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Denver Water Ad – Miranda Craft PowerPoint Presentation
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Denver Water Ad – Miranda Craft

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Denver Water Ad – Miranda Craft - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Denver Water Ad – Miranda Craft. Background.

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The non-traditional use of these advertising campaigns have really got the Denver Water Company’s point across to it’s customers. Using this approach, the Denver Water Company has helped reduce water consumption between 18% and 21% over the past four years.

what do you see
What do you see?

A bench with one seat.

“Use only what you need.”

what is the meaning of this ad
What is the meaning of this ad?

I believe the Denver Water Company is trying to get its customers to use only what they need in water, because it’s a natural resource, and someday, there won’t be any left.

who is the audience
Who is the audience?

The audience for this advertisement is the public. Everybody can conserve water and the Earth’s natural resources. Even one person can make a difference.

what is the message
What is the message?

This pictures main message is that people should only use what they need of anything. For example: When you brush your teeth, you should turn the water off and not let it run for the whole time you aren’t using it.

Use only what you need.

what do they want you to do buy
What do they want you to do/buy?

The Denver Water Company wants people to conserve/reduce their use of the Earth’s natural resources, and only use what you need.

what do you still need to know
What do you still need to know?

You need to know what people are doing to help the environment and how people are conserving water. You need to know simple things you can do around your house that will save water.

how does removing the words change the ad
How does removing the words change the ad?

Without the words, there is no meaning to the bench. People wouldn’t know why a part of the bench is missing and that it is really an advertisement for the water company.

what are the pros cons of this ad
What are the Pros & Cons of this ad?

Pros: Cons:

Urge people to conserve water and other of the Earth’s resources.

Make the need to save water and other natural resources known.

You can’t guarantee the public will take heed to the advertisement.

The amount of space the bench provides might not be the standard for everyone, therefore this ad could not be accurate for some people.


How does this picture make you feel?

This picture makes me feel like I can make a difference. I also feel guilty that I haven’t been more conservative of water and other resources.


Why is the creator of this advertisement a credible source to listen to?

The Denver Water Company is a credible source because they are trying to get the public to use less of a product they are trying to sell, which would indicate they are not money-hungry.


What is the logical appeal?

The logical appeal in this advertisement is that only a section of the bench is there, because that is all that one person would need, just like using only a little bit of water would be all a person would need for a specific task.


The juxtaposition in the two advertisements is that they don’t come right out and say, “Save trees” or “Save water.” The ads both require a deeper thought process in order to fully understand them.

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