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Fox V alley Swim Team PowerPoint Presentation
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Fox V alley Swim Team

Fox V alley Swim Team

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Fox V alley Swim Team

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  1. Swim Meets 101 Fox Valley Swim Team

  2. Fox Valley Swim Team • Pre meet information • Event page • Meet packet • Entries

  3. Fox Valley Swim Team • Pre meet preparation • Swimmer-FOX suit, cap, shirt. Towels, extra warm clothes, extra goggles, something to sit on, something to do, food and drink or $$ • Parents-layer clothing-FOX parent shirt or Fox colors. Be prepared for your job-timers may get wet! • Plan for 5 hours, Parents please bring something to do or volunteer to work.

  4. Fox Valley Swim Team • Arrival at the meet • Plan to arrive 20 minutes before Warm-ups. • Positive check-in • First think the swimmer should do • Highlight all the way across the page • Scratch events only with Coaches permission • Watch for multi-age events on multi sheets Home meet worker check-in-take sticker and report to work area.

  5. Fox Valley Swim Team • Team Area-please find the area where the team is gathering-usually in a gym or cafeteria-find some quiet games to pass the time between events

  6. Fox Valley Swim Team • Warm-up-report to the pool deck 10 minutes prior to warm-up. We usually have lanes assigned to the team • “sit and slide” entry only until the coach directs the swimmers for starts. • Some coaches will gather the swimmer for a meeting after warm-up- let them know if they can stay for relays!!

  7. Fox Valley Swim Team • Meet information • Psych sheet-list of all entered swimmers by entry time • Heat sheets-list the swimmers in the heats and lanes that they will be swimming in. Bullpen/Clerk of course-use heat sheets to line up and escort swimmers to the blocks. BUT IT IS THE SWIMMERS RESPONSIBILITY TO IN THE BULLPEN OR BEHIND THE BLOCKS AT THE RIGHT TIME!

  8. Fox Valley Swim Team • DOWM TIME-stay focused on the meet-eat drink keep warm

  9. Fox Valley Swim Team • After each event- • Swimmer “warm-down” if instructed to do so by the coach • Swimmers talk to coach for race evaluation • Swimmers return to the bullpen/team area • Parents-positive feedback!! Hugs and smiles

  10. Fox Valley Swim Team • Relay assignment are made at the meet. Check before you leave • Prior to leaving any meet swimmers should talk to the coach to be sure they are not needed to swim in a relay.

  11. Fox Valley Swim Team • Results are posted as the meet progresses-the scoreboard is not the official result. Results may be availabe on “Live Results” or “Meet Mobile” • DQ’s happen to everyone at some point • Awards vary by meet-not give by heat (as in park dist swimming)