2011 abe summer institute thursday opening address n.
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2011 ABE SUMMER INSTITUTE Thursday: Opening Address PowerPoint Presentation
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2011 ABE SUMMER INSTITUTE Thursday: Opening Address

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2011 ABE SUMMER INSTITUTE Thursday: Opening Address - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2011 ABE SUMMER INSTITUTE Thursday: Opening Address. Dr. Barry Shaffer MN State Director of Adult Education . Igniting Innovation. Welcome and Thank You from MDE-ABE . Alice Smith Astrid Liden Barry Shaffer Brad Hasskamp Cherie Eichinger Jim Colwell Julie Dincau Laurie Rheault

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2011 abe summer institute thursday opening address
2011 ABE SUMMER INSTITUTEThursday: Opening Address

Dr. Barry Shaffer

MN State Director of Adult Education



welcome and thank you from mde abe
Welcome and Thank Youfrom MDE-ABE

Alice Smith

Astrid Liden

Barry Shaffer

Brad Hasskamp

Cherie Eichinger

Jim Colwell

Julie Dincau

Laurie Rheault

Todd Wagner

number of students and contact hours


FY 2010 FY 2011

78,480 74,847

(-7.6%) 

5,827,860 5,775,962

(-0.9%) 

Number of Students and Contact Hours
enrollees by program fy 2011
Enrollees by Program FY 2011

ESL 30,231 (41%) 

ABE 28,516 (38%) 

GED/Diploma 11,247 (15%) 


Transition to 4,853 (6%) 



By contact hours: ESL= 55%, ABE = 37%

student level completion
Student Level Completion

FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011

ABE 41% 39% 45% 46% 

ESL 44% 46% 48% 48% 

Consortia “Report Card” on the ABE website

state and federal allocations


FY 2011FY 2011

$44.9 M $ 45.6 M

$ 5.9 M $ 6.0 M

$50.8 M $51.6 M


Cost/Student = $ 678

Cost/Hour = $ 8.95

State and Federal Allocations
igniting innovation creative leadership in abe
Igniting Innovation – Creative Leadership in ABE

For Managers/Coordinators:

  • Inspire a shared vision - Establish the vision share you vision in words that can be understood by your followers.
  • Challenge the traditional process - find a process that you believe needs to be improved the most.
  • Enable others to act - Give them the tools, authority and methods to solve problems themselves.
  • Model the way - When the process gets tough, get your hands dirty. A boss tells others what to do; a leader shows it can be done.
other manager coordinator advice
Other Manager/Coordinator Advice

Be especially nice to

Brad Hasskamp

Provide treats at staff meetings

Praise higher-ups (e.g.- superintendent, board members, city officials) regularly – even if their egos are way too big.

Stay awake at state meetings.

Use humor whenever possible.

igniting innovation creative leadership in abe1
Igniting Innovation – Creative Leadership in ABE

For Teachers:

  • Align Content, instructional delivery and assessment
  • Articulate learning and behavioral expectations with students
  • Master multiple instructional delivery strategies – adapt to varied learner styles
  • Facilitate learning, enable learners to learn
  • Emphasize skills over content
  • Keep learning yourself
other teacher advice
Other Teacher Advice

Be especially nice to

Brad Hasskamp.

Act happy about treats at staff meetings.

When a student asks a dumb question, don’t act like the photo above.

Stay awake at staff meetings.

Use humor whenever possible.


ABE is viewed and functions as a highly effective and collaborative transition service for adults whose basic educational skills are less than high school level, and in so doing helps Minnesota adults to transition successfully to postsecondary level education or training and to achieve family sustaining employment.

