how to decrease ping n.
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How to Decrease Ping in Online Games PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Decrease Ping in Online Games

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How to Decrease Ping in Online Games - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ping Reducer is the gaming vpn service provider which provides a dedicated gaming route to its users connected to the server

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today we discuss how to reduce your ping

Today we discuss how to reduce your ping in online game and possibly reduce lag by your online connection. Ping states to the numeral of milliseconds it works on a real-life act to list in the game server that you are using. Remember that there is no surefire method to reduce your ping.

connect with lan wire
Connect With LAN Wire

If you are connecting with a Wi-Fi, please connect with LAN wire because in Wifi sometime signals goes out or decrease by distance or router position.

close background application
Close Background Application

When you are gaming you need good bandwidth to play frequently. So you want to close background application or downloading of your computer.

use l ocal servers
Use Local Servers

Playing on a local country or near to your country server will intensely reduce your ping as compare to playing on other countries' servers.

restart your router
Restart Your Router

If your router has been working non-stop, it cannot be working properly. Restart your router because it will revive your Internet connection and possibly reduce your ping.

upgrade your internet speed
Upgrade Your Internet Speed

Sometime you put your effort too much but the problem is something else like internet speed. Check your internet package, if it is insufficient, please upgrade and get a good ping.

call your internet service provider
Call Your Internet Service Provider

When you have done above all activity but you remain high ping issue. You need to call your internet service provider and tell them about high ping.

kill ping is the best solution
Kill Ping Is The Best Solution

After all you did too many jobs for reduce your ping but you have still facing high ping. Don’t worried about it just click on and play any online game without lag or high ping.