Sexuality and spinal cord injury
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Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury. Starting over. Why I am involved… . Part of a poem that explains: I would touch you deep inside And join with you on love’s ride Tumbling through passion’s grace And watch the pleasure on your face. Anna Freud said.

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Sexuality and spinal cord injury l.jpg

Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury

Starting over...

Why i am involved l.jpg
Why I am involved…

  • Part of a poem that explains:I would touch you deep inside And join with you on love’s ride Tumbling through passion’s grace And watch the pleasure on your face

Anna freud said l.jpg
Anna Freud said...

  • Sex is something you do.

  • Sexuality is something you are!

Overview of human sexuality l.jpg
Overview of human sexuality...

  • Human beings are curious creatures with an overwhelming need to learn about the world around them - this includes our bodies and our sexuality.

  • Sexuality is life-long learning - as I become more informed, I realize just how much I still don’t know!

  • “I don’t know all about sex, but I am willing to learn.”

What really is our sexuality there are a number of ways of looking at it here goes l.jpg
What really is our “sexuality”?There are a number of ways of looking at it. Here goes...

  • a driving, fundamental and vital life force

  • our need to express our sexuality is as basic as our need for food, water and rest

Sexuality continued l.jpg
Sexuality (continued):

  • central to our identity and self-concept

  • Sexuality is our personality - it’s what compels us to discover who we are and drives us to express our own uniqueness

Sexuality continued7 l.jpg
Sexuality (continued):

  • Who you are as a total person, your…

  • abilities

  • individuality

  • libido (sex drive)

  • specific sex acts you enjoy

  • ability to love and be loved

  • ability to be loveable and capable

Sexuality continued8 l.jpg
Sexuality (continued):

  • Sexuality is my honest relationship with you -

  • letting down the walls we hide behind

  • being “real” - this allows us to love others

  • no “playing games”

  • sharing personal experiences is exciting, satisfying and very life-affirming

  • being honest affirms your right to be you!

Sexuality continued9 l.jpg
Sexuality (continued):

  • Is a celebration of life

  • our sexuality is an affirmation of life, of being alive

  • our gift of sexuality is our greatest gift from God

  • sexuality is love and giving of ourselves

Sexuality has two components l.jpg


libido (hormone levels)

procreation (making babies)


what sexual acts you enjoy receiving

what sexual acts you enjoy giving

sex is the “glue” in a relationship - it’s helps bond a couple

Sexuality has two components:

Sexuality my latest l.jpg
Sexuality…my latest...

  • Involves the timeless desire for both physical and emotional intimacy

  • to feel and give affection and pleasure

  • If you’re healthy, your interest in sex can last your entire life!!

Sexual maturity l.jpg
Sexual Maturity:

  • A relaxed, natural attitude towards sex:

  • unhurried

  • unselfish - being able to delay gratification

  • being aware - “tuned in” to your partner

  • taking time to pleasure your partner (sensuality)

Men s and women s views on sex l.jpg
Men’s and women’s views on sex

  • We approach our sexuality so completely differently -

  • Men - more visually oriented

  • Women - more emotionally oriented

  • Only a generalization - a man uses love to get sex, a woman uses sex to get love

  • Women are looking for the right mood, men are only looking for the right place

Human sexual development over the life span l.jpg

Human sexual development over the life-span:

Or- how did we ever get together?

Teenage and early 20 s l.jpg

Males - body centered


Physical love

90% + masturbation

orgasm-centered sexuality

“sexual peak”

Females - person centered


Sensuous and emotional love

70% masturbation

difficulty transferring masturbation skills to intercourse

Teenage and early 20’s -

30 s and 40 s l.jpg

Male sexual response slows - peaked at 18

some impotence

frequency of sexual activity decreases

emphasis changes from quantity to quality

sex becomes more than intercourse

Female sexual response quickens

some become multi-orgasmic

sexual peak in late 30’s or early 40’s

increased frequency of masturbation

conception (or not) a major concern

30’s and 40’s -

50 s and 60 s becoming more complete persons l.jpg

Males - sex and orgasm of less concern

More emphasis on emotional closeness

Men - more nurturing More complete person

Sexual response slows

Erection difficulties

Females - initiates sex more and more consistent orgasms

Women acknowledge their male aspects and enjoy sex more and initiate sex more often

diminished vaginal lubrication

50’s and 60’s - becoming more complete persons!

