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Dr . Ada Ignaciuk , Agricultural Policy Analyst , PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr . Ada Ignaciuk , Agricultural Policy Analyst ,

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Dr . Ada Ignaciuk , Agricultural Policy Analyst , - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What are the most efficient measures of mitigation and adaptation to produce more in a sustainable manner ?. Dr . Ada Ignaciuk , Agricultural Policy Analyst , Environmental Division of Trade and Agriculture Directorate , OECD Email:

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What are themostefficientmeasures of mitigation and adaptationto produce more in a sustainablemanner?

Dr . Ada Ignaciuk,


EnvironmentalDivision of Trade and AgricultureDirectorate, OECD



Scenario analysis - socio-economicdevelopments - climate - technology projections 1) OECD’s short-medium term projections ‘OECD-FAO Outlook’2) OECD’s long term projections

OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook

Agricultural Outlook - a set of conditional projections published in an OECD-FAO annual report

Comprehensive, dynamic partial equilibrium model

Dedicated OECD-FAO web page:

co operators program
Involve member governments in global projection process

to link expertise world wide and build consensus on emerging national and global issues

Participate in annual world commodity projection

Access to data, models, commodity experts

Participate in analysis projects

Access to capacity building – training

Tap global expertise

Co-operators Program
climate damages
Climate damages

OECD (2010)

market outlook prices
Market outlook: prices

% change in average (real) prices 2002-11 to 2012-21

“2012-21 prices above last decade”

OECD Trade and Agriculture Directorate



Adaptation - different governance

Adaptation -on field

Diversify livelihood

Provide information on e.g. weather and provide advisory services

Autonomous adaptation e.g. changing cropping patterns, changing varieties


Improved water management

Mitigation and adaptation plans

Shift production

Improved soil management

More efficient management of inputs

Adding legumes

Changes in management practices e.g. no-till

Changes in management of manure




  • Climate change will affect agricultural production; but still many uncertainties
  • To align adaptation and mitigation policies now, across different governance levels
  • Holistic approach to climate policies to avoid maladaptation practices
  • Climate change may be a challenge for some, but opportunities for others