leadership development strategy in the world association of girl guides girl scouts wagggs n.
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Leadership Development in WAGGGS PowerPoint Presentation
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Leadership Development in WAGGGS

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Leadership Development in WAGGGS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leadership Development Strategy in The World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). Leadership Development in WAGGGS. WAGGGS Level. Developing international leadership at WAGGGS World Level. Preparing for global leadership Building a competent pool of leaders

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Leadership Development in WAGGGS

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    1. Leadership Development Strategyin The World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)

    2. Leadership Development in WAGGGS

    3. WAGGGS Level Developing international leadership at WAGGGS World Level • Preparing for global leadership • Building a competent pool of leaders • Ensuring WAGGGS is at the forefront of leadership development thinking • Communicating WAGGGS leadership development philosophy with key stake holders

    4. Global Level Maintaining WAGGGS position as a leader in learning & leadership development: • Leadership at a global level • Official recognition of WAGGGS facilitators/trainers • Strengthening networks at the global level • Position WAGGGS as a leader in leadership development

    5. Regional Level Enhancing leadership skills at both national and regional level • Enhancing the capacity of trainers to support Member Organizations • Strengthening training at regional level • Learning from each other • Succession Planning

    6. National Level • Strengthening leadership at national level • Strengthening national boards • Providing support to national trainers • Supporting leaders’ development

    7. NLDP Launch National Leadership Development Programme • 5-10 May 2013, Pax Lodge London • 27 participants • 16 Member Organizations • 5 regions represented

    8. NLDP in Context At the 34th World Conference a motion was proposed to ensure continuous development of WAGGGS Leadership Development Program (WLDP) by: • Exploring opportunities for developing regional/national WLDP elements and to run pilot WLDP-element events. • Making the existing WLDP accessible to more of the many qualified girls and young women in WAGGGS around the world. • Using the valuable experiences (methods, theory and material) gained from WLDP to create tailor-made leader training adapted to the needs of MOs at world, regional and/or national level. • Ensuring the existing WLDP is continuously evaluated and developed to reflect new developments on leadership, diversity and gender to secure the relevance and sustainability of the programme.

    9. NLDP Model • Training of trainers in the understanding of content and programme delivery to other trainers • A leadership development training for leader to strength leadership skills • Key elements: • WLDP philosophy • WLDP approach • WLDP resource materials • Needs based • Coaching or mentoring integrated • Implemented at regional and national level • Implementation plan at national level • Support and follow up • Case studies from 2 Arab Region countries

    10. NLDP: next steps Developing leaders at national level to deliver quality guiding to girls and young women • Rolling out to MOs • Tailored support to MOs • Building a trainers pool • Facilitating regional leadership development • Train the trainer workshops 2013 – 2017 • On-going development and support of NLDP trainers • Pathway from NLDP to WLDP

    11. NLDP: Support and follow-up • A total of 6 leaders from the Arab Region took part of the NLDP • 2 from Egypt • 2 from Oman • 1 from Lebanon • 1 from Jordan

    12. Case studies from 2 Arab Region countries • Oman took steps in involving the NLDP modules and technics in the Training schemes. • Omani participants shared their NLDP experience by preparing a session in a central training that took place in July 2013 in Oman. • The participant from Lebanon introduced the NLDP to the National Board in her association, and a 2-days training to a group of 15-20 trainers would be prepared in the period during September-October 2013.

    13. Where we are now…

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