70 s and 80 s l.jpg
70’s and 80’s -

  • Male and female -

  • energy level decreases

  • sexual (physical) response slows further

  • FANTASY life still active

  • health and availability of partner a problem

  • may accept society’s expectations - no sex

Sexuality and spinal cord injury20 l.jpg
Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury

  • Some specifics -

  • 10% of the population has some form of disability

  • sexuality and libido not necessarily altered, they’re usually only altered as much as the SCI chooses - and that’s OK!

Sexuality services for disabled l.jpg
Sexuality Services for Disabled

  • Individual Counselling

  • Group Counselling

  • Couples Counselling

  • Sex therapy

Sexuality services for disabled22 l.jpg
Sexuality Services for Disabled

  • Sex & disability course

  • Access to reading materials

  • Audio-visual materials

  • Group Discussions

Sexuality services for disabled23 l.jpg
Sexuality Services for Disabled

  • Contraceptive/Genetic Counselling

  • Obstetrical/ Gynecological/ Urological Care

Sci sexuality l.jpg
SCI sexuality -

  • We are mental, physical, spiritual and emotional people - what affects our physical side may affect all.

  • The desire for love, affection and intimacy usually doesn’t change, but the choice of sexual expression might - depending on the level of paralysis

Sci sexuality25 l.jpg
SCI sexuality -

  • Sexual intercourse is often understood as the accepted means of sexual expression - but with the level of SCI and the physical condition, the SCI person might want to consider OTHER sexual options

  • Poor self-esteem may affect how SCI person feels sexually

  • Being paralyzed (stress) often causes changes in testosterone and progesterone

Sexual options for paraplegics and quadriplegics why sex l.jpg
Sexual Options for Paraplegics and Quadriplegics - WHY SEX?

  • Sexual release

  • Emotional fulfillment

  • Couples intimacy and togetherness - especially after orgasm

Slide27 l.jpg
Sex -

  • NOT just a source of physical and emotional pleasure, but

  • it bonds and validates a relationship

Healthy sexuality and sci l.jpg

Healthy Sexuality and SCI

A work in progress...

Accept personal responsibility l.jpg
Accept personal responsibility -

  • Be honest - present yourself in a way you feel comfortable

  • You didn’t ask to become disabled - don’t apologize. “I didn’t ask to become disabled, but hey, this is who I am now”.

  • “My disability isn’t me - but I do have a disability that sets certain conditions for my life”.e.g.. Bladder infections

Be clean hygienic and presentable l.jpg
Be clean, hygienic and presentable -

  • It shows that you care about yourself and others

  • it’s an outward sign to those around you that you feel good about yourself

Communicate l.jpg
Communicate -

  • Be open and honest

  • Often you have to take the lead

  • Use “body language” if possible

  • Use facial expressions

  • Improve ability and style through practice

  • People generally want to know what happened - tell them! It’s a beginning.

Be assertive l.jpg
Be assertive -

  • In general - Express what you want

  • In particular - Practice to express desires sensitively

  • Sometimes you think you have communicated and you haven’t at all

Social skills training l.jpg
Social Skills training -

  • Initiate interactions or acquire the social skills to do so. Practice!

  • Make the first move - others often initially feel awkward around you.

  • “I often feel that it is my responsibility to help others feel comfortable around me”.

Accept life now l.jpg
Accept life now!

  • Learn to like yourself and live.

  • Learn to live in the present moment - it’s all we have to work with.

  • Learn to accept “down” days - everyone has them!

  • Realistic expectations of yourself.

  • Spiritual books and videos helped me.

A satisfying sex life is possible l.jpg
A satisfying sex life is possible -

  • Learn the basics - fertility - anatomy - sexual options

  • Get the anger out - “God, I’m mad as hell that this happened to me”

  • “God accepts you where you are at today.”

A satisfying sex life is possible36 l.jpg
A satisfying sex life is possible -

  • Get comfortable with the new you.

  • Don’t deny the anger, fear, depression and anxiety - express them verbally and in writing - thus this talk for me!

A satisfying sex life is possible37 l.jpg
A satisfying sex life is possible -

  • Fantasy and imagery

  • Use all the senses

  • Enjoy partner’s pleasure visually, mentally and emotionally.

Sexual needs of any person l.jpg
Sexual Needs of any person -

  • Amount

  • Intensity

  • Frequency - differ for ALL people

Sexual options l.jpg
Sexual Options -

  • MUTUAL willingness to explore new experiences - reciprocal loving

  • Use ALL the senses

Sexual options40 l.jpg
Sexual Options

  • More sexuality in the brain than in the genitals

  • Especially true of spinal cord injured

  • Communication - of thoughts and feelings - is the key!

