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Click to Begin >>. Welcome!. Let’s take a tour of Travelport Online Booking. Today we will walk through how you book a trip on Travelport First you log in to Travelport’s online booking tool with your User Id and Password.

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Click to Begin >>

  • Let’s take a tour of
  • Travelport Online Booking

Today we will walk through how you book a trip on Travelport

    • First you log in to Travelport’s online booking tool with your User Id and Password.
      • Travelport uses state-of-the-art security. Sensitive information is encrypted, whether the information is stored, transmitted, or displayed.
    • Single Sign On or unique user names and passwords may be configured for each traveler.
    • Click the “go” button to log in.



Configure the Communications Portal for your company.
    • Graphic banner header reflects your company’s brand.
    • Present your travelers with timely company announcements and travel information. Add editable links to documents or external websites
    • Add a Quick Start module to search for roundtrip airfare if you choose
    • Personalized traveler links
    • Access to pending itineraries and trip templates for easy travel planning
    • Let’s take a look at the Profile Management. (Click “Profile Manager” link)
Traveler Profiles
    • Traveler’s profiles are flexible whether managed by the traveler or through daily feeds via integrated back-office or HR systems.
    • This is also where a traveler can assign a Travel Coordinator to book on their behalf.
    • Click “Quick Start Page” in the Fast Access menu to begin building an itinerary.
Search any way you like.
    • One-way and multi-segment searches return flight packages by price and time, while Search by Schedule (a.k.a. build-a-trip) returns times first, and then fare information.
    • Convenient hotel and car tabs are provided for quick hotel/car only bookings.
    • Configure lists and default setting for your company’s search page.
    • Search for non-stop flights, by Preferred Airline, or even specify your Connection City.
    • Click the “go” button to submit our search criteria.
Prior to selecting a flight Travelers can:

Revise their search criteria at any time.

Search Web fares (must be activated)

View “Flight Details” data such as the plane type and on-time arrival statistics.

Preview available seats on a seat map prior to selecting a flight.

Help travelers to make good decisions

Display flight results based on your travel policies – by price, supplier, discount, etc.

Use any of 19 policy graphics to indicate In or Out of Policy items and supplier preferences.

Or add your own custom graphic markings

Travelport’s dynamic booking system allows the traveler to book or purchase a flight immediately, or simply add the flight to their itinerary to be saved and purchased later.

Since we wish to add a hotel room and rental car to our itinerary, select “add to plan” for flight option #2.

The selected flight and its details have been added to our Trip Planner.

From the Trip Planner travelers can:

Review, print or email details of their entire itinerary as they book individual components.

Reserve, revise, or delete any portion of their itinerary at any time prior to purchase.

Add components to this itinerary (e.g. hotel, car)

Save an itinerary and choose to purchase at a later time.

Choose to book the flight.

Select “Add a Room”.

Company locations and your preferred hotel properties are pre-loaded for the traveler.

You specify the order in which the search options are displayed to the traveler.

Travelers can search for hotel near a city or airport location, address, or company location.

Travelport uses geocoding to ensure accurate location mapping every time.

Select “search” to submit our chosen criteria.

Easily revise hotel search criteria at any time.

Your hotel shopping experience includes:

Results mapped by proximity to the traveler’s desired location through Travelport’s integrated MapQuest service.

MapQuest’s convenient mapping allows a traveler to rapidly narrow down hotel choices by proximity to their desired location.

Once a preferred location is selected, a traveler can review details of the hotel property before selecting a particular room.

Select “show available rooms!” for the Hilton to see room availability.

Rooms are displayed according to settings and discounts specified by the company policy.
  • Once again Travelport’s dynamic booking system allows the traveler to reserve a room immediately, or simply add it to their itinerary to be saved and reserved later.
  • Since we still wish to add a rental car to our itinerary, let’s select Room Option #2 and click, “add to plan”.
The selected room has been added to our Trip Planner itinerary.
    • Now select “Add a Car”.
Renting a car is easy with Travelport
    • “Add a Car” pre-populates with the traveler’s destination city along with flight arrival and departure dates and times.
    • The “Preferred rental company” list is pre-configured to show your company’s preferred car vendors.
    • AutoBook™ allows travelers reserve a car with one click based upon settings within the company policy.
    • Select “go” to submit our search criteria.
As on flight and hotel room search results pages, you can indicate Vendor Preferences and PolicyCompliance using default graphics or your own custom graphics.

