnic minorities see working outdoors as a job to move away from • This sort of work requires you to be fit and strong so older people are less able to do it These are common assumptions that are not based on any facts. This is the base of most discriminatory behaviour i.e. it’s the labels and associations we give to peoplewith out any clear evidenceother than perhaps they are different from us in some way.

    10. Challenging Viewpoints:1. Women do notmake good greenkeepers • Tracey Holliday, Golf Course Superintendentat Sterling Farm’s Golf Course

    11. 2. Disabled people can’t really do this sort of workDouglas Balder WW2 Fighter Ace (despite loss of both legs)

    12. 3. Not many gay people work in the industry so its not really a big Issue • One in 16 people is homosexual-figures compiled by the Government. • Six per cent of the population - about 3.6 million people - are gay or lesbian

    13. Dealing with discrimination in the workplace Much discrimination in the workplace can arise by the actions of the people who work in it. Often things that are seen as normal practice can be highly offensive and discriminate against others For example, an all male team have glamour calendars in the workshop; they don’t see it as problem as “we are all lads here”. However any female coming for a job interview being shown around may well find the pictures intimidating and offensive towards women.

    14. But our jokes are only a bit of fun! The use of language can also be discriminatory, jokes about being gay etc. will serve to isolate members of staff who are gay but are not open about it.

    15. What can you do to help avoid discrimination? • Read workplace policies and make sure you understand them and ask questions if you don’t • Request that a formal complaints process be put in place • Ask for policies to be displayed at work • Discuss the policies at staff meetings • Act promptly if you’re offended by someone’s repeated behaviour • Make sure you don’t harass or discriminate against others • Challenge the behaviour of others • Do not join in with behaviour you feel is discriminatory • Support others you see being discriminated against

    16. Further information and advice If you have a question regarding equality and diversity the first place to ask is at you workplace by using the line manager system.However if you have real concerns about E+D at your workplace you can discuss the issue with your tutor or assessor or contact the work based learning department at the college 01727 737000 and ask for the work based team.The following slides are a guide to some of the help lines and legalisation concerning E+D in the workplace

    17. Activity 3: Finding out more about E+D The Equality act 2010 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/15/contents Citizens advice bureau http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/discrimination_e/discrimination_discrimination_at_work_e.htm Advice on bullying http://www.bullying.co.uk/advice/workplace-bullying?gclid=CJCG-ZiG_rMCFSHHtAodrHMA3A

    18. Discrimination on sexual orientation (advice for LGBTs) http://www.stonewall.org.uk/what_we_do/3435.asp?gclid=CJ2V9t-G_rMCFaTKtAodE3QAUA Equality and human rights commission advice http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/advice-and-guidance/guidance-for-workers/what-to-do-if-you-believe-youve-been-discriminated-against/ Sex discrimination in the workplace http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/advice-and-guidance/your-rights/gender/sex-discrimination-your-rights-at-work/ Advice on age discrimination in the workplace http://www.ageuk.org.uk/work-and-learning/discrimination-and-rights/?gclid=CNubkMmH_rMCFebLtAodTWgAqw

    19. Disability rights in the workplace https://www.gov.uk/rights-disabled-person/employment Advice on pregnancy discrimination (mother and partner) http://www.workingfamilies.org.uk/ Advice on racial discrimination in the workplace http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/discrimination_e/discrimination_discrimination_because_of_race_religion_or_belief_e/taking_action_about_race_discrimination.htm