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oneplus 7 price released full specification n.
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OnePlus 7 Price Released, Full Specification & Features PowerPoint Presentation
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OnePlus 7 Price Released, Full Specification & Features

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OnePlus 7 Price Released, Full Specification & Features
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OnePlus 7 Price Released, Full Specification & Features

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  1. OnePlus 7 Price Released, Full Specification & Features The company is the Chinese major brand that has expanded its operations all over the world. Recently, the company has launched the OnePlus 6 that has been praised and liked by the users all over the world. The phone was launched in the premium segment and was priced around 30K buck. Not only has this but the promotional schemes like cash back up to Rs. 5000 for the exchange on the old phones. Along with this, there was also the Jiooffer to entice the mobile phone enthusiasts. With the huge success of the last mobile phone, it is believed the company is soon to release the new model. Even though there is no confirmation on this the release or the specification but there have been many leaks owing to the new design this new phone might have. Looking at the past trends of the company, the mobile phone will have the major design up gradation. The phone will have a good change over the previous model OnePlus 6T. According to the leaks by the slashleakes, only the top half of the smartphone of the phone is released. As per the pictures, the screen aspect ratio has increased. This means the camera will not be included in the front screen; it may have a slider with the camera in it. The design will be similar to that of Vivo Nexthat was launched two years ago.

  2. Even though the launch date is not final yet, the expected launch month is around May. The expected to be around 40K, as it always been the case with the company. In the leaked picture we can see the phone will have the earpiece grill, alert slider, and power button. Looking the design it seems like it will have some slider mechanism. Although these are just the guesswork there is no confirmation by the officials regarding it. As per the general specifications of the phones released till now, OnePlus 7 is supposed to have a screen resolution of 1080 X 2280 pixels. The phone screen size shall be somewhere between 6.4 inches with the optic AMOLED. The processor would be octa-core with the Snapdragon 855. The phone will feature the 6 GB RAM. With one plus the best feature is always a surprise, so that will be hard to guess by the experts. The rear camera will be linearly arranged having the 24 megapixels + 12 megapixels + 8 megapixels with the dual LED flash. The front camera will be 24 megapixels with the flash sensor. The phone back will also have a top-notch fingerprint sensor. The dual sim slots will support the 4G from almost all the Indian brands. The storage will be 64 GB but not expandable. The battery life is expected to be somewhere around 4150mAh. The rumors are also about the availability of Dash Charging. However enticing these phones are, we are skeptical while purchasing it. This can be due to price or some other reason, so you can always look up to Recycle Device. Here, you can not only sell your old mobile phone but also check the price of your phone.