robotic surgery n.
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Robotic Surgery

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Robotic Surgery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Robotic Surgery. Presented by: Kate McManus. Objectives. Describe Robotic Surgery Describe and evaluate the hardware and software used with robotic surgery Describe and evaluate the information system used with robotic surgery

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Robotic Surgery

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robotic surgery

Robotic Surgery

Presented by:

Kate McManus

  • Describe Robotic Surgery
  • Describe and evaluate the hardware and software used with robotic surgery
  • Describe and evaluate the information system used with robotic surgery
  • Assess the role and functions of the nurse informaticist when working with robotic surgery
  • Examine related legal/ethical issues
  • Discuss the advantages/disadvantages of robotic surgery from a nursing perspective
description of robotics
Description of Robotics
  • Laparoscopic approach to treat certain urologic problems

This presentation will focus on the treatment of prostate cancer

  • A robot is used to assist the surgeon (referred to as da Vinci robot)
  • Master controls allow the surgeon to manipulate instruments

(The Bryn Mawr Urology Group, 2008)

description of robotics continued
Description of Robotics Continued
  • The surgeons natural hand and wrist movements correspond with the scaled movements of the robot
  • #1 choice for prostate removal in the U.S.
  • Used in tens of thousands of prostate cases in the past year

(The Bryn Mawr Urology Group, 2008)

hardware used in robotic surgery
Hardware used in Robotic Surgery
  • Robot with many arms
  • Camera on one arm called an endoscope
  • Dissectors, scalpels, scissors and forceps on other arms
  • Joystick- surgeon uses to operate the robot
  • Foot pedals

(Ezine Articles, 2008)

the endoscope
The Endoscope
  • Fiber optic instrument
  • Inserted through a small incision
  • Has a very tiny video camera
  • Shows the surgeon a 3-dimensional, magnified view
  • Projects to a television screen

(Ezine Articles, 2008)

software used in robotic surgery
Software used in Robotic Surgery
  • Da Vinci Surgical System
  • Intuitive Surgical
  • Combines propriety software and electronics
  • Streamlines and perfects certain surgeries
  • Software not based on any well-known operating system
  • Software version 11 in use at present

(Business Strategies for Medical Technology Executives, 2001)

proprietary software
Proprietary Software
  • Closed-source software
  • Restricted use
  • Private modification
  • Better quality than free software
  • Robotic movements, driven by intuitive proprietary software
    • Simultaneous
    • Fluid
    • ambidextrous

(Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia, 2008)

information system in robotic surgery
Information System in Robotic Surgery
  • Specialized software specifically for robotic surgery
  • Used by physicians- controlled by physicians movements
  • Special purpose system- used for performing various surgeries
  • Function is treat disease via surgery (ex- removal of prostate)

(Business Strategies for Medical Technology Executives, 2001)

information system in robotic surgery1
Information System in Robotic Surgery
  • There is no evidence that states that data standards have been put in place
  • Specific robot used for surgery
  • Nothing to compare it to

(Business Strategies for Medical Technology Executives, 2001)

advantages of robotic surgery
Advantages of Robotic Surgery
  • Less invasive
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Less pain
  • Less scaring
  • Less blood loss
  • FDA approved

(The Bryn Mawr Urology Group, 2008)

disadvantages of robotic surgery
Disadvantages of Robotic Surgery
  • Carries the same risk as any other surgery: heart attack, stroke, death
  • Increased risk for impotence and incontinence in robotic prostatectomy

(The Bryn Mawr Urology Group, 2008)

legal ethical issues in robotic surgery
Legal/Ethical Issues in Robotic Surgery
  • Time lag between surgeons commands and action of robot could harm the patient
  • Loss of power in an electrical failure
  • Robotics does not replace human intelligence, skill and experience

(Essortment, 2002)

the professional nurse s role in robotic surgery
The Professional Nurse’s Role in Robotic Surgery

The DaVinci Robot

Nurses must know what to assess in post-op robotic surgery patients

Nurses must be able to

document their assessment

for physician viewing

(The Bryn Mawr Urology Group, 2008)

  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • “Robot” controlled by a physician’s movements
  • Minimally invasive
  • “New-Age”
  • The surgery of the future
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