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Iowa. THE NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION (NSF ) is the only federal agency whose mission includes support for all fields of fundamental science and engineering. BY THE NUMBERS IOWA IN FY 2011

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THE NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION (NSF)is the only federal agency whose mission includes support for all fields of fundamental science and engineering.



$55 Million: NSF funds awarded25th: National ranking in NSF funds17: NSF-funded institutions218: NSF grants awarded3: NSF research centers/facilities

“We know that meeting society’s most important

challenges requires a holistic approach ,involving both scientific and creative forms of inquiry…Our faculty work across disciplinary boundaries to achieve their research

and technology transfer goals.”

−Sharron S. Quisenberry, PhD

Iowa St. U. VP for Research and Economic Development


Scientists have discovered that modern cotton differs from forms domesticated by early farmers. The study reveals genes responsible for modern cotton’s commercially important properties, providing new opportunities for further enhancement of the crop through breeding.

Researchers from the University of Iowa are studying how to prevent wireless network performance losses. Industry entities like National Instruments, Qualcomm, and CISCO have already begun to notice the potential benefits of this research.

Using terahertz instrumentation acquired with support from NSF’s Major Research Instrumentation Program, researchers at Iowa State University have developed methods to noninvasively determine the integrity of structures such as windmill turbine blades. Identifying anomalies in complex materials allows manufacturers to improve production methods.



University of Iowa (UI) research injected almost $963 million into Iowa’s economy in FY 2009.1

The UI Research Foundation filed 128 patent applications for inventions in FY 2009 and earned more than $24 million in license revenue.1

In FY 2010, Iowa State University (ISU) received $190 million in federal funding, and income from ISU licensing activity was $9.8 million dollars.2

Over the last 50 years, ISU researchers have received more than 30 R&D 100 awards, which salute the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace each year.2

In FY 2010, a total of over 1,000 active technologies were based on ISU research.2

1 University of Iowa Economic Impact Study (2010).

2 Making a Difference: Research and Economic Development, 2011 Research Highlights. Iowa State University.

Coalition for National Science Funding (CNSF)  1527 Eighteenth Street, NW  Washington, DC 20036 


Since 1952, NSF has supported 42,000 graduate students through research fellowships.

Iowa received $3.3 million in NSF educational and human resource funding in FY 2011.

THE NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION (NSF) not only funds cutting-edge research at institutions across the country; NSF’s education initiatives ensure the U.S. will remain a global leader in innovation for generations to come.


Educators at the Center for Biorenewable Chemicals, an Engineering Research Center led by Iowa State University, recently established a new graduate minor in biorenewable chemicals.

As it trains and educates future U.S. workers, the degree program will further the Center's efforts to transform the basis of industrial chemical production from petroleum to renewable resources.

The Turtle Camp Research and Education in Ecology program, located in Iowa and funded by NSF, allows high-school and undergraduate students to spend several weeks helping scientists study the painted turtle, Chrysemys picta. The program also provides students the opportunity to communicate the biological importance of their research to the general public.

NSF-funded researchers identified a number of factors that can help U.S. adolescents achieve positive employment, education, and family outcomes as they move toward adulthood in the 21st century. The research results provide a foundation for evidence-based policies to strengthen employment, increase the chances of stable marriages, and enhance equal opportunities.


“…there is a pressing economic and social need for more education in science and engineering…Our future is certainly based on knowledge.  And technical knowledge certainly plays a primary role in today’s world.”

−University of Iowa President Sally Mason, PhD

“[Iowa State] has done a very, very good job of transferring its innovation and faculty scholarship outside the campus where it makes a difference in society.”

−Iowa State University President Steven Leath, PhD

Coalition for National Science Funding (CNSF)  1527 Eighteenth Street, NW  Washington, DC 20036 