Slide41 l.jpg








Sexual options42 l.jpg
Sexual Options -

  • Fantasy and daydreaming

  • Sensate Focus

  • Intercourse

  • Manual stimulation

  • Oral-Genital sex

  • Vibrators

Fantasy and imagination l.jpg
Fantasy and Imagination

  • With or without a partner

  • Our brain is the largest sex organ - fantasy

  • Catharsis effect - removing something undesirable - esp. no physical orgasm

  • Aristotelian - purification or relief of the emotions through art - writing, drawing, photography etc.

  • Erotic books and videos (cathartic to me)

Sensate focus l.jpg
Sensate Focus -

  • Couples exercises developed to reduce performance anxiety, fear of failure

  • focus on touching - enjoyable, affirming, sensual and sexual

  • usually three-stage approach

Sensate focus stage one l.jpg
Sensate Focus - stage one

  • Unhurried, set aside at least one hour

  • Undress

  • Explore partner’s whole body - do NOT touch each others genitals or female’s breasts

  • Sensual touching - learn to enjoy the process, what is happening NOW

  • Cuddle time

Sensate focus stage two l.jpg
Sensate Focus - stage two

  • Now add genital touching and female’s breasts

  • Orgasm is not the intent now

  • light, teasing erotic touching - using fingers, tongue, vibrator or other sensual things

  • explore and develop orgasmic potential

  • overcome feelings of inadequacy which might accompany SCI

Sensate focus stage three l.jpg
Sensate Focus - stage three

  • Partner’s orgasm is the main idea - through intercourse or any other sexual option

  • Watch partner masturbate so you learn what brings them to orgasm - communication and trust

  • Feelings of relaxation and assurance

Orgasm and sci l.jpg
Orgasm and SCI

  • Orgasm is more a cerebral event

  • Mingling of sensations and the senses

  • Comfortable resolution

  • Partner’s orgasm assimilated, shared

Orgasm and sci49 l.jpg
Orgasm and SCI

  • “fantasized” orgasms

  • still not the same as before

  • satisfaction doesn’t last as long as before, thus may want to make love more often??

Intercourse l.jpg

  • Usually tried first (cultural expectations)

  • 25% “success” rate, (i.e. Reflex erection and sufficient penetration to please female partner) Reflex erections don’t last long

  • Sexual positions depend upon level of disability

  • Visually and emotionally important to SCI, usually no genital sensations

Intercourse continued l.jpg
Intercourse (continued)

  • Being “connected” through intercourse is more than physical, it’s spiritual to SCI

  • Being together and sharing yourselves - bonding and intimacy

  • Quality of time spent is important

Intercourse positions l.jpg
Intercourse Positions

  • Depends on strength and degree of paralysis

  • woman on top

  • man on top

  • rear entry

  • side-by-side

Intercourse is a pain much preparation work is needed l.jpg

Transfer to bed


transfer to w/c

remove catheter or condom

empty bladder

empty bowel

wash genital area

Transfer back to bed

“OK, honey, I’m ready!” “Am I ever horny!”

Partner is already asleep from waiting up for so long

So much for spontaneous sex!

Intercourse is a pain - much preparation work is needed

Intercourse54 l.jpg

  • Sense of Humour

  • Hygiene - especially for partner

  • Time for preparation

  • Reflex erection

  • “Stuffing” technique by women (women must tighten their pubococcygeal (PC) muscles - also helps maintain the erection)

25 have pleasing intercourse l.jpg
25% have pleasing intercourse -

  • Reflex erections don’t last long

  • Spontaneity difficult

  • Bladder and bowel trouble even with correct preparation

Intercourse tricks l.jpg
Intercourse “tricks”

  • Vibrator to rejuvenate erection

  • Pillow under hips for better penetration

  • self-stimulation by partner - fingers or vibrator

  • vaginal lubricant - KY jelly, astroglide

  • condom over catheter

  • tape catheter to side or hip

No erection l.jpg
No Erection?

