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Pecha Kucha. - Saie Deshpande. Game Design Idea 1. Can be played by or . Requirements. Each player requires and. Goal of the Game. Identify the given tune and from the given pieces of music pick out the ones that match and recreate the same tune in a specific time period

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pecha kucha


- Saie Deshpande

game design idea 1
Game Design Idea 1

Can be played by


  • Each player requires


goal of the game
Goal of the Game
  • Identify the given tune and from the given pieces of music pick out the ones that match and recreate the same tune in a specific time period
  • The one who recreates the tune first, correctly and completely wins.

The player is then given small pieces of music in random order that he has to

  • Identify
  • Match with the given tune
  • Place in the right order
  • The game has 3 levels.
  • With each level either the difficulty increases or the time to identify and put together the pieces of music decreases

First the player(s) listens to the entire tune once and is allowed to listen to it anytime during the game as many times as he wants to

game play
Game Play
  • Each player is then given multiple snippets of musical notes
game play1
Game Play
  • The user can recreate the tune in 2 ways
  • Every time the user finds a match he will select that piece and drag it to a separate list. He can then put the selected pieces in the right order or
  • Select the pieces in the right order which will automatically result in the final tune
use and benefits
Use and Benefits
  • This game will help the players identify musical tunes and improve their understanding of music in general
  • It can be played with people with disabilities (except hearing disabilities) since it does not involve any visual or physical activities.
  • It can be used to train and help people learn music
game design idea 2
Game Design Idea 2

Memory Game

Can be played by all age groups


Remember the sequence of cards drawn

from the stack by all players and earn

maximum points to win

number of players
Number of Players

Can be played by



1 or more set(s) of playing cards Pen and Paper

  • One person- Master, others- players
  • Stack of cards placed between all players
  • Each player gets a turn sequentially
game play2
Game Play
  • The first layer draws a card from the stack
  • Master notes it down
  • Every player says aloud all the cards drawn previously in the same order and master cross checks
game play contd
Game Play (contd.)
  • Every right answer earns 5 points
  • Lifeline: If a player forgets the sequence he can ask the master and lose 3 points
  • If player makes a mistake or forgets more than thrice, he is out
  • Useful for all age groups to improve memory retention
  • Can be used in educational institutions to help improve concentration
  • Very good for people with suffering from gradual memory loss
  • Loss of a few cards does not make a lot of difference
  • Can be played by any number of people…more the merrier!!