the comprehensive histo ry of n.
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The Comprehensive Histo ry of. Skateboard ing. By Skylar Summers. The 50’s-60’s. Skateboards created so when surfing wasn’t feasible, “Sidewalk Surfing” was available. Skateboards were made from roller skates and.. Well.. Boards. 1959, Roller derby skateboards put into production

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Skateboard ing

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    1. The Comprehensive History of Skateboarding By Skylar Summers

    2. The 50’s-60’s • Skateboards created so when surfing wasn’t feasible,“Sidewalk Surfing” was available. • Skateboards were made from roller skates and.. Well.. Boards. • 1959, Roller derby skateboards put into production • 1960-1965 over 50 million skateboards put into production • 1965 Safety officials deem skateboarding “unsafe” and skate recession starts • Skateboarding seems as though it was just a fad and dies as quick as it was born. “The Craze and Menace of Skateboards” Life Magazine May 1965

    3. The 70’s • With the skate recession still in effect, Derbys and Style Competitions are in few numbers. • 1973, Polyurethane Wheels invented skating is popularized again. • “Z-boys” introduce an aggressive skate style that many accept as the birth of modern skating. • 1976, the “Ollie” introduced by Alan Gelfield • Insurance costs and dimming crowds slowed the sport down, it’s second remission hits. "There was so much aggression...they were more like a street gang than a skate team“ – Skateboarder Magazine Photo: z-boys 1975

    4. Vertical ramps revive the sport again “Vert” skating dominates the sport in the early 80’s Superstars are made. (Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero) In later 80’s, “Street” skating dominates and new superstars are made (Mike Valley, Rodney Mullen) Skateboarding is still considered an “underground sport” The 80’s Above: Tony Hawk performs a ‘Layback” Right: Rodney Mullen demonstrates a Fingerflip

    5. The 90’s bring skateboarding out of obscurity with more televised competition. 1995, the first X-Games relays skateboarding to millions and gains general acceptance. The 90’s X-Games test both “Vert” and “Street” disciplines. Pictured is Shaun White X-Games 2007

    6. Skateboarding is still alive and well. Different boards for different disiplines Vertical, Street, Freestyle and Slalom The following video illustrates the amazing advances that we have made in the last 60 years 00’s-Current Rider: Knox Heslop, Photo Skylar Summers

    7. “The Concrete Wave” – Michael Brooks Sept 1, 1999Pgs 30-35,47-56, 110,186-195 “The Impossible: Rodney Mullen, Ryan Sheckler and the Fantastic History of Skateboarding.” – Cole Louison 2011 – Kathie Fry; 1950’s and 1960’s Salt Lake City Longboarders Group – All local Skater’s pictures Transworld Magazine – Images of Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen Works cited Riders: JP Masters, Blake Fronk. Photo: Skylar Summers