  • Penile suction devices - “Correctaid” and “Erectaid”

  • dildo or other penis stiffener

  • surgical implant of prosthesis - “small carion” and “Scott” prostheses

  • oral medication

  • small needle injections

Final thoughts on intercourse l.jpg
Final thoughts on intercourse -

  • “If coitus is desired and erection is of sufficient rigidity and duration to allow penetration to the partner’s satisfaction, the aim of sexual rehab will have been met”

  • Intercourse requires much effort and planning

  • Shere Hite - only 30% of women orgasm through intercourse on a regular basis

Manual stimulation l.jpg
Manual Stimulation

  • more spontaneous

  • orgasm and holding

  • caressing

  • hugging

  • feeling of “oneness” - ESP. with thumb or finger inside (only the first 1/3 of vagina has sensory nerves, so a thumb is enough)

Slide60 l.jpg

  • Study his/her masturbation - a real turn-on for most

  • Learned from sensate focus exercises

  • Use any body part to stimulate clitoris and labia, or glans of penis

  • Men - Insert thumb or fingers into vagina

  • Women - Breasts and buttocks can envelop a penis

Manual stimulation61 l.jpg
Manual stimulation -

  • gives physical pleasure (orgasm) plus emotional warmth (hugs, caresses) and intimacy (placing thumb in vagina) at same time

  • “I want a lover with slow hands…”

Slide62 l.jpg

  • Continuous, gentle stimulation

  • More rapid movement as orgasm approaches

  • To improve chances of orgasm - increase body tension

  • Some enjoy anal touching, it’s sexually pleasing - same muscle group surrounds genitals and anus

Breasts l.jpg
Breasts -

  • Not well understood by most men

  • “Direct hot-line” to the clitoris

  • Can be sucked, kissed and touched while touching the genitals. Many women touch their own breasts while masturbating.

Shere hite on manual orgasms l.jpg
Shere Hite on manual orgasms -

  • “I get very excited when she orgasms. I feel so good. I feel we are flying…During the orgasms she holds me tightly. That was the best.”

  • “…says she loves me and starts grabbing me, and after…very passionate kisses”

Disabled person and manual stimulation a summary l.jpg
Disabled person and manual stimulation, a summary:

  • Great pleasure as partner goes from arousal to orgasm

  • Partner’s orgasm is assimilated by SCI to help their “orgasm”. A mental, fantasized orgasm, an easing of tension and and a drowsy relaxed feeling. Still NOT the same as a physical orgasm!

Oral sex l.jpg

Oral sex...

Or “Oh, yuck! That’s gross!”

Oral sex definitions l.jpg
Oral sex definitions -

  • Cunnilingus - stimulation of a female’s genitals with the mouth

  • Fellatio - stimulation of a male’s genitals with the mouth

Oral sex positions l.jpg
Oral sex positions

  • Again depends on level of injury - but almost all SCI can participate

  • “69” position or female on top for mutual oral sex if desired

  • female on top

  • male on top

  • side by side - use your imagination and get real comfortable

Oral sex and spinal cord injury l.jpg
Oral Sex and Spinal Cord Injury

  • Sometimes seems disgusting - at first - to the uninitiated (hygiene and body fluids)

  • highly pleasurable

  • Lonnie Barbach, 1986 - # 1 for AB men (e.g.. Prostitutes) #2 for AB women (most women don’t get oral sex - common among university graduates, but not for high school graduates - U.S. study)

Oral sex and spinal cord injury70 l.jpg
Oral sex and spinal cord injury

  • Common sexual expression for SCI - because we can and it’s highly pleasurable

  • mouth, lips and tongue are very sensitive (while the rest of your body is paralyzed)

  • touch, taste, temperature, texture and smell of partner are very pleasurable for SCI

Oral sex and spinal cord injury71 l.jpg
Oral sex and spinal cord injury

  • SCI become more sensitive in areas we can feel - we can receive good feelings

  • partner likes the softness and wetness of the mouth and tongue

  • watching your partner and involving yourself give real pleasure to SCI

Oral sex72 l.jpg
Oral sex

  • Most men enjoy cunnilingus and fellatio

  • Most women enjoy cunnilingus

  • Most women enjoy fellatio - but must talk with the man about his orgasm. Some like the salty ejaculate and some don’t

What happens with oral sex l.jpg
What happens with oral sex?

  • Closeness, bonding, intimacy and love

  • I think because of vulnerability in asking for oral sex

  • Trust, openness and honesty needed

Shere hite on male sexuality l.jpg
Shere Hite on male sexuality...

  • “Loved the tenderness and kissing afterwards”

  • For some SCI this is the best time - the emotional closeness

Shere hite l.jpg
Shere Hite

  • “Oral sex with a woman is my favorite of all. I feel a great closeness, a deep feeling of intimacy. I feel that she trusts me fully.”

