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PBIS Secondary School Success Dundalk Middle School PowerPoint Presentation
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PBIS Secondary School Success Dundalk Middle School

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PBIS Secondary School Success Dundalk Middle School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PBIS Secondary School Success Dundalk Middle School. Dundalk Middle School Baltimore County Public Schools. Tom Shouldice, Principal Brian Williams & Larisa Kamp- PBIS Chairs Mara Egorin- PBIS Coach 7400 Dunmanway, Baltimore, MD 21222 410-887-7018. Our Goal.

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dundalk middle school baltimore county public schools

Dundalk Middle SchoolBaltimore County Public Schools

Tom Shouldice, Principal

Brian Williams & Larisa Kamp- PBIS Chairs

Mara Egorin- PBIS Coach

7400 Dunmanway, Baltimore, MD 21222


our goal
Our Goal
  • To provide an overview of the PBIS concept with our unique application at Dundalk Middle School.
fear punishment

Education’s Former Approach

what is pbis positive behavioral interventions supports
What is PBIS?Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports
  • Dundalk Middle students call it “Positive Behavior in School”
  • Dundalk Middle teachers and staff call it a systematic organization of school-wide environments and routines that allow educators an increased capacity to adopt, use, and sustain desired behaviors and academic success in all students
what does pbis look like at dms
What doesPBIS look Like at DMS?
  • > 80% of students can tell you what is expected of them & give behavioral examples because: they developed them, expectations are constantly reinforced, practiced, & acknowledged.
  • Positive adult-to-student interactions exceed negative by a ratio of 8 to 1.
what does pbis look like continued
What does PBIS look like? continued…
  • Data & team/faculty-based action planning & implementation in place
  • Administrators are active participants
  • Full continuum of behavior support is available to all students
dundalk s program
Dundalk’s Program

Staff Development

  • Introduce PBIS each year to our new and veteran staff.
  • Positive adult-student interactions.
  • Good, well planned teaching- best behavior management tool.
  • “Whatever it Takes!” attitude.
  • Win Small, Win Early, Win Often!
dundalk s program sr 2
Dundalk’s Program: SR2

We define ….. SR2

  • SAFE
student perspective
Student Perspective

“We feel like we have a say about what goes on in the building and we have some of the power. The teachers know what to expect of us and we know what’s expected.” – Ben Hale, grade 6

support programs
Agenda Books

Students of the Month

Academic Coach Class



Carnegie Algebra Program

Algebraic Foundations

Algebraic Thinking

Transition Program

Gear-Up program

Stocks in the Future

Frequent Parent Conferences

Counseling Intervention

SLC – Student Learning Center

SST- Student Support Team

Green School Initiative

Check-in & Check-out

In-school suspension

Support Programs
support programs13
Support Programs

“Thanks to AVID, my notebook is more organized than ever before.”-Darien L, grade 6

what are hoots
What are Hoots?
  • Dundalk’s mascot is an owl!
  • Hoots are reward slips given to students.
how do students receive hoots
How do students receive Hoots?
  • Acts of kindness to peers & adults.
  • Success in daily responsibilities – getting to class on time, following routines, assisting teachers, positive hallway behavior.
  • Changes in behavior that promote positive climate in classroom.
  • Changes in behavior that demonstrate improved academic success.
in other words
In other words…
  • “We get Hoots for being SR2” – Billy Adams, grade 6
  • “Substi-hoots” have twice the value and are given by substitutes in a teachers’ absence
  • Substi-HOOT
  • Value = TWO HOOTS
  • Student: ________________________
  • Gr: ___________ Date: ____________
  • I earned this HOOT because I:
  • Behaved respectfully.
  • Completed
    • my work.
      • Used
      • appropriate classroom
  • behavior.
  • Substitute: ________________________
school incentives what students can buy with hoots
School Incentives- What students can “buy” with Hoots

“For 2 Hoots, I can each lunch with my girls.” Samantha, grade 8

school incentives what students can buy with hoots18
School Incentives- What students can “buy” with Hoots

“With our HOOTS, we are allowed to go outside for lunch.” –James K.

school incentives
School Incentives

“We get to go to the school store and ‘buy’ stuff with our HOOTS.” – Michael M.

school incentives20
School Incentives
  • Daily hoot drawings at lunch for candy and prizes
school incentives22
School Incentives

“When we are good in class, the teachers give us hoots that we can turn in for prizes.” – Greg G.

unique feature winter wonderland
Unique Feature: Winter Wonderland
  • Students use hoots to buy holiday gifts for family members
  • PTA and community supported
unique feature winter wonderland24
Unique Feature: Winter Wonderland

94% of DMS students participated this year

what else can students do with hoots
Fall Fiesta/ Winter Snowball/ Spring Fling

Weekly/quarterly drawings

Grade level rewards

Staff vs. student basketball game

Cultural / social events admission

End of the year activity

What else can students do with Hoots?
what about teacher incentives
What about teacher incentives?
  • Jeans Day

Teachers are given a pass to wear jeans in recognition for giving Hoots.

  • Teacher trophy

trophies given by teachers to teachers for their efforts and contributions

key element
Key Element
  • Establish Data-based Action Plan
    • Track & monitor behavioral data
      • SWIS Computer Program
    • Respond quickly to data
dundalk middle data
Dundalk Middle Data


2002-03 92.8%

2003-04 94.6%

2004-05 94.9%

2005-06 94.5%

2006-07 94.8%

( 2 quarters)

dundalk data
Dundalk Data


Suspension Rate


394 471 197


167 310 53 (so far)

overall suspension data
Overall Suspension Data

In school & out-of-school suspensions

Quarter 2005-062006-07

1st 57 47

2nd 85 21

dundalk middle data33
Dundalk Middle Data

Referral Rate – per day


3.7 4.17 7.65 1.09 (so far)

what obstacles has dms faced
What obstacles has DMS faced?
  • lack of consistent implementation with changing PBIS chairs over the years
  • increased mobility and diversity of our students 28% to 62% (2005-06)

Data shows that with the high mobility and ethnic changes last year, behavioral interventions increased significantly and MSA scores slightly decreased for previous year’s progress. During summer 2006, the DMS team worked to create interventions to address the rapidly changing demographics. Since these interventions were implemented this year, behavioral referrals have declined by 52% and suspensions have decreased 57% from the prior year.

is pbis working at dundalk
Is PBIS working at Dundalk
  • YES! There has been no other approach that has matched the success of PBIS. There are some components that have worked better than others. The key element for a management program is to have a unified approach based on building mutual student and teacher respect and responsibility. PBIS can be a fun way to manage the middle school age child in groups.
what needs work
What needs work?
  • Improved teacher / student buy-in.
  • Rapid Identification of red /yellow zone students.
  • More funding.
  • Greater parent involvement.