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Ed Metaphors PowerPoint Presentation
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Ed Metaphors

Ed Metaphors

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Ed Metaphors

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  1. Ed Metaphors Definition: A metaphor comparing two unlike things that continues over multiple sentences, and that is sometimes extended throughout an entire work (poetry or story). Why Extended Metaphors? To be able to show you know how to look beyond simple words and make complex ideas. Example: If someone was unloving, you could simply say that their heart was ice. But if you wanted to really drive home the point, you might say, “Their heart was icy, their blood frosty, their ventricles filled with icicles, their words turning to ice cubes that would chill an already chilly iced tea.”

  2. Ed When you're feelin' blue call out to me.You light up my life with your presence.Her deep dark secret was revealed to everyone.My memory is a little cloudy about that incident.United States of America is a shining example of democracy.She got a glowing review this year.I do not like him because he is a shady character.I have been waiting for the sweet smell of success which has now finally reached me.The stench of failure should not depress you.Her home was a prison, I wonder, how does she live there.His monkey mind is always full of new ideas.America is a melting pot for people from all parts of the world.She could not digest the news when she heard it.Life is a rollercoaster which every one has to go through. Metaphors that can be

  3. Practice Extended Metaphors You are going to add an Extended Metaphor to your Kernel Essay tomorrow. Practice now to make sure you have the SKILLS to make it work tomorrow. PRACTICE=PROGRESS Instructions: • Locate all of the METAPHOR SIGNS posted around the room- there are 5. • Read each of the terms on the 5 METAPHOR SIGNS. • Pick at least 3 of the terms, write an EXTENDED METAPHOR on the sign, and write your full name. • Extended Metaphor is extended because it is more than one line. • You will take _____ minutes to complete this task before we move onto the next assignment. • EXPECTATIONS DURING THIS INDEPENDENT ACTIVITY: • Voice Level 1- Personal Conversation • Be visible at signs in the classroom only • Stand on the desk chair for help with this activity- ONLY FOR HELP • Sit at your desk after completing the instructions above to show you are done.

  4. EXTENDED METAPHOR SIGNS Practice now to make sure you have the SKILLS to make it work tomorrow. PRACTICE=PROGRESS FAILURE + _______________ = METAPHOR HONESTY + _______________ = “ SHOES + ________________ = “ LOVE + _________________ = “ SKY + __________________ = “ LIFE + __________________ = “