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Welcome, PEPD!

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Welcome, PEPD!. Washington State Quality Award 2009 Updates. First things first!. THANK YOU! WSQA’s mission: Improving the way we live, learn, and work in Washington by helping organizations improve through the use of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.

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welcome pepd

Welcome, PEPD!

Washington State Quality Award

2009 Updates

first things first
First things first!
  • WSQA’s mission: Improving the way we live, learn, and work in Washington by helping organizations improve through the use of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
objectives for this class
Objectives For This Class
  • Review Changes to the Baldrige Criteria
  • Strengthen Skills in Areas of Opportunity
  • Review Resources for Examiner Software
  • WSQA organization overview
  • Baldrige criteria changes
  • WSQA ethics review
  • Review process Improvements
  • Summary
for a successful course
For a Successful Course…
  • Be an active participant
  • Give only constructive feedback
  • Be courteous to your colleagues
  • Honor diverse opinions
  • Seek to understand
  • Ask questions- Can use chat capability, also just ask
  • Have fun!!
  • Name, organization, what you do
  • Questions and expectations?
  • WSQA or National examiner or applicant experience?
  • What do you like to do when you’re not working?
baldrige criteria booklet
Baldrige criteria booklet

Beginning in 2009 revised every 2 years

baldrige 2007 criteria changes
Baldrige 2007 Criteria Changes
  • Strategic advantages
  • Workforce engagement
  • Leadership- performance measures
  • Strategic Planning-innovation, strategic advantages
baldrige 2008 criteria changes
Baldrige 2008 Criteria Changes
  • Order of information in the booklet
  • Scoring system description
  • Diagrams added for core values and maturity levels
  • Added strategic advantages as a term to the Glossary
2009 criteria changes
2009 Criteria Changes
  • Customer Focus/ Engagement
  • Organizational Core Competencies
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibilities
customer focus engagement
Customer Focus/ Engagement
  • Customer commitment to your brand and offerings
  • Characterized by loyalty and willingness to make an effort to do business with you, willingness to do business with you
core competencies
Core Competencies
  • Areas of greatest expertise
    • Strategically important
    • Provide market place advantage
  • May involve technologies, unique offerings, market place niche, business acumen
  • Organization’s ability to address business needs and agility and strategy to address the future
  • Considers external and internal factors
  • Considers impact on society and well being of environment, social and economic systems
opportunities for improvement to wsqa process
Opportunities For Improvement to WSQA Process
  • Examiner training
  • Completing the stage 1 grid
  • Using the gaps and notes tab
  • Comment writing
  • Consensus Meetings
  • Scoring consistency
    • Integration
    • Learning
    • Comparative Data
  • Considerations for small organizations
question 1
Question 1
  • Further clarification of “performance projections” vs “goals”
  • Inclusion of goals in results category – why are they not included in the evaluation?
  • Why are projections expected for all measures in all scoring ranges?
  • Why are projections not in the Results Criteria?
question 2
Question 2
  • Why don’t we align results items with process items? Currently 1.1 is aligned with 7.6 instead of being aligned with 7.1.

Question 3

  • Without comparisons, how do you interpret levels? Without a point of reference, how can an Examiner understand a “level”?
Question 4
  • How are key themes assessed (from applicant’s perspective)?

Question 5

  • How do we evaluate applicants that are part of a larger system? For example an applicant might say that they use a process established by the system for which they are a part.
Question 6
  • Why don’t we ask applicants to define/describe their work system(s), e.g., in 6.1.a.1, “What is/are your work system(s)?”


  • Clarify the difference between work systems and work processes. There appears to be overlap and the category is labeled process management.
information resources
Information resources
  • WSQA comment guideline handout
  • Your back-up, team lead, PEPD mentor
  • Reference materials in
    • Baldrige web site http://baldrige.nist.gov/Examiner_Resources.htm
    • WSQA Website


what we ve covered today
What we’ve covered today
  • WSQA overview
  • Baldrige criteria changes
  • WSQA process improvements
  • Questions from National Training

Your support and participation as Examiners helps us all by helping WSQA fulfill its mission!