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Read Harry Potter Online

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Read Harry Potter Online

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Every household knows who Harry Potter is. A British author named J.K. Rowlings wrote the series of 7 fantasy novels. The books were about the adventures in the life of the adolescent Harry Potter and his friends. The books became successful not only in the US but everywhere around the globe. Released in 1997, both the author and book received criticism but gained huge success and popularity. Critics especially religious sects voiced concerns over the tone of evil in the books. The series have been noted to have sold 400 million copies in 2008 and the last four books were noted to have set records as the fastest selling books in the history. All for books were translated in 67 languages. Quite unbelievable isn’t it?

  • For those who are not familiar with the book, this is just a summary to it. He discovered he was a wizard when he was 11 years old. Back when he was still a baby, his parents were murdered by the evil Lord Voldemort. Voldemort wanted to kill Harry but his attack rebounded and Harry survived with only a lightning shaped mark on his forehead. Harry became known to be a legend in the wizard world as the boy who killed “you know who”. Harry was then put in the home of his unpleasant relatives where he grew up. When it was time for Harry to go to Wizard school to learn witchcraft, his life’s adventures began. He made friends and enemies, too. Although Harry’s life was that of a typical young teenage boy, his life was full of amazing things because of the world of sorcery. Harry would meet people along the way that would connect him to his parents. In the process, he discovered so many things regarding them and his heritage. The story is a chronological order of what Harry Potter’s life in the wizard school. The peak of the story will bring you to the final encounter of Harry and Lord Voldemort. Series of the story will let you experience continuing struggles in life regarding family, friendship and love. Everyone gets engrossed when reading Harry Potter book because of the magic it weaved in the hearts of the readers.
  • Salute to J.K. Rowlings and her ability to write that captured readers of all ages. Not only children loves it but adults too. The movies made from Harry Potter books is not as good as the books written Through the words, it will captivate you. You can read Harry Potter online in the Internet today. You can start earning points once you register on this website. Through surveys and free trials you can accumulate points. You can then download any of the Harry Potter books.