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L'Italia e lo Spazio PowerPoint Presentation
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L'Italia e lo Spazio

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L'Italia e lo Spazio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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L'Italia e lo Spazio

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  1. L'Italia e lo Spazio Lo Spazio ed i servizi ai cittadini Ing G. Viriglio CASD Roma 25 giugno 2013

  2. MARKET SEGMENTATION Euroconsult source EducationTV Rural Com Telemedecine SNG Business TV Defense Security DTH Digital Cinema Messaging & Asset Track. Corporate Networks HITS SNG Water Content Management Professional Mobile Com VIDEO DISTRIB. Maritime DAB/DMB SATELLITE NETWORKS Energy IP Direct Access In flight Forest Rail MOBILE COM VIDEO CONTRIB. Agriculture Personal LBS Commercial Aviation Disaster Management CONSUMER BROADBAND Environment monitoring MOBILE ENTERTAIN. Outdoor recreation Humanitarian TRANSPORT General Aviation NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Homeland Sec/Law enforcement Leisure veissel Land use/cover Time & Freq. Dissemination Satcom 6 Macro Segments 16 Market Segments CONSUMER Surveying DEFENCE& SECURITY Cartography Asset Management Agri/Fish PROFESSIONAL Consumer Services Satnav 5 Macro Segments 17 Market Segments EO 5 Macro Segments 15 Market Segments Scientific LAND MONITORING Coastal Zone /Engineering Traffic Management Transport ROAD OCEANO-GRAPHY Fleet Management Telematics Weather Forecast. Public Safety Professional METEO GOVERNMENT Defence MACRO SEGMENTS MARKET SEGMENTS Satellite

  3. Importance of Space Services • Economic • Public Services • Strategic

  4. Value chain in commercial satellite applications (€ in billions) TELECOM EO NAV Satellite Manufacturing * Less than 20 companies 1.8 0.5 Euroconsult source The space industry Launch service provision * Less than 10 companies 1.5 0.4 <50 companies Highly concentrated <10 companies Highly concentrated 0.3 No commercial company Lease or sale of satellite capacity The satellite operators 7 A limited number of companies, generally professional electronic & aerospace contractors A large number of companies, incl. consumer electronics leaders A limited number of companies, generally space primes User ground equipment & terminals 30 0.5 7 Satellite-based services 1.2 21 55 A large number of companies, of which a few are global 4.8** * market value atlaunch date **withMeteorelatedfunding (not satellite only)

  5. MaritimeSurveillance Ship detection Oil spill detection Ice charting

  6. LandMonitoring & Mapping Terrain & Infrastructures IntelligenceAnalysis LandUse

  7. Emergency Management Floods Fires Earthquakes

  8. SATCOM sector societal benefits

  9. GALILEO Applications 1/3

  10. GALILEO Applications 2/3

  11. GALILEO Applications 3/3

  12. Integrated Applications Data Relay Satellite Navigation Telecommunication Earth Observation Sats Processing Centre Mobile Units End Users Decision Centres Aerial Observation Center IMINT ETS unit Earth Stations Network mediation Fixed and Mobile Sensors Images Acquisition Data reception User Community Data Acquisition Data Exchange Data Distribution

  13. Satellite Use Cases

  14. The Three Pillars of Europe 2020 Agenda

  15. Contribution of Satellite Solutions to European policies

  16. Italian Space critical infrastructures Operational space infrastructures are strategic assets that conditions autonomy of decision-making and action also at a European level Teleport, LEOP, TV & TLC Services, Digital and Multimedia Platforms, COSMO-SkyMed and Galileo Programs 370.000 mq surface 23.000 mq buildings more than 100 operational antennas 14 control rooms (6 manned on 24/7 base) 85°E / 60°W visibility arc operative since 1963 FUCINO SPACE CENTRE Ground Control Segment, GCS Ground Mission Segment, GMS Galileo Control Center Earth Observation, geodesy, remote sensing, archive of civilian acquisitions 55.000 mq surface 2.500 mq buildings 8 antennas operative since 1994 MATERASPACE CENTRE

  17. Main point of weakness Limited technological support to service / applications No legal and regulation support to enforce the satellite use Limited support to European industry No industrial policy

  18. Building the future of SpaceOur vision • Support Space Spending. EU space programs • are key to maintaining and enhancing EU technological and industrial capabilities (large industry as well as SMEs) • develop European infrastructures, contributing to the same EU identity on the global geopolitical scene • Commit to the definition and implementation of an “all round” European Space Policy serving European interests (including security and foreign policy) and a Long Term Plan setting a firm and stable way ahead, a key element for industry to plan investment and for Institutions to leverage private co-financing by limiting risk • Set up an effective governance and management framework for Space activities in Europe, addressing both R&D and program investment at national and EU • Adopt a balanced Industrial Policy and Procurement Rules framework, targeting cost efficiency while preserving “critical” capabilities that result from the huge National / EU past investments • Establish suitable market / competitive framework to foster industry competitiveness and give investors adequate confidence / perspective (GMES Data Policy, large missions operations, ..) • Early involve operators / service providers in future system requirements definition (market push vs technology push; key to PPP success) • Ensure a level playfield between Space and alternative technologies (f.e. SatCom) Budget is not enough, a clear and stable perspective is needed as well Budget Optimizing resources / evolve capabilities Institutional Framework Recognize the specificity of Space - the real competition is at worldwide level among different Regions / Continents Policies and Rules