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Adventureland. By Brandon Fehr. Why I Chose this Topic. I chose this because I think that it is a fun amusement park. I have been there before. Map>. Adventureland Roller Coasters.

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By Brandon Fehr

why i chose this topic
Why I Chose this Topic

I chose this because I think that it is a fun amusement park. I have been there before.


adventureland roller coasters
Adventureland Roller Coasters

There are over 100 rides, shows and attractions at Adventureland. A few of the rides are the Tornado, the Dragon, the Outlaw, and the Underground.



opening day
Opening Day

Adventureland was opened to the public in July, 1974 but because of a tornado the opening was called of until August.



my favorite ride
My Favorite Ride

My Favorite ride is the Spaceshot.


The place where Adventureland is today was an airport where Charles Lindbergh once stopped in 1924. After that it became a farm.

the log ride
The Log Ride

The log ride is a fun water ride at Adventureland. P.S. If you ride this ride be prepared to get wet.

splash over
Splash Over

The Splash over is a ride that you go around in circles over a pool of water and there are jets in the water so get ready for a soak.

silly silo
Silly Silo

The Silly Silo is a ride were you go in a round area and it spins around in circles and when you are going really fast the floor drops but you stay floating.

the circus
The Circus

The Circus at Adventureland has many fun things and they are cool to watch.

the underground
The Underground

The Underground is a roller coaster built in a shed so it is dark. You ride and there are scary things like the walls tilt in towards you when you go by. At 1 point on this ride you will be hit by a light mist.

saw mill splash
Saw Mill Splash

On this ride you ride in a tube and go down a slide.

the tornado
The Tornado

This ride is a high intensity wooden coaster. It is fun so if you are a high intensity person like me I would advise this ride.

tea cups
Tea Cups

The Tea Cups are one of the gentler rides at Adventureland. They can be fun for people who enjoy gentle rides.

the dragon
The Dragon

The Dragon is another high intensity ride where you go really high and then you go down and into the double loops.

the outlaw
The Outlaw

The Outlaw is a ride where you go all over the place and it is a fast coaster. I think it is a nice ride.

the spaceshot
The Spaceshot

The space shot is my favorite ride for many reasons. The first reason is that you go way up high at a tremendous speed and come down at a tremendous speed too. The other reason I like it is because it is tall so you can see far.

the sidewinder
The Sidewinder

The Sidewinder is a ride where you go back and forth and the circle on the end will spin so it may get crazy.

the sky ride
The Sky Ride

The Sky Ride isn’t a ride but a good way to get from one side of the park to the other.

some rides
Some rides
some more rides
Some more rides