ABE mission recognized as integral to the individual, to the state and to the national economy

Core mission expansion –

core literacy + transition skills and programming

ABE programs integrate transition and employability skills into all levels of ABE and ESL

ABE programs include multiple partnerships and collaborations


For example:

The mission of Minnesota ABE is to provide adult learners with core literacy and transition skills that prepare them for college, careers, and everyday living.

vision mission strategy
Vision – Mission Strategy

Prepare draft “white paper”

Seek field input – revise and finalize

Communicate/market to stakeholders

Develop and disseminate

best practices

minnesota fasttrac
Minnesota FastTRAC

FastTRAC is an adult career

pathway model that provides, core literacy skills, transition skills and credit-bearing occupational prep

Over the past two years, FastTRAC became operational on 20 MnSCU campuses involving over 30 ABE consortia

In the ABE-MnSCU integrated model, 364 (88%) of the 415 adults served completed the FastTRAC course


Minnesota FastTRACAdult Career Pathway









Core Literacy +

Employability Skills

Career Exploration

College Readiness

next step

The Next STEP is Adult Basic Education’s

three-year initiative - Statewide Transitions

Expansion Priority

Year two of Next STEP began July 1, 2011.

Proposals for year two regional funding will be sent out at the beginning of September and due towards the end of September.

Resources available to support a regional model include, funding from Next STEP, a Regional Transitions Coordinator, and Professional Development around integrating transitions skills at all levels.

If you would like to learn more about the regional model and Next STEP you may attend the 10:30-12:00 session in “University B”.

kwik up dates
Kwik Up-Dates

State ABE aid went up

from $5.04 per p.y. contact hour to $5.14

Federal ABE aid went up from 46¢ to 50¢

Award letters are forthcoming (shutdown victim)

ABE Report Card – new sections (who’s coming, who’s staying, who’s benefiting)

Skills Tutor and GED-i contracts have been renewed

Key Train (for WorkKeys Assessment)

professional development
Professional Development

ACES - (Academic, Career,

& Employability Skills)


  • To ensure that ABE programs are able to provide effective contextualized instruction integrating post-secondary education and training readiness, employability skills, and career readiness at all levels 

Fall 2011

  • ACES workgroup will meet this fall to develop a set of leveled transitions skills to be integrated into ABE/ESL instruction
professional development1
Professional Development

ACES - (Academic, Career,

& Employability Skills)

Winter/spring 2012

Job-embedded PD opportunity:

  • January workshop for teachers on integrating transitions skills at all levels of instruction; follow-up implementation activities; final cohort meeting in May
  • Pilot of transitions standards to inform curriculum and instruction
  • Peer observation and collaboration

Program applications available in October through ATLAS: www.atlasABE.org

professional development2
Professional Development

MNI - (Minnesota Numeracy


  • Pilot year:

fall 2010 – spring 2011

  • 24 math instructors
  • Components:
    • 2 full-day meetings/trainings
    • 2 online numeracy courses:
      • Foundations of Teaching Adult Numeracy
      • Teaching Reasoning & Problem-Solving Strategies
    • Online networking site to share ideas & resources
    • Peer observations & partner activities
    • Final partner project & presentation
professional development3
Professional Development

MNI - (Minnesota Numeracy


  • MNI 11 cohort:
    • Continued cohort collaboration & participation in one online course and practitioner research
  • MNI 12 (new) cohort:
    • Up to 24 instructors
    • Same components as this year
    • Applications due August 31; notified by Sept. 9
    • Ideal applicants: significant math teaching responsibilities & opportunities to immediately implement instructional strategies from the training into their classrooms
  • More info: www.atlasABE.org
professional development4
Professional Development

STAR - (Student Achievement

in Reading)

  • Reading reform initiative developed by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE)

• An intensive and comprehensive professional development package intended to:

    • reform Intermediate reading assessment/instruction and
    • improve Intermediate reading outcomes for life and work
professional development5
Professional Development

STAR - (Student Achievement

in Reading)

  • MN in 4th year of implementing and sustaining the evidence-based STAR Model
  • 120+ STAR-trained administrators and teachers, 19 STAR programs, and STAR classes at 40+ sites
  • Recent data analysis of TABE Reading and student contact hours shows:
      • STAR students have a higher rate of level completion than the general Low/High Intermediate student population
      • STAR students tend to stay longer in programs

For more info: www.atlasABE.org

professional development6
Professional Development

Literacy -level ESL


  • Comprehensive literacy-level study circle materials & facilitator guide :
    • 3 meetings of 3 hours each over 6-8 weeks
    • Piloted this spring
    • Available at: www.atlasABE.org
  • International LESLLA (Low Educated Second Language and Literacy Acquisition for Adults) Conference 2011:
    • Sept. 29 & 30, Oct. 1 - Minneapolis
    • See: http://www.cehd.umn.edu/ci/LESLLA/default.html
professional development7
Professional Development

