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Real Estate File Storage Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Real Estate File Storage Tips

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Real Estate File Storage Tips
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Real Estate File Storage Tips

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  1. Real Estate File Storage Tips RealtyCabinet

  2. Tip #1 • Look for an instant download option so you aren’t waiting days or experiencing delays; you simply access and download instantly.

  3. Tip #2 • A complete, encompassing online document storage archive is a must. Each transaction should be mimicked by the software, organizing and storing documents in separate folders.

  4. Tip #3 • Choose one with an automated file-naming feature. Typically when a user uploads a file, they leave the name as is instead of changing it to easily locate the file later. For instance, if you upload a document that has been scanned, it’s likely named “SCAN0089726.pdf” which doesn’t easily identify the actual contents of the document. This takes time that many don’t want to spend, so having an automated feature where the system automatically does this for you is a big help, helping you find files in just seconds; no more searching through dozens of files.

  5. Tip #4 • Opt for a download security feature. What this means is you will be given a temporary link that is only available for a limited time. Therefore, you request it, download it from your real estate storage and carry on.

  6. Tip #5 • Always save a copy elsewhere. You can save it to your Dropbox, a flash drive or even burn it to a disc; however you do it, taking the few seconds to do so will save a whole lot later when you need the information. Real Estate online file storage just got a whole lot less complicated and more sufficient!

  7. Online File Storage Software

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