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Grant Writing by Red Tape Busters

Redtape Busters, Grant Writers – specialised grant writers assisting businesses and non-profit organisations all over Australia. For More Info.Contact our webpage redtapebusters.com

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Grant Writing by Red Tape Busters

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  1. Grant Writing By Red Tape Busters 13th July, 2015

  2. Government Funding and Grant Writing • Redtape Busters, Grant Writers – specialised grant writersassisting businesses and non-profit organisations all over Australia. • We find relevant grants and government and philanthropic funding for individuals, non-profits and commercial enterprises. • We work with you through all stages of the grant writing process, including grant research, grant preparation, grant submission, lobbying funding bodies on your behalf and managing awarded grants.

  3. Government Funding and Grant Writing • Our grant writing service is very successful, with millions of dollars worth of grants awarded to our clients. • The depth of our grant writing experience cannot be matched! • All of our professional grant writers have many years of experience in government or research organisations and working on complex submissions and documentation. • We are specialists in accessing government funding, philanthropic funding and non-profit grants.

  4. Government Funding and Grant Writing • We have deep expertise in writing grants and in winning funding for our clients. • Most people however are completely unaware that they may be able to access thousands of dollars in government grants and government funding, including non-profit grants and community funding. • Our grant writing specialists have significant experience in working in the public sector or in a University research based context.

  5. Government Funding and Grant Writing • We have an in-depth knowledge of the workings of Government, specifically in preparing Government based documents, including funding submissions and grant applications. • We administer funding and grant applications in a thorough and professional way to ensure your needs are met fully. • The process includes identifying relevant grants for your organisation, lobbying grant and funding bodies, the actual grant writing process and managing the grant submission and acceptance process, including responding to additional requests from funding bodies.

  6. Government Funding and Grant Writing • We research all possible funding options and assist your organisation to gain access to thousands of philanthropic, non-profit, community and government grants. • There are many levels at which grants are available, including federal, state, local and international. • Grants are also provided by many community organisations and private trusts. • We can help you! These funding opportunities are available to businesses, inventors, community, sporting groups and other not for profit organisations

  7. Who Can we Help obtain Government funding and Grant? • Grants for Surf Lifesaving Clubs, • Grants for Large and Small Sporting Clubs, • Grants for Recreational Organisations, • Grants for Disability Groups, • Grants for Manufacturing Businesses, • Grants for Export Businesses, • Grants for Child Care Centres, • Grants for Mining Operations,

  8. Who Can we Help obtain Government funding and Grant? • Grants for Earthmoving Companies and • Grants for Information Technology Companies, just to name a few!

  9. Our Grant Writing Experience We have prepared a large number of successful submissions for funding from and government and philanthropic grants. These include: • $122,000 grant to fund outfitting offices for a community organisation; • $129,000 grant to fund lighting on a sporting oval; • $133,000 grant to fund new lawn bowls greens;

  10. Our Grant Writing Experience • $361,000 grant to fund a mandarin packing and storage facility; • $220,000 grant to fund the expansion of a meat processing facility; • $400,000 grant to fund a Museum display; • $460,000 grant to fund a community respite centre; • $4.9million grant to fund disability support accommodation; • $600,000 grant for a disability organisation to supply new support services; • $80,000 grant to purchase equipment for an abattoir; • $50,000 grant to purchase a new bus for a children’s day care facility.

  11. Grant Writing • This is just a small cross section of our grant writing success. • They demonstrate the breadth of our grant writing skills and what we have to offer to assist you to obtain government and philanthropic funding. • If you are not using our services to locate and apply for grants and funding – you are simply missing out! • We can also assist in making direct representations to government entities by seeking meetings with Ministers/ senior public servants in an effort to raise the profile of your project / business / organisation, while also seeking their assistance in obtaining funding and grants.

  12. Grant Writing • We can also assist in requesting ex gratia payments not available through the normal funding and grant application processes. • In essence we can do as little or as much of the grant writing process as our clients require. • Staff from Disability Services Queensland and from the Federal Government have actually identified our grant submissions as the best submitted. High praise indeed!

  13. Contact Us ABN : 39 094 823 417 PO Box 3126 WARNER QLD 4500 Telephone : 07 3882 2055 Facsimile : 07 3882 2066 Email Address : admin@redtapebusters.com.au Website : www.redtapebusters.com

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