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Married Life

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Married Life. April 15 th : Crazy Love April 22 nd : Broken Vessels April 29 th : Friends or Lovers? May 6 th : The Devil Made Me Do It May 13 th : Prayer & Spiritual Intimacy May 20 th : Thunder & Lightning May 27 th : Mosquito Bites June 3 rd : Guest Speakers

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married life
Married Life

April 15th: Crazy Love

April 22nd: Broken Vessels

April 29th: Friends or Lovers?

May 6th: The Devil Made Me Do It

May 13th: Prayer & Spiritual Intimacy

May 20th: Thunder & Lightning

May 27th: Mosquito Bites

June 3rd: Guest Speakers

June 10th: Learning to Love

i why get married1
I. why get married?
  • Wedding Day…
i why get married2
I. Why Get married?
  • No.10 Marriage Makes You Live Longer
  • No.9  Marriage Increases Your Earning Power
  • No.8  Marriage Gives You A Platform To Build Your Bloodline
  • No.7  Marriage Prevents You From Dying Alone
  • No.6  Marriage Makes You More Attractive
  • No.5  Marriage Brings Financial Benefits
  • No.4  Marriage Means More Sex
  • No.3  Marriage Means Better Sex
  • No.2  Married People Are Happier
  • No.1  Marriage Makes You A Better Man (“AskMen” Magazine)
i why get married3
I. Why Get married?
  • Do you believe a good marriage is an unfolding process? Or a product you purchase?
  • Do you believe there is 1 person “right” for you?
  • What do you think of when you see a “happy” couple? How did they get there?
  • Marriage goes against the odds – like swimming upstream- in the storm- both ways…
  • Yet: most get married
i why get married4
I. Why get married?
  • Toughest assignment ever... Pledge heart, soul, strength to her, over and again, all the days of your life. Nothing will be harder. Nothing will be richer. It can be done, and it is worth it.
  • POINT 1: Marriage is fabulously hard...
  • For everyone
ii desires of the heart
II. Desires of the heart
  • What stories, songs, movies or moments have wakened the deep desires of your heart?
  • What are your desires and dreams for the marriage?
  • Do you believe you can have the desires of your heart today?
  • What if God could give you the desires of your heart?
  • POINT 2: Change begins with desire
iii a setup for conflict
III. A setup for conflict
  • Do you remember your first big fight? Or, the moment you knew “the honeymoon was over”?
iii a setup for conflict1
III. A setup for conflict
  • • Has your marriage felt hard at times?
  • • Did that shock you? Surprise you? Dishearten you?
  • • What has been your reaction to the awkwardness of marriage?
  • • When it becomes hard, we often think we made a mistake or we blew it- has that happened to you?
iii a setup for conflict2
III. A setup for conflict
  • Women ask, "this what I hope for" 
  • Men ask, "what is required of me?“
  • How are you and your spouse different?
iii a setup for conflict7
III. A setup for conflict

“When asked his secret of love, being married fifty-four years to the same

person, he said, "Ruth and I are happily incompatible.“

Billy Graham

iii a setup for conflict8
III. A setup for conflict
  • POINT 3a: We are fabulously different… set up for conflict from the beginning…
  • and God has designed it this way (!?!?)
  • POINT 3b: Asking a marriage to flourish without God is like asking a tree to grow without sunshine
iv issues of the heart
IV. Issues of the heart
  • We all walk into marriage
  • with wounded hearts…
  • What are the “heart” issues of your marriage?
iv issues of the heart1
IV. Issues of the heart
  • Marriage is the sanctuary of the heart: you have been entrusted with the heart of another. Loving and defending this heart is a your calling in marriage... As God loves and defends your heart
iv issues of the heart2
IV. Issues of the heart
  • 2 Tasks in Our Marriages:
  • Tending to or caring for wounded hearts
  • Welcoming the shaping my heart
iv issues of the heart3
IV. Issues of the heart
  • POINT 4: Missing issues of the heart in a marriage is like rearranging deck chairs on the titanic
v purpose of marriage
V. Purpose of marriage
  • Confusion, misunderstanding, disappointment, struggle in marriage is usually a result of not understanding what God is up to
v purpose of marriage1
V. Purpose of marriage
  • Without you, your spouse will not become the man or woman that God intends him or her to be and the kingdom of God will not advance as it is meant advance. Your spouse plays the most vital role in your life. You play the most critical role in your spouse’s life. No one will have a greater impact on your spouse’s soul than you. No one has greater access to your spouse’s heart than you. This is an enormous honor.
  • Do you treat it as such? Do you treat your spouse as such?
  • Why not?
v purpose of marriage2
V. purpose of marriage
  • Phil. 2
  • Eph. 5:15-33
  • God lures us into marriage, then uses it to transform us
  • 1. Companionship & 2. Sanctification
v purpose of marriage3
V. purpose of marriage
  • God is going to use your marriage to get to issues in you wants to address... POINT 5: Happily ever after is centered
  • on character transformation
do something
Do something
  • • Write down your desires and dreams.
  • • Is there a scene in a movie that captures what you want in your marriage? What about the scene grabs you?
  • • What would you like to talk to your spouse about?
  • • Watch a movie together- one that you identify with – that captures something of your heart’s desire for your marriage
  • • Look at your wedding pictures together – talk about the time- notice the desires for your marriage together you had then- Are they the same?