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Veterans Affairs. California State University Channel Islands. Veterans Affairs. Overview Constituent Needs CSUCI Veterans Committee Background and Anticipated Growth Campus Inventory Systemwide Inventory Short Term Solutions Long Term Solutions. Veterans Affairs.

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Veterans Affairs

California State University Channel Islands

Veterans Affairs

  • Overview

  • Constituent Needs

  • CSUCI Veterans Committee

  • Background and Anticipated Growth

  • Campus Inventory

  • Systemwide Inventory

  • Short Term Solutions

  • Long Term Solutions

Veterans Affairs

  • Constituent Needs

  • How to Apply to University

  • How to Use VA Benefits

  • Enrollment Certification for VA Benefits

  • Evaluation of Prior Credit (Military and Academic)

  • Transition to College Assistance

  • Access to Disability Accommodations

  • Access to Psychological Counseling

  • Engagement , Activities, Clubs

Veterans Affairs

  • CSUCI Veterans Affairs Committee

  • Damien Pena – Orientation, Access and Transition Programs

  • Alan Pasternak – Personal Counseling

  • Valeri Cirino-Paez – Disability Resource Programs

  • Janet Rizzoli – Articulation Officer

  • Ginger Reyes – Admissions & Recruitment

  • Gina Farrar – Records & Registration

  • Colleen Forest – Records & Registration (VA Certifying Official)

  • Rachel Danielson – Records & Registration (VA Certifying Official)

  • Damon Blue – Records & Registration

Background and Growth

  • According to the Dept of Veterans Affairs…

  • California is home to over 2.2 million Veterans

  • Over 175,000 service members are stationed throughout the state

  • California is home to over 35,000 National Guard and reservists

Background and Growth

How many veterans will return to Ventura County?

Dear Rachel:

That is very hard to predict, with the inception of the new Post 9/11 G.I. Bill in August of 2009, we expect our workload to increase dramatically. Another factor for us is when the troops in Iraq are reduced or released, the amount of students significantly increases also. In Fiscal Year 2007 over 500,000 personnel utilized their GI Bill benefits nationally. We expect that number to possibly double when the new bill goes into effect.

Thank you for contacting the VA


Muskogee RPO

Current Veteran Enrollment

Federal Programs

Montgomery GI Bill (chapter 30) 17

Chapter 34 0

Chapter 31 (voc rehab) 2

Chapter 32 0

Chapter 35 (dependants) 14

Chapter 1606 (GI Bill for Reservists) 5

Chapter 1607 (Reservists called to duty) 1

State Program

CalVET Fee Waiver 71

Veterans not using/don’t have benefits: Unknown

CSUCI Inventory

  • Electronic Certification of Enrollment for VA Benefits

  • Evaluation of Prior Credit: Military Credit and Academic Credit

  • Veterans Website and Brochure with information about Benefits and Services Available

  • Psychological Counseling with Expertise on PTSD

  • Disability Accommodations / Educational Access Center

  • Access, Orientation and Transition Programs – Need programs for Vets

  • Veterans Student Club being formed – Janet Rizzoli, Sponsor

Systemwide Inventory

  • CSU’s Troops to College Initiative

  • All 23 CSU’s are participating in monthly conference calls with the Chancellors Office to promote teamwork and raise awareness

  • Campuses are forming Student Veteran Clubs (SDSU, CSULB, Sac State).

  • Campuses are creating “Veteran Coordinator” positions and centralizing many activities

  • Campuses are forming “Veterans Support Teams” to coordinate Vet issues

  • Each campus has a Veterans web site

  • Some campuses partnering with military to facilitate access (SDSU)

Short Term Solutions

  • Launch the Veterans Club

  • Enhance Veterans Website to include information on Personal Counseling, Disability Accommodations and the Veterans Club

  • Develop Orientation and other Transition Programs for Vets and Dependants

  • Identify and Communicate with Veteran Applicants via the newly added Vet Question on Mentor Application

  • Continue Veterans Affairs Committee meetings to improve communications between various campus offices that provide services to Veterans; Expand membership to include faculty representation

Long Term Solutions

  • Create a Veterans Coordinator position

  • Centralize Veterans Services within an Veterans Affairs Office

  • Hire Student Assists who are Veterans – Can be funded by VA if they work exclusively for Veteran students.