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making the big move calgary acreages for sale n.
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Making the Big Move — Calgary Acreages for Sale PowerPoint Presentation
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Making the Big Move — Calgary Acreages for Sale

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Making the Big Move — Calgary Acreages for Sale
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Making the Big Move — Calgary Acreages for Sale

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  1. Making the Big Move — Calgary Acreages for Sale

  2. There is a place in the back of everyone's mind where they dream about buying a home away from the hustle and bustle of it all. Calgary acreages provide peace, quiet, space to breath and, of course, unparalleled views of the Alberta Foothills. But how can you know if trading in the convenience of city life for the solitude of a Calgary acreage is right for you? Here are three questions to ask yourself before you decide to start looking for your new dream Calgary acreage for sale. 1. How nice does the home have to be to justify the commute? When you move to a Calgary acreage, you get a lot of perks, but one of them is certainly not the commute. It can add from 20 to 40 minutes to your drive into downtown Calgary each day.

  3. If, in your mind, your Calgary acreage must be turnkey to justify that kind of commute, know that you are going to have to be realistic — very realistic — about your budget. 2. How might it affect your social life? If you're a homebody by nature, looking at Calgary acreages for sale might be a dream come true. But even if you go out to dinner with friends once a month, the distance you have to travel might hamper those outings. Additionally, if you love to host friends and family on weekends and holidays, keep in mind that people might be less inclined to make the trek out to your place — unless you're willing to host them overnight!

  4. 3. Do you know what rural really means? Some people forget that Calgary acreages don't always come with the amenities that a home in the city does. Most operate on septic tanks, some have spotty or unreliable cell phone and wireless internet service, and some don't have paved roads or driveways. Certain buyers may not find that rural lifestyle worth the trade. When considering any new property or home, your best bet is to connect with a trusted Calgary real estate agent who knows the market, but who can also hear your vision and find you your ideal home. For a free home evaluation or to grab a coffee and talk about your needs, call Real Estate Foothills at (403) 660-3612.

  5. Jovette Morin-Ferguson is an award-winning real estate agent. Having been a real estate agent since 1998, I am committed to helping people by providing top-notch customer service. While I have experience in all types of residential transactions, I specialize in rural properties. Over the years I have worked hard to gain the respect and trust of many people throughout the Foothills area, as I have used my skills, experience, and expertise to help them navigate the real estate market and protect their most valuable asset. If you are looking for land or houses for sale in Calgary SE, or any other part of the Foothills area, call me at (403) 660-3612.