Traveler will see daily rates, in/out terminal location, and mileage allowances. Other details are just a click away.

Select “add to plan” to add this rental car to our itinerary plan.

Our car has been added to the dynamic Trip Planner itinerary.
  • You can add detailed itinerary information to almost any Calendar by clicking the “Add to Calendar” button.
  • Now we are going to make some notes to ourselves onour itinerary. Click“Add a Personal Note”from the Fast Access menu.
Take the information you need with you.
    • Travelers can elect to add a personal note to any segment/section of their itinerary.
    • These notes are provided for a traveler’s convenience and are not sent to their travel service provider.
    • Click “ok” to add this note to our itinerary.
The traveler’s personal note has been added to the itinerary.
  • Select “Buy It!” to purchase this itinerary.
Travelers have the option of purchasing their entire unreserved itinerary or selecting individual portions.
  • Select “next” to advance to the Buy It page.
The “Buy It!” page has everything a traveler needs to make their purchase.
    • Travelers can see all itinerary details by clicking the “Show Itinerary Data”button.
    • Select View the rules and restrictions. Travelers are then required to agree to these terms before completing a purchase.
    • Corporate ghost cards, individual corporate or personal credit cards, can be pre-populated via the traveler’s profile, company policy, or added by the traveler as they book their trip.
    • Click arrow to scroll down and view the rest of the “Buy It!” page.
The lower portion of the “Buy It!” page contains the traveler’s personal preferences.
    • The delivery address area is pre-populated from the traveler’s profile and is also editable at this time.
    • Travelers may elect to include trip-specific data (e.g. billing codes) or send a note to their agent to request assistance. (option activated by the company)
    • Designate preferences for air (seat selection and meal requests), hotel and car.
    • Select “Request Seat Assignment” to choose a seat location.
Travelers may request their seat assignments in real-time for each leg of their flight (provided that this service is available through a particular airline).
  • Click the “Select Seat” button to view a seat map for the “Newark to San Francisco” flight.
Available seats are clearly marked and a helpful legend is provided to assist the traveler in selecting their desired seat.
  • If the traveler has Preferred Flyer membership accounts set-up within his personal profile, he may qualify for preferred seating.
  • Click the window seat 11A to reserve it on the real-time seating chart.
Seat 11A has changed colors, indicating it the traveler has selected to reserve it.
  • Click the “ok” button to accept and submit these settings.

Now we will quickly finish selecting seats for our return flight.

  • The seating selection for this flight has been updated to reflect the changes made by the traveler.
  • Click the “ok” button to return to the “Buy It!” page.
Let’s book this trip!
    • Select “Buy it!”
Receive confirmation instantly!
    • You receive confirmation numbers – for air, car, and hotel – and a summary of your purchase instantly by returning to your Trip Planner Itinerary.
    • Print a copy of your itinerary by clicking, “Print Current Itinerary”.
A “printer friendly” version of the traveler’s itinerary is displayed in a pop-up window.
  • When printing has finished select the blue “Close” button to return to the previous page.

If a traveler needs to forward their travel plans to a supervisor, co-worker, spouse, or friend, it’s easy.

  • Select “Email Itinerary!”
When emailing an itinerary:
    • A simple email form appears allowing the traveler to send a personal email message along with their itinerary to multiple recipients
      • NOTE: Separate multiple email addresses with a comma or semi-colon.
    • A message will appear to notify the traveler that their email(s) have been successfully sent.
    • Select “send” and we will return to the Home Page Portal.
Now that we have successfully booked travel, our trip will appear under the “My Trips” tool.
  • There are two options available within this tool. “View or Edit Itinerary” and “Real Time Flight Info”.
  • “Real Time Flight Info” is available courtesy of Galileo’s™ “View Trip™” feature.
  • Select the “Real Time Flight Info” option to view this service.

Click to Continue >>

  • Travelport’s integration with Galileo View Trip provides a convenient way to access additional tools such as “FlightTracker™” and destination weather forcasts.
  • Click the button below to continue.
From start to finish, Travelport brings you savings – both time and money – with a better Online Booking solution.



For more information about Travelport Online Booking contact your Travelport Account Representative or visit us online at Travelport.com