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Persuasive Writing

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Persuasive Writing. Persuasive Writing. A work written in which a writer presents a case for or against a particular argument. Each logical argument, powerful image, or striking phrase in the text is like a step on a staircase. A persuasive writing has:. an issue with more than one side

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persuasive writing1
Persuasive Writing

A work written in which a writer presents a case for or against a particular argument.

Each logical argument, powerful image, or striking phrase in the text is like a step on a staircase.

a persuasive writing has
A persuasive writing has:
  • an issue with more than one side
  •  a clear organization that builds toward a conclusion
  • a clear statement of the writer's position
  • evidence supporting the writer's position, including arguments, statistics, expert opinions, and personal observations
  • powerful images and language
common types of persuasive writing
Common types of persuasive writing:
  • Editorials are brief persuasive essays, intended for publication in a newspaper, magazine, or other medium, that state and defend an opinion on a current issue
common types of persuasive writing1
Common types of persuasive writing:
  • Political speeches are persuasive speeches intended to win support for a policy, law, or reform
common types of persuasive writing2
Common types of persuasive writing:
  • Public-service announcements are radio or television commercials written to persuade and educate the public
PSAs came into being with the entry of the United States into World War II.

Radio broadcasters and advertising agencies offered their skills toward the war effort and established the War Advertising Council.

PSAs became the carriers of such messages as "Loose lips sink ships" and "Keep 'em Rolling."

Examples from the Ad Council:

"Smokey the Bear" was invented by the Ad Council to personify its "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires" campaign

"A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste" raised millions for the United Negro College Fund

the American Cancer Society's "Fight Cancer with a Checkup and a Check" raised public awareness as well as funds for research and patient services

a psa should
A PSA should…
  • be serious
  • have a clear message
  • be no longer than 30 seconds 
  • have important information
  • have accurate information
  • give statistics (when appropriate, e.g. number of people that die because they were not wearing seatbelts)
example psa announcements
Example PSA Announcements:
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention – watch Bullseye & Grandpa
  • Save Energy – watch April & Malcolm
  • Being Normal
  • Parent Control
Narrow your topic - make sure you can cover it thoroughly.
  • Use "reporter's questions"

-Who? What? Where? When? and How?

consider your audience
Consider your audience:
  • Your purpose in writing a persuasive text is to convince readers of your opinion.
  • Knowing your audience will help you find the evidence and language to best achieve this purpose.
    • What do my readers know about the topic?
    • What are their likely opinions or prejudices on the topic?
    • What might concern them the most?