5 reasons why mobile marketing is so important n.
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  1. 5 REASONS WHY MOBILE MARKETING IS SO IMPORTANT Mobile advertisement is not the thing of future, it’s now. Ever since the smartphones entered in the world, smart devices have become an inseparable part of our lives. We are now among those people for whom our smartphone is the first thing we check after waking up and the last thing before we sleep. We can’t leave the house, or even the room, without smartphone in our hand. Such vigorous use of mobile is unfolding opportunities for mobile advertising platforms on a scale never seen before – and getting bigger with each passing day. As of leading data, it is proved that there are more mobile devices in the world than people. And India is in the epicentre, with one of the highest smartphone usage rates in the world. Here’s why marketers need to wake up to the power of mobile: 1. People spend more time at mobile screens than ever Digital in 2017, a research done by we are social, shows a staggering 81% of smartphone users keep their phone on or near them each hour a day. People spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes per day using their smartphone!!! For the first time, advertisers have been able to reach consumers 24/7. So, you need to brace yourself to interact with consumers whenever they want you to

  2. – for shopping, service, product information or complaints. Once you practice this right, you can easily provide the customer experience they long for. 2. Mobile commerce is on the rise Shopping has changed across devices. Gone are the days when e-commerce used to be a desktop activity, now people are turning to their mobiles. According to a report presented by HubSpot, mobile commerce will lead 24.4% of overall e-commerce profit by the end of 2017. From here, other trends are germinating. The snapshot of the future can be peeked from the fact that Pinterest has finally revealed “Buyable Pins”, Instagram has launched ads with “Shop Now” buttons, and Google recently made announcement saying that a “Buy” button will soon be available to mobile shoppers. Now it’s solely on the brands to capitalise on the mobile revenue stream, using mobile-specific advertising, mobile advertising platforms, mobile-friendly web pages and search engine marketing to get in front of shoppers when it counts. 3. Shoppers use mobiles in the physical store too Don’t underestimate the power of mobile in the physical store too. According to a research, three out of four shoppers do product research using the mobile device. That doesn’t stop even when they get inside a store! shoppers continue to use their smartphones in order to compare products and prices. Retailers need to look at how to integrate mobile into their in-store experience and increase in-store engagement. Hyper-targeted mobile ads and SMS marketing are a good place to start. 4. Evolution of SMS marketing

  3. SMS is a very powerful way to get your messages straight into customer’s hand, without being ignored like they do in inboxes or any other channels. It is studied that SMS have an average 90% open rate. Most of us do read our messages within the 3 minutes of SMS beep. Now with the area specific SMS marketing the success rate is even more convincing. So, if you’re still not tapping into the burgeoning power of SMS, now is the time to start. 5. Mobile-friendly sites rank higher than non-mobile sites As soon as Google modified its algorithm, so it now ranks mobile-optimised sites higher than non-optimised sites. What Google did was officially acknowledge the importance of mobile phones in our lives and make businesses stand up and listen. If your website doesn’t look, read and function well on mobile devices, it will simply suffer in search results. It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the opportunities in the mobile world, but the worst thing you can do is nothing. Start by making mobile an integral part of your marketing strategy, so you can be present and interact with consumers across all mobile advertising platforms and all mobile devices. For all mobile app monetization solutions and affiliate marketing contact - Apps Discover technologies - a premium ad network, based out in India. ContactNo:+91-124-4007787 & Email: info@appsdiscover.com