  • “I adore the texture, feel and taste and also the lovely way a woman seems to respond… There seems to be a very open feeling between us.”

Oral sex summary l.jpg
Oral sex summary...

  • Highly pleasurable

  • Trust and openness

  • Love bonds

  • SCI actively involved with all senses

Vibrators l.jpg


or “Can’t a real man do a better job?”

Vibrators78 l.jpg

  • Expand the range of sexual expression and sensation

  • Some embarrassment at first sometimes

  • May be only option available to some severely disabled

  • Provide gentle, precise and continuous stimulation to the glans and clitoris

Who uses them l.jpg
Who uses them?

  • Enlightened

  • Adventurous

  • Secure

  • Progressive

  • Informed, intelligent and educated (say research studies)

Myths l.jpg

  • You can’t get “hooked” on a vibrator

  • Using a vibrator does NOT make you a pervert

  • Your relationship isn’t “on the rocks”

Vibrators81 l.jpg

  • Are being talked about more openly - especially female comics

  • Available at specialty sex stores - Cynthia’s

  • Plastic and latex - battery operated

  • “Massagers” - usually more powerful and use electricity

  • Used by men and women for masturbation - sexual feelings are intense and quickly felt

Vibrators82 l.jpg

  • Can make some women orgasmic

  • Why? - steady, concentrated pleasing rhythm

Vibrators83 l.jpg

  • Can become a regular sexual option

  • Used while also kissing the breasts

  • Inserted into vagina

  • Used on anal area at same time as genitals

Vibrators conclusion l.jpg
Vibrators - conclusion

  • Almost “guaranteed” orgasm because of nature of strong, steady accurate sensory input

  • Great for SCI use, especially if tired or weakness

  • Even quadriplegic hands can hold a vibrator

Conclusion to sexual options l.jpg
Conclusion to “Sexual Options”

  • Making love is a total body, mind and spirit experience

  • Can be enjoyed by all disabled and their partners

  • manual stimulation, oral sex and vibrators - much more spontaneous than intercourse

Conclusion for sexual options l.jpg
Conclusion for “Sexual Options”

  • Pleasurable emotional release of stress and tension

  • Psychologically satisfying and necessary

Male sexuality l.jpg
Male sexuality -

  • “Men tend to judge the success of their relationship by the quality of their sex life.”

Male sexuality and sci l.jpg
Male sexuality and SCI

  • 80% of spinal cord injured (SCI) are men

  • Erections are mostly “reflex”

  • “Psychogenic” erections are rare

Spinal cord injuries l.jpg
Spinal cord injuries -

  • Two types - complete and incomplete

  • Two types - Upper Motor Neuron (UMN) & Lower Motor Neuron (LMN)

Erections l.jpg
Erections -

  • Complete UMN - more reflexogenic erections of longer duration than LMN injury

  • Incomplete UMN & LMN - more psychogenic erections possible

Spinal routes l.jpg
Spinal Routes -

  • C1 - T12 intact necessary to achieve a reflexogenic erection - or -

  • If complete above T12 chances of reflex erection good

Spinal routes92 l.jpg
Spinal routes -

  • If complete lesion below T12 perhaps no reflex erection, but possible psychogenic erections

  • If complete below S2 - S4 emission and ejaculation possible

Spinal routes93 l.jpg
Spinal routes -

  • If incomplete - reflex or psychogenic erections possible

  • Must experiment to see what is possible

Erection problems l.jpg
Erection problems -

  • Usually of short duration

  • 25% report satisfactory intercourse

Erection answers l.jpg
Erection answers -

  • “Stuffing” technique

  • Kegel exercises

  • Vacuum devices - with band

  • Vacuum devices - “Correctaid”

  • Penile Implants

  • Injections

Fertility l.jpg
Fertility -

  • 0 - 10% SCI able to collect sperm

  • George Szasz (1985) - 10 - 20%

  • UMN less able than LMN

  • WHY? - no emission or retrograde ejaculation

Sperm l.jpg
Sperm -

  • Poor motility

  • poor morphology

  • low sperm count

  • urine spermicidal

  • testicular damage over time

Ejaculation aids l.jpg
Ejaculation Aids -

  • Read “Brindley” and “Szasz”

  • Vibrators

  • Electostimulation or electroejaculation

  • Penile injections

  • Intrathecal Neostigmine injections