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PLAY THE GAME. Human Size Clue Game Marlene Belmar, Cal Poly Pomona. HOW?. The way to “play the game” is to go and explore the different residential halls for clues. Clues are obtained from the RHA members dressed like characters and through the other residents playing the game.

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Play the game

Human Size Clue Game

Marlene Belmar, Cal Poly Pomona


The way to “play the game” is to go and explore the different residential halls for clues. Clues are obtained from the RHA members dressed like characters and through the other residents playing the game.

What do i need to play
What Do I need to play?

All residents that want to participate are to get into teams (4-5 preferably) making 5 teams to play each round. Each team will be give a clipboard with a 8” x 11” Clue sheet with two clues crossed off.

Do you have a clue
Do you have a clue?

  • The way residents will be able to get clues from each other is by solving the teams riddles. Each team will have one-two simple riddles taped to the back of their clip boards with their answers on the clues sheet. Each riddle equals one clue.

  • Two other clues will also be located at two other locations on campus (at College Name one would be on the door of Dining Commons and the second one will be on the door of the building for Housing Service).

How do i win

  • Once the mystery is solved, the team to first find the Inspector and solve the final riddle, will get a chance to make an accusation to see it they solved the mystery and win a prize.

  • If they are wrong, then they have to go find more clues or wait till another team makes an accusation before they can make a second accusation.


Breaking News! Last Night at 10 pm at Common Place, Mascot was found at Common Place dead. We are under investigation to find the criminal. If you have any information regarding the mystery please find me. Please help us interrogate our suspects. You will find them around campus. Great reward offered to the team that solves the mystery.

Suspect 1
Suspect # 1

Miss Scarlet:

“ Last night I went to the gym. Its not easy to look as good as I do. After the gym grabbed Red Lobster for the go and headed home to meet someone. Who you may ask? I dare not tell. ”

Suspect 2
Suspect # 2

Mr. Green:

“Last night was one of the busiest nights I have had all year. I went to the computer lab and the library to work on my research for this new line of cosmetics Cover Girl will be launching in a couple months. What can I say… I am kind of a big deal.”

Suspect 3
Suspect # 3

Mrs. Peacock:

“ I work at the career center of my local community college. The girl that replaces me at 9 did not show up till 11 pm… she says she was at the gym and lost track of time. ”

Suspect 4
Suspect # 4

Prof. Plum:

“ Last night I was grading Statistic Midterms all night till late in my classroom. My laptop was failing as I tried to input grade, so I went to the computer lab to finish my work.”

Suspect 5
Suspect # 5

Mrs. White:

“ Last night was my night off, so I decided to go and meet my boyfriend after his game. He is the mascot for our local college football team and I love to see him in costume. The night ended bad as he broke up with me on our way to picking up his Stat final from his teacher, who ended not even being there.”

Suspect 6
Suspect # 6

Col. Mustard:

“ Last night I went on my daily walks around campus. I became really irritated with all the skaters on campus so I decided to go home and watch House instead. ”

The real story
The Real Story

Come up with what really happened. This would be the true story created for each round.

Ex) Mrs. White after having a really difficult fight with her boyfriend, decided to take Prof. Plum’s computer from the Prof.‘s statistic classroom, and followed her boyfriend to the parking lot where she murdered him by hitting him continuously on the head with the laptop. Fingerprints and blood on the instrument reveal he was beat till death.