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NEW Strategies for “Your” Academic Success PowerPoint Presentation
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NEW Strategies for “Your” Academic Success

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NEW Strategies for “Your” Academic Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NEW Strategies for “Your” Academic Success

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  1. NEW Strategies for “Your” Academic Success Dr. John Michael Domino Center of Academic Assistance Florida Gulf Coast University

  2. MOTIVATION • Why do you want to attend FGCU? • What is motivating you to try your best? • What can possibly motivate you more? • What is keeping you from being on top?

  3. MOTIVATION • Feel confident in your abilities – Einstein Factor • Don’t take undue criticism – even from yourself! • Forget about past mistakes – focus on your success! • Read words of Inspiration! • FOCUS on FUTURE LONG TERM GOALS!

  4. What are the most effective time management tools? How many days does it take to make something a habit? What is the best way to set priorities? TIME MANAGEMENT Time waits for no one!

  5. * Imagine a Sandwich that is 30 ft. long. *Would you be able to eat it all in one afternoon?  • How many ft. could you eat? • If you tried to eat all 30 ft all in one day, how would you feel? • Would you try to eat it two days or in two weeks?

  6. Cut the sandwich into several pieces and store the rest in the fridge or the freezer so you can eat smaller, easier to consume amounts another day. You would not want to jam two or more weeks worth of food down your stomach in one day!* Why would you try to stuff two weeks worth of information into your brain in one cram session?   “Inch by inch, life is a cinch, yard by yard life is hard.” SOLUTION:

  7. GOALS What are your goals? Yale Study: Students who list goals are much more likely to achieve success. “You become and achieve what you believe.”

  8. PrioritiesWhat would you do if you had a choice of the following four things to eat over the next four days and you had no refrigeration?A PizzaA Hot DogA HamburgerA Submarine SandwichWhat would you eat first, second, etc?What would you save for last? Why?

  9. PRIORITIES: • Have you scheduled study times by using day planner? • How long do you study at one time? • Do you give your self rewards after you study? • “Have FUN while you study and make it a PRIORITY!”

  10. PrioritiesList priorities in order A,B,C, D, etc. in your daily planner.Cross out or check when you completed an assignment. You can also use colors – red for high priorities, then purple, blue, green, and so forth…

  11. PROCRASTINATION “DO IT NOW”DONUTS Hot, Fresh, and Tasty!

  12. PROCRASTINATIONWhat happens to the same donuts if they are left out after two weeks?. In two weeks the donuts will become STALE and Hard to eat!

  13. What happens to information we learn today? On the same day it’s fresh! But if we don’t take a bite of the same information in a few weeks it becomes fuzzy,stale, and hardto recall. “Review information the same day while it’s still fresh and easy to remember.” Old Stale InformationTwo weeks old (or more)

  14. MEMORY STRATEGIES • Organize – List facts in chronological order use colors and numbers. • Learn Actively – Don’t sit - move around and form a mental picture. • Draw diagrams, charts, cartoons, all pictures are a memory enhancer.

  15. MEMORY STRATEGIES • Stay Healthy – studies show proper diet & exercise can increase memory by 20%. • Recite – reciting is THREE times more effective than reading. • Reviewing – notes the same day increases your chances of recalling by over 70%.

  16. To Improve Reading Capabilities • Successful Readers – READ! READ! READ! • Read with Purpose – What do you need to know? • Use SQ3R METHOD *Survey the information. *Question – what you have read. *Read - re-tell the information in your own words. *Recite – important information and highlights. *Review - readings and answer review questions.

  17. CONCENTRATION • Do you daydream while you study? • Does your mind tend to wander off? • Do you think of things totally unrelated to the subject? • Do you worry often?

  18. ConcentrationWhat can you do? • PUSH - PUSH • Prepare and Organize • Use syllabi & study guide • Study difficult subjects first • Have a dedicated study space • Phone – turn it off • Use SQ3R method • Study subjects at peak times • Have a worry pad handy and write down stray thoughts.

  19. To Improve Writing • List facts by using an outline. • Separate information into categories. • Formulate paragraphs. • Formulate topic sentences. • Compose a first draft. • Proof read papers carefully. • Review papers with another instructor. • Review papers with a capable student. • Bring your papers to the Writing Center!

  20. The Writing Center • Located in Reed Hall • Rm. 237 • Mon 9:00-5:00 • Tues-Thurs 9:00-4:30 • Fri 1:00– 3:00 • No Appointment is necessary!

  21. Studying For Exams • Use the F-O-C-U-S method, make it a habit! • Focus focus on the syllabus and study guide. • Open open your text and your notes daily and become familiar with the content. • Condense condense notes to form study sheets. • Understand review material you are unsure of. • Study – study in a quiet place, with a partner, in a group, and quiz one another.

  22. “The most important thing is to not stop questioning.”Albert Einstein

  23. Super Success Strategies • Ask questions – get answers the same day! • Seek SI or a tutor- make it a habit! • E-mail – the instructor, SI leader, classmate, etc. • Recite your notes daily – take frequent breaks! • Use index cards, post notes, and color pens. • Recite out loud - walk around the room. • Limit TV and Internet games to 30 min. • Visit The Center for Academic Assistance • Come to our next Success Seminar:

  24. FINAL EXAM TEST TAKING STRATEGIES Wednesday, 1 Dec. at 4:00PM Student Conference Room. # 217I’ll see you then! Now let’s eat!