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YUMGUM Manufactured by: MKM Bubble Blowers Inc.

YUMGUM Manufactured by: MKM Bubble Blowers Inc. Micaela Weber, Meghan Cunningham, and Katherine Duffield CCS ‘09-’10. Description.

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YUMGUM Manufactured by: MKM Bubble Blowers Inc.

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  1. YUMGUMManufactured by: MKM Bubble Blowers Inc. Micaela Weber, Meghan Cunningham, and Katherine Duffield CCS ‘09-’10

  2. Description • Do you get hungry in school? Are you having trouble dieting? Well struggle no more! MKM Bubble Blowers Inc. has solved everyone's problem! We have established a new kind of gum, YumGum. • Our gum not only saves you from starving in class, but it will also fix world hunger! Every week we send millions of sticks of gum to our distribution stations located in over 40 countries around the world and provide gum for impoverished children and their families. • Also, after chewing this gum, if you are outside, throw the wrapper in the grass, water it and you'll end up with some beautiful flowers! • Our gum controls hunger for up to six hours and provides you with all the needed nutrients and vitamins for a day. So basically, if you need to, you could live off this gum, but make sure you stay hydrated too! • Yum Gum comes in many different flavors including, meat loaf, chicken, cupcakes, fruit, candy, and so many more! We have also have ice cream flavors which leave a cool sensation in your mouth as you chew. • You can purchase our gum at any grocery store or participating retailer worldwide. Yum Gum will save the world one chew at a time!

  3. Q: What are some other ideas that your company has thought about producing? • A: Our previous ideas include a banana phone, a collapsible ladder, and a germ bubble. • The banana phone was essentially just a phone with a protective covering on it that peeled down like a banana, but the cover kept rotting in the developmental stages. • The collapsible ladder is a ladder that can fold down small enough to fit in any pocket, but, unfortunately, we had some structural issues with that design. • The germ bubble was a large bubble that popped out of a phone and protected you from rain, snow and germs, but we had some problems during testing with people having trouble breathing inside the bubble.

  4. Q: Would you say that your product is in demand in this age of abundance? • A: Yum Gum is definitely something that everyone will want. • Especially now, in a time of dieting and poverty.

  5. Q: What is your competition for this product? How is your product better then anyone else's? • A: Our competition includes all of the other products that hold back hunger for long periods of time, like slim-fast products. • Our product not only controls hunger, but also gives you all the needed vitamins and nutrients. • Also, the gum wrappers have little, tiny seeds embedded into the paper, so when you’re done, if you plant your wrapper in the ground, water it, and wait a while, it will produce beautiful flowers.

  6. Q: How, if your product fails, will it be a "big mistake"? • A: We have put a lot of time and money into this product and if it fails, which it won’t, we will lose a lot of money and have lots of gum left over that won’t sell. • It could be a good mistake if it fails because we have come up with one way to make it work, so we have eliminated that way of making it and could come up with a better way to do it.

  7. Q: How do you design your packaging? How does story play a party in the advertisement of your product? • A: Our packaging is colorful and environmentally friendly. • Our package gives product details in a quick, accessible way. • Story doesn't play that big of a part in our advertisements except in the commercial, where we portray the story of a homeless woman who unexpectedly received a few sticks of our gum and it relieved her hunger.

  8. Q: Can I see a picture of your product?A: Of course.

  9. Q: How do you make your product? • A: Our product is produced at the plant we have established located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. • We use all the normal gum ingredients such as Sorbitol, Gum base, Maltitol, Refined glaze, Riboflavin, dyes. • Then we add all organic materials that are rich in vitamins and minerals and our top secret hunger bashing ingredient that was created by our scientists.

  10. Q: How do you advertise? What people are you targeting in your ads? Why are you targeting them? • A: For advertisement, we have made a commercial that will be aired world-wide. We will create billboards and set up posters and signs in grocery and retail stores. • We will also use our charity as a way of advertisement. We have infomercials yet to be filmed, and we will be giving it to weight loss companies to give as a free gift with a purchase of their system. • We think that our product is something that everyone can use, however, our ads are targeting mostly school-age kids, dieters and those that don't always have enough money to buy normal food. • We think that our product would be most useful to these types of people because school-age kids are always hungry in class and that can take away from how well they learn, but with our product they don't have to miss out on any learning experience. • People who are dieting will find our product to be extremely helpful because of it's low amount of carbohydrates and calories and high amounts of beneficial nutrients, minerals, vitamins and hunger fighters. • This product is especially helpful to people who can't always afford regular food because we give you 14 pieces, enough to last you for 2 weeks, and it only costs $2.00. That's a whole week's worth of food for only $1.00!

  11. Q: Where can I buy your product? • A: You can find our product at many different stores including… • Giant, Wegman’s, Weis Markets, Wal-Mart, Kmart, The Dollar Tree, Sam’s Club, Super Fresh, Panera Bread, WaWa, Sheetz, Uni-Mart, Turkey Hill. • Also at, Starbucks, Border’s, Barnes and Nobles, Hollister, American Eagle, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Curves, Dunkin' Donuts, McDonalds, Balley Fitness, and Planet Fitness.

  12. Q: How much do you sell it for? What's your profit margin for each pack sold? • A: It costs us $0.50 for each pack of gum. • We sell it for $2.00 a pack, giving us a $1.50 profit margin per pack.

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