Project IDEAL (St. Paul Spp. Svcs)

  • National consortium of states

working together to develop effective distance education programs for adult learners

  • Study & planning phase: fall online DL101 Class (recruitment, orientation, teaching and assessment)
  • Pilot implementation phase: winter/spring support webinars & phone conferences
  • Program applications due August 31, 2011
  • Available at:


program improvement process
Program Improvement Process

Last year - Congratulations to 6 Consortia

FY 2011- Report Card Benchmarks:

State Avg. TargetPIP Bench.

ABE: 46% 42% 32%

ESL: 48% 46% 34%

Letter from Brad Hasskamp(Aug)

September meeting

Interim Report Due (analysis,

site visit, improvement strategizing)

Narrative Report Due (Feb- Chapters 1-3)

changes you should know about
Changes You Should Know About

Consortia Changes

GED Test Info

GED Accommodations Info

NRS Changes for next year


Due to consolidations and one non-renew, there are now 46 ABE consortia.

There are no longer any “un-aligned” school districts.

ged test changes
GED Test Changes
  • ACE/GED now partnered with Pearson Vue
  • Next Generation Test Coming 1/1/2014
    • Computer-based only but NOT via Internet
    • Based on Common Core State Standards and others
    • Exploring how DOC-based testing centers will be included
    • Subjects: Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies
    • Multiple essays that will be about passages read—keyboarding
    • Some “math” content will be tested in science & social studies
    • Testing at Pearson Vue Testing Center sites
    • 21st Century Initiative: greater involvement in prep, transitioning including testing for college and career readiness (CCR) over and above addition to high school equivalency]
  • Testing Center Subsidy remains intact for this year
ged test changes1
GED Test Changes

Must finish current 2002 Series by 12/31/13 or start

completely over with the Next Generation Test

May be able to take the 2002 Series via CBT prior to 2014

Current paper-based testing will continue in MN through the end of 2013 under current plan.

New Accommodations Forms and documentation guidelines/requirements must be used as of 9/1/11. Additional procedural changes will follow.

Qualification and reimbursement process for Learning Disabilities Assessments has changed for 11/12.

ged test accommodation and disability assessment changes
GED Test Accommodation and Disability Assessment Changes


The process for disability assessments will be different this year.

We no longer have a supplemental service provider conducting disability assessments.

The SW ABE supplemental services project will reimburse programs by up to $1000 per Specific Learning Disability Assessment per GED requirements. Reimbursement for assessment will only be available for students who have a GED goal and are seeking GED accommodations. Students/programs may work with the qualified assessment provider of their choice as long as the provider agrees to comply with the GED accommodation assessment requirements.

The process for approval and reimbursement will be shared with the field in September.

ged test accommodation and disability assessment changes1
GED Test Accommodation and Disability Assessment Changes

Disability Consultative Services:

The PANDA supplemental services project will provide professional development and support to ABE programs and staff in conducting screening, referrals and instructional interventions for students who may have disabilities.

Details about this process will be shared with the field in September.

nrs changes
NRS Changes

Beginning with the May 1, 2012 –

April 30, 2013 reporting year….

Most student goals will be assigned on intake automatically - based on student characteristics

The student goal definitions will change in the following areas: unemployed, retain employment, GED obtainment, and post secondary transition

Stay tuned for more news via PD regionals, webinars, etc.

i ssues to resolve
Issues to Resolve
  • Adult Diploma (BST)
  • WIA Reauthorization
  • Vision-Mission Feedback and Implementation
  • Minnesota High School Equivalency Certificate
        • GED alternatives ?
fy 2012 supplemental services
FY 2012 Supplemental Services
  • Minnesota Literacy Council (Tech Svcs. and Volunteer Svcs.
  • ATLAS (ABE Teaching and Learning Advancement System) Hamline University – Prof. Development
  • PANDA – Physical and Neurological Disabilities Assistance
  • St. Paul ABE (Dist. Lrng.)
  • SW ABE (Assessment)
  • Literacy Action Network
  • Minnesota Workforce

Council Association