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Cover Slide Notes. The staff orientation PowerPoint was created originally by Dave Nielsen, CEO of the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland. Adaptations by Bob Harris, CEO, Provided as a model for developing association or chamber staff orientation.

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Cover slide notes
Cover Slide Notes

  • The staff orientation PowerPoint was created originally by Dave Nielsen, CEO of the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland.

  • Adaptations by Bob Harris, CEO,

  • Provided as a model for developing association or chamber staff orientation.

Staff orientation working for an association

Staff OrientationWorking for an Association!

Orientation will help you
Orientation will help you…

  • Understand the nature of associations: how they function similarly and differently from for-profit companies

  • Know why the association exists

  • Learn how to work effectively in an association environment

  • Be prepared for the association-staff culture and expectations

  • Be aware of the resources, training and education to help you grow

What makes an association environment unique
What makes an Association Environment unique?

  • “Non-profit” somewhat of a misnomer – what it really means

  • “Member-owned”

  • Direction and budget set by Board

  • Shared nature of decision making

  • Involvement of volunteers/members

  • Shared passion for industry-profession

How is an association environment similar
How is an Association environment similar?

  • Staff environment

  • Customers – but who are they?

  • Budget driven (but challenges because…)

  • Internal management

  • Strategic planning

What do we do here
What Do We Do Here?

  • Protect, promote and advance the Association’s mission and goals

  • Serve our primary audience - the members.

  • Service the secondary audiences - the community and the customers

  • Promote value and social responsibility

How do we get it done
How Do We Get It Done?

  • Government & Political Affairs: regulatory efforts, political relations, issue positions, legislative efforts, advocacy

  • Events: Annual meeting, trade show, regional education, convention, local meetings

  • Membership Services: Networking events, education, councils, recruitment, member retention.

How do we get it done1
How Do We Get It Done?

  • Finance & Admin: Front Desk/Customer Service support, Operations Backbone

  • PR & Communications: Internal member communications, external marketing and publicity, charitable efforts

  • Executive: Leadership development, strategic planning, leadership organization, staff functions, facility resources

Roles of boards committees
Roles of Boards & Committees

  • Board

    • Sets overall vision/direction/goals

    • Approves major policies

    • Approves budget and ensures adequate resources

    • Responsible for overall financial health of assn

    • Represents industry and helps engage it

    • Monitors performance of assn

Roles of boards committees1
Roles of Boards & Committees

  • Committees (three types/roles)

    • Standing: support major programs/function areas in conjunction w/ staff (e.g. Membership, Finance)

    • Event: provide event direction/support, including sponsor engagement and onsite help

    • Steering: help set policy/direction and monitor performance of major sub-areas within assn

Roles of staff management
Roles of Staff & Management

  • Staff Roles/Functions

    • Implement Board policies, especially in relation to annual goals and objectives

    • Handle day-to-day operations

    • Provide guidance to Board/Committees on policy and direction

    • Help ensure continuity and appropriateness in work done by Board/Committees

Roles of staff management1
Roles of Staff & Management

  • CEO/Management Team Roles/Functions

    • CEO…

      • Is the only employee hired by the Board and who reports to the Board

      • Ultimately is responsible for all staffing and operations decisions

      • Works with the Board, Executive Committee and Officers to ensure adequate resources and support are in place

    • Management Team…

      • Helps oversee operations

      • Provides leadership to create an effective working staff environment

The acronym game
The Acronym Game

  • Organizations:

  • Events:

  • Industry:

Specific training areas
Specific Training Areas

  • MEMBERSHIP (separate presentation)

  • COMMUNICATIONS (separate presentation)

  • COMMITTEES (separate presentation)

Challenge scenario 1
Challenge Scenario #1

  • Members calling with specific requests that may not be direction set by association, may be a problem they created, or may be unrelated to our work

    • Wants support for charity cause

    • Wants help solving issue (but may be at fault)

    • Has problem with another member

Challenge scenario 2
Challenge Scenario #2

  • Committee or subcommittee wants action or makes decision that may be wrong, inconsistent with Board directive, or might cause problems

    • Changing date of an event

    • Setting an event policy

    • Support for candidate or legislative issue

    • Budget expenditure

Staff commitments
Staff Commitments

  • Good Communication

    • Keep people in loop where appropriate

      • General: sponsors; members; general ideas

      • Job related: one-on-one; staff meetings; dept meetings

      • Front Desk: schedule; meetings; catering; incoming call areas

  • Mutual Respect

    • Deadlines, especially those that impact others ability to do their jobs

      • Communications; financial; reports

    • Resolve differences/challenges professionally

      • One-on-one; dept mgr; Fin/Admin Dir.; CEO

    • Focus on what I can do to excel – not others jobs

Staff commitments cont
Staff Commitments (cont.)

  • Trust

    • Follow through on commitments made to others

    • Support decision-making

  • Teamwork

    • Help in others areas when needs arise

  • Service & Attitude

Ways we supports you
Ways We Supports You

  • To assist you in developing member connections that will help you in your job – staff are welcome at member events and should use them to develop relationships, recruit volunteers and gain other support

  • To help you learn more about the housing industry – we hold periodic “field trips” to member companies

  • To develop a good staff working environment – periodic staff events, event help, cross-training, etc.

  • To continue your professional growth – publications, credentialing, business mgmt, career networking, assn training

  • To keep you – compensation, insurance benefits, 401k, time off, bonuses, employee services

Final thoughts
Final Thoughts…

  • Where is association and the industry or profession headed? (Environmental scan discussion.)

  • What we do now may not be what we do 5 years from now, so always think, ask, propose.

  • Questions?