ly tu trong high school english 11
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Ly Tu Trong high school English 11

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Ly Tu Trong high school English 11. Lesson plan Unit 7: World Population (Listening). I- Objectives - By the end of this lesson, the Students will be able to: - listen to get specific information about world population. II. Materials Textbook, cassette tape, handout

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ly tu trong high school english 11
Ly Tu Trong high schoolEnglish 11

Lesson plan

Unit 7: World Population


I- Objectives- By the end of this lesson, the Students will be able to:- listen to get specific information about world population.

II. Materials Textbook, cassette tape, handout

III. Anticipated problems- Sutudents may find some countries which have the rate of population growth in the tape difficult, so T should write them on the board before Ss listen to the tape.

iv procedure
IV. Procedure
  • Warm-up (5’)

Number the following issues from 1 to 6 to describe your concern about them. The first one will show that this issue is what you concern the most and so on ...

    • Housing
    • Medical care
    • AIDS
    • Illitercy
    • Pollution
    • Overpopulation
before you listen 5
Before you listen (5’)
  • T introduces the topic: you are going to listen about the world population.
  • Ss discuss the following questions (whole class):
  • Do you think that our world is overpopulated?
  • What continent has the largest population?
before you listen 51
Before you listen (5’)
  • Answer:
  • Yes, of course.
  • Latin America, Africa, Asia.
  • Listen and repeat: (Textbook)

Latin America, particularly, inexpensive, developing countries, punishment, rank, improvement, shortage, generation.

guessing the main idea
Guessing the main idea:
  • T: Can you guess what Dr.Brown is talking about?
  • S: Maybe he will talk about the world population in some areas of the world such as Latin America and other developing countries. He can state the problems and suggest solutions, too.
while you listen
While you listen
  • Task 1: (15’)
    • You will hear an interview in which Dr.Brown, a world popolation expert, will talk about the world population. Listen to the interview and choose the best answer for each statement.
    • T gets Ss to read the options in each questions carefully and work out what information they need to concentrate on while listening.
    • T gets Ss to guess the to each question and then tells them they need to listen attentively to check if their guesses are confirmed.
    • T plays the tape (or reads the tapescript) once for Ss to listen and do the task.
    • Then T gets Ss to find a partner to check their answers with.
    • T checks the answers with the whole class. If many Ss cannot answer the questions, T plays the tape one or two more times and pauses at the answers for them to catch.
while you listen1
While you listen
  • Answer:

1 2 3 4 5 6


task 2 answering questions 15
Task 2: Answering questions (15')

Instruction: you are going to listen to the tape again to answer the questions.

+ First, read though the statements to undestand them and underline key words.

+ Listen to the tape and pay attention to the key words.

+ Write down the answers.

  • T asks Ss whether they can do the task based on the previous times of listening.
  • If Ss can, T asks them to give the answers and write them on the board.
  • T plays the tape once for Ss to check their answers.
  • T check Ss’ answers by calling on some Ss and asks them to explain their answers.
  • If a lot of Ss have the same wrong answer, play that point of the tape for Ss to check the answer again.
task 2 answering questions 151
Task 2: Answering questions (15')
  • T gives the correct answers:
  • will be over 7 billion.
  • not the same . The population grows more quickly in some parts of the world than others.
  • the reason for a fall in the death rate is the improvement of public health services and medical care.
  • shortage of food, lack of hospitals and schools, illiteracy, poor living conditions.
  • to educate people and make them aware of the danger of having more children; to provide safe inexpensive birth control methods; to strictly implement a family planning policy; to exercise strict and fair reward and punishment.
after you listen 5
After you listen (5’)
  • T asks Ss to work in groups to talk about world population, using the cues provided:

- Overpopulation, problem, faces, the results of, living conditions, a lack of, illiteracy.

  • T goes around to offer help.
  • T gives feedback and any necessary correction.
  • Homework

- Prepare